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Running head: IN-FLI

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Running head: IN-FLIGHT CELL-PHONE CONNECTIVITY In-flight Cell-phone Connectivity


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Business Plan


Executive Summary


Cell-phones have in the recent past revolutionized the process and mode of


communication in the world (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2010). Initially mobile phones remained


in the hands of the producers because not many consumers could purchase them due to their high


prices. As a result of technological advancement, cell-phone companies have stated devising


ways of allowing people to use their phone in airplanes without disturbances., Inc. has taken the advantage to become the leading company in piloting


this technology. This involves containing passengers in sound protected devices and connecting


their devices to cellular networks using a central airplane system. Whenever the pilot wants to


make announcements he/she an over-ride ability to block the calls for a while. Keys to Success of the plan, Inc. company?s keys to success incorporates:








(iv) Provision of perfect customer service


Maintain and expand the referral network of customers


Concentrate on the expertise in cellular networks and central airplane systems


Responding promptly to customers? challenges as they use the services Mission


The company?s mission is to provide customers with comfortability and high quality cellphone services. The company focuses on integrating technology to the modern means of


transport. Finally the company seeks to partner with all stakeholders in improving service


delivery to customers.


Objectives IN-FLIGHT CELL-PHONE CONNECTIVITY 3 The company plans concentrate on its market penetration and integration of its technological


advancement to all users. The company intend to offer services and customer experience that are


in line with the modern society (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2010). However the primary objectives


of the plan include


(a) To make realistic projections of opportunities and risks


(b) To present these in a compelling way that would attract funding and support from, Inc.


Business Objectives


Some of the business objectives for the project include company growth, partnership with


commercial airlines, increase and market the company?s cell-phones and become a wellestablished company that offer cellular services.




Some of the products that will be offered by, Inc. includes cellular phones


accessories and central airplane systems that will be used in In-flight Cell-phone Connectivity


Project Start-up Summary, Inc. Company will invest around $43,000 in provision of cellular networks


using a central airplane system. An addition budget of $50,000 is needed when the project


commences. The following chart illustrates the projected start-up costs IN-FLIGHT CELL-PHONE CONNECTIVITY 4 Market Analysis


The market potential is huge given that there are many users who board airplanes but


they are unable to use their cell-phones. Currently, the telecom business is among the most


grounded development commercial enterprises and is in charge of tremendous additions in the


capital markets. The multiplication of cell phones is expanding at rates which at one time were


inconceivable (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2010). The company will try to exploit these technology


and serve its clients in all these new patterns and advancements in technology.


Market Segmentation, Inc will concentrate on five customer bunches, remembering that it is


entirely standard today to have more than one mobile phone for each family. So in commercial


airplanes we are likely to have the following groups:










(v) Children




General public


Professionals and other experts


Service organizations or representatives The pie chart below illustrates these group of users in percentage IN-FLIGHT CELL-PHONE CONNECTIVITY 5 Competition Patterns


The partnership of the company with the commercial airlines is the key component of the


success of the plan. The services provided by amazon as a company will market its services and


manage competition from other companies that may like to venture into the same business


(Sahlman, 2008). The company need to attract and retain more customers for the project to




Target Market Segment Strategy


The business sector for cell phones and cellular systems is extremely divided,


competitive and focused (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2010). Among these, there are just a couple of


substantial nearby companies. We hope to take full favorable position of the patterns portrayed in


the Market Analysis above, and attempt to enter the business sector with new advancements and


contraptions predominantly with the more youthful era, utilizing adverts and shows.




From information discussed above the sale forecast that is going to be employed is


exceptionally moderate despite the fact that the company aim high in the market, it chose to


illustrates a standard improvement and assessment of the plan annually (Honig & Karlsson,


2004). The extent of the company?s market extension to other airlines will be shown later.




The Milestones help in planning for the development of the new organization, including


lawful transactions, contracting of staff, rental of the office, and start of marketing and begin of


physical operation (Honig & Karlsson, 2004). The group to execute the tasks will need to catch


up on the timetable and ensure that everything falls set up to guarantee smooth begin of offers


and achievement of the organization. References


Evans, A., Martin, K., & Poatsy, M. A. (2010). Technology in action. Prentice Hall. 6 IN-FLIGHT CELL-PHONE CONNECTIVITY


Honig, B., & Karlsson, T. (2004). Institutional forces and the written business plan. Journal of


Management, 30(1), 29-48.


Sahlman, W. A. (2008). How to write a great business plan. Harvard Business Press. 7


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