Using the company you selected for the Week 3 Learning Activity (Southwest Airlines), it is now time to evaluate the strengths, weak"> Using the company you selected for the Week 3 Learning Activity (Southwe">

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Using the company you selected for the Week 3 Learning Activity (Southwe

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Using the company you selected for the Week 3 Learning Activity (Southwest Airlines), it is now time to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats you uncovered and determine what strategy is best suited based on the outcome of the IFE and EFE.

Discuss which generic business-level strategy is best suited to keep the company you selected competitive. Offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to reference your statements using proper APA formatting


Learning Activity #2

For the company chosen above, select one of the strategy formulation analytic tools and complete based on the information gathered in the Week 3 Learning Activities; the tools to select from are:

  • Space Matrix
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix
  • IE Matrix

Once you have completed the tool discuss the outcome in terms of what strategic direction the selected company should take and why. As always, offer supporting rationale for your explanation and be sure to reference your statement using proper APA formatting.

Running head: IFE AND EFE 1 IFE and EFE


Student?s Name


Institution 2 IFE AND EFE Southwest Airlines: IFE and EFE


Learning 1:


EFE Key External Factors


Opportunities Weight Rating Weighted


Score The increased demand for international travelling


services 0.35 9 3.15 The expansion of developing cities in the United


States increasing the number of the people in the


cities. 0.25 8 2.00 Higher levels of upper level business travelers


leading to a higher demand for improved seats. 0.15 7 1.05 Increased specialization of Jet Blue airlines that


allows for less expensive approaches to maintain


planes. 0.15 7 1.05 Jet Blue is the only air carrier to develop satellite


televisions on the airplanes. 0.05 6 0.30 The adoption of new tax policies and higher taxes


for the tickets 0.05 5 0.25 Totals 1.0 Threats 7.8 IFE


Strengths Weight (0.0


to 1.0) Rating(1


to 10) Weighted


Score South west airlines has followed a cost leadership


strategy 0.25 7 1.75 It involves the reputation towards promoting high


customer service. 0.20 6 1.20 Higher levels of employee loyalty 0.15 5 0.75 The company has a weak mission statement 0.15 4 0.60 It relates and depends on a single producer 0.10 3 0.30 Weaknesses 3 IFE AND EFE It has a higher proportion of permanent employees


that increases overhead. 0.05 Totals 1.0 2 0.10


4.7 Learning 2:


I chose the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they are useful in


promoting growth of the company. The opportunities of the company show the external chances


in meeting the needs of the company (Pezak & Sebastianelli, 2013). The strengths and


weaknesses are internal factors towards understanding the organizational elements that improves


on the organizational performance and productivity. The opportunities and threats of the


company include the increased demand for international travel and adoption of tax policies that


threatens organizational progress (Rao & David, 2015). The factors are critical in understanding


the productivity of the company in promoting growth.


From a strategic planning point of view, the weighted IFE and EFE scores means external


factors are strong, while IFE comprises of internal factors that are weak. The external factors are


highly strong in promoting economic expansion and growth (Yang & Xinde, 2014). On the other


hand, the internal factors were critical in enhancing the organizational performance in an internal


perspective. 4 IFE AND EFE References


Pezak, L., & Sebastianelli, R. (2013). Service quality in the U.S airlines industry: factors


affecting customer satisfaction. Pennsylvania Economic Association, 132.


Rao, V. S. P., & David, R. (2015). Employee branding and strategies: a winning combination for


southwest airlines. SMART Journal of Business Management Studies, 11(2), 73-81.


Yang, D., & Xinde, C. (2014). Innovation Research of Enterprise Human Resource Selection---The Selection of Southwest Airlines. International Journal of Business and Social


Science, 5(7).


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