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Write a paper examining the leadership and methods needed to sustain change in an organization. I

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Write a paper examining the leadership and methods needed to sustain change in an organization. Include in your paper a discussion on how you would overcome contingencies that occur in your effort to support the sustainability of this change.

Support your paper with minimum of five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Running Head: INTERNAL AUDIT OF APPLE INC. Week 2: Develop an Implementation Proposal




Northcentral University


Abdullah O. Mustapha




Dr. Sylvia Manlove 1 2




Change is the universal truth and everyone has to accept change and act as per the need of time.


Change is the demand of time and people or organization who do not accept and implement the


change carefully then can suffer heavily either in the personal life, professional life or as the


growth of the organization. Change in the organization is like implementing the new system in


the organization and much more than that. Change is always resisted by the various stakeholders?


due to their rigid nature or people are very fearful for the change. So to implement the change a


rigorous strategic plan is required so that it can be implemented organization wide and


satisfaction can be provided to all the stakeholder?s and win-win situation can be created. I


currently we see the situation of the SNAPDEAL is India, It is doing reasonably good but still it


need to improve its process and need to implement some things in the organization to grasp the


majority of the Indian market. As currently it is lagging the behind some e-Commerce companies


like Flipkart and Amazon. So rest of the paper will include the how to implement the identified


changes in the organization so that its customer base can be increased and maximum satisfaction


can be provided to customers.


Steps to implement the change process


Change cannot implemented over the night it need to follow some rigorous step and strategy so


that organization wide change can be reflected and benefit of change can be realized by each and


everyone in the company whether he or she id internal or external stakeholder.


1. Communicate the rationale behind the change: It is very necessary to describe the reason


behind the change and why this change is being implemented and what will be pros and cons of


the change. How this change is going to benefit the organization and how it help the organization 3


to achieve the greater growth in the long term. One this change will be communicated to all


respective internal and external stakeholders and all will be able to correlate the change with the


coming future then it will be very easy for the management to implement the change in timely


and effective manner. At this point organization needs lots of change agent who all can


communicate this change process to all the department and employees. This phase is very crucial


because if everyone is well known about the pros and cons of the changes and opportunity as


well then it will be easy for the SNAPDEAL change management team to easily incorporate the


change in the organization with the common interest among each every one.


Change Agent in this phase: In this phase change agent are required who can initiate the


communication among the respective stakeholders. These change agents can be top level


management and their sub hierarchy like team manager and team leads. Here change agent can


be functional head of each department and they communicate the change process and change


element to each of his or her subordinate and subsequently his or her team communicate to their


own team. So in such a way hierarchy of agent will be created and rationale of the change will be


communicated to the entire organization. So in the change process these agents play a very


crucial role because these agents done their task effectively by communicating properly then for


the implementation team it will be easy to implement the change plan.


2. Implement the Change in Phases: After the change rationale has been communicated


properly then the change implementation team can start the change implementation plan in the


phase. Dividing the change plan in the phases helps the change team to implement the change


effectively because abrupt change some time becomes un-adjustable and unacceptable to the


people. Result of each implemented phase can be parallel reviewed and analyzed because for the


higher level management it required that change process should proceed in the effective and 4


organization?s operation should not be hampered any way. In this phase collaboration is required


where change phases can be implemented with the pilot group or team and its change?s end result


can be analyzed and if changes are positive then this change can be implemented to other user


group as well. Once phase of change implemented successfully then next phase of change can


introduced with confidence and higher energy.


Change Agent in this phase: In this phase change agent can any person because some change


agent will be working to implement the change while other agent will be those with whom


change is being implemented. For example let?s say organization team management is trying to


implement sapience analytics tool which track the online and offline time of the user. So at the


implementation of this plan IT team in the organization will be installing the software and each


individual workstation and on the other hand employees are also change agent they will also


work while keeping in mind about the installation of the Sapience tool and somehow employees


are also concerned about the offline and online time and they will try to increase their online time


and reduce the offline. Team?s manager will also be the change agent because they will track the


online time each individual employees and they will generate the team statistics so that result can


be improved on coming days.


Trainers are also very crucial change agent that point of time because they will train the


ground level employees when and how to respond to change so that employees do not face and


problem with the change. Trainer will let them know how new change system or process going to


help each individual personally and professionally.


3. Evaluate, Review and Report on Change: Without review of any change management, its


effect and side effect cannot be evaluated. So after changes are implemented its effect must be 5


reviewed and if any loop hole is found in the change implementation then that can be corrected.


It is obvious the Ant change cannot be succeeded in one shot so it needs to be reinforced by the


training program and properly analyzing its feedback and periodically collecting the feedback.


Change management team should collect the feedback of the change from the all the


involved stakeholder whether it is customer, supplier or employees and compare the outcome


with the expected outcome and if outcome is not as per the projected outcome then reinforce this


change via means of the training session and awareness program so that projected result can be


obtained in the defined timeframe.


If current outcome of the change is not as per the result then change management team


should analyze and diagnose the root cause so that corrective action can be taken in as per the


root cause of the result gap. So end target of this phase is the success of the change plan and once


it achieved its target then this introduced process will become the normal process.


Change Agent in this phase: Change agent in this phase can be the change review team member


who all collects the feedback from the involved stakeholder and analyze those data collected data


to find the gap in the implementation of the change process. Here various change agent can play


the various roles like team manager itself can be the agent who is gathering feedback or


reviewing the change within the team and finding the root cause for the gap in the change result


and informing the change management team with the detailed report about implemented change


then change management team decide how this change result gap be bridged in timely manner.


So here comes the role of the trainer who provides some advanced level training to those users


who all failed to achieve the forecasted result. In this phase role of the change agent is very 6


crucial because people ensure the completeness of the change management plan with utmost care


without any gap in the actual result and forecasted result.


Barrier in change management plan


It human tendency to resist the change because due to as being a human most of the people wants


to be in comfort zone and don?t want to break their boundaries. Below is given some barrier to


change? Resistance to the change: It is the human tendency to resist the change. So whenever


people come to know about the change implementation then they give their excuses for


the change and defend it and want somehow to avoid this change. At this point of time


effective communication and mandatory because communication is only way to


communicate the pros, cons and hidden opportunity in change. ? Lack of proper planning: Lack in the planning is barrier in the change management and


implementation. If planning of change in not done in the proper phase and done


redundantly they would the very difficult to make the change success in the organization.


So before stating the implementing the change management team properly plans the


change in the phase and stating from the implementation, training, reviews and feedback


stages. ? Communication: Communication is also the barrier in change management. So proper


communication is required so that change effect can be communicated to each and every


one. But some time it happen that organization is not able to communicate the change


properly among all the stakeholder and thus creating other barriers. 7


? Integration: Some time integrating the change into the existing system become very


complex because company wants its operation as it is during the implementation of the


change and some people found it very unsatisfactory to work in mode like adopting the


change and following the existing process. ? Complexity: Changes and change management is not an easy thing it involved lots of


complexity, implementing it providing the training to the concerned person. Identifying


the right training syllabus for the right person at the right time is very challenging task for


the change management team. So for the change management team it is important to address each and every change barrier


in each change management phase and address in that phase itself to ensure the success of the


change. 8


References Change Management: The Systems and Tools for Managing Change (Change Management


Process). Retrieved from Organizational Change and Development (Managing Change and Change Management).


Retrieved from How to Implement and Manage Successful Change Programs (Small Business Trends).


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