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I've included my final project. Please help me create a written form of a video pitch selling thi

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I've included my final project. Please help me create a written form of a video pitch selling this marketing plan to iCracked. Be fun, creative and include the important information. I've attached the rubric indicating everything that needs to be included. It should be at least 5 minutes as if I were to read this pitch out loud to an audience. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 



Client Description


iCracked is the world?s largest on-demand network for buying, fixing and troubleshooting


broken iOS and Android devices. Founded in 2010, iCracked employs over 2000 iTech?s that


meet clients at a public place of their choosing to fix their device on the spot in places such as a


coffee shop, the clients home, an office or a restaurant. Their headquarters in Redwood City,


California houses 71 full-time employees. I have chosen iCracked because I fix phone and tablet


screens in my spare time and would love to research the best ways to market myself. In the last 4


years, I have independently replaced over 400 phone and tablet screens and have oftentimes


thought about joining iCracked. In my opinion, iCracked is still a fairly small company, and has


the potential to grow substantially across the country, and maybe even internationally.


iCracked has several social media assets including:








With respect to marketing, iCracked is going to have a very broad target audience. This is


due to the fact that virtually everyone seems to have a smart phone these days and cracking a


phone screen is also very common. As of 2016, the average age that a child receives a cell phone


is 10.3 years old (Donovan, 2016). Another important statistic to keep in mind is that 18-to-24


year old smart phone users are 16% more likely to shatter or crack their phone (Donovan, 2016).


The target audience for iCracked includes 16 to 45 year-old, middle class, males and females


living in the suburbs and urban communities who own a smartphone and/or tablet. The target


audience using iCracked belongs to the digital support community. Since iCracked is still in the


word-of-mouth and early social media marketing stages, the target audience belongs to several


social media assets. These include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and


Instagram. Customers are looking for technical support for their device and seek help from


iCracked to fix their product. The target audience uses twitter hashtags, Facebook groups,


message boards, and email communities. By belonging to these different support communities,


the audience can contact iCracked in several different ways including their Facebook Page,


#iCracked on Twitter, direct email or by commenting on anyone of their articles within their




Marketing Challenge


iCracked uses several different ways to market their services, but like every other


company, they are not perfect. Their website is great, but their online presence around social


media could definitely improve. I have followed iCracked on Facebook for a while now and they


never seem to pop up on my newsfeed. Facebook Ads, promoting their business would help them


tremendously. People crack their phones every day, and most of them want their phones fixed


quickly. This leaves a small window of opportunity to grab a customer and convince them that ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


iCracked is the best choice. Their Google+ page definitely needs some work and seems to be


their least used Social Media account. They only have about 2,000 followers and post on their


account less than once per month.


Digital Conversation


When it comes to the online discussion of electronics, especially fixing electronics, the


conversations can be negative and sometimes frustrating. To my surprise, throughout the


iCracked social media pages and web pages, the discussion is mainly positive. The iCracked


brand is highly talked about and has extremely positive reviews. Throughout my research, I have seen a lot of interaction between iCracked and their customers


on their social media pages. The representatives of the company are polite, knowledgeable and


seem to reply to just about every post and/or tweet on their pages. One thing I did notice is that ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


the positive reviews are definitely more likely to get a public reply. It?s not to say that iCracked


doesn?t reach out to customers having issues privately, but there are a handful of cases that I have


seen (similar to the conversation below), where iCracked stops replying to the customer. iCracked does an amazing job reaching out to potential customers (rather they are friends with


them on social media or not), by tweeting or replying to a public post about someone breaking


their screen. With this method of marketing, it is such a smart way to find customers without them knowing


that they need your services.


Overall, iCracked does a great job dealing with customers and potential customers online ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


with issues, questions and troubleshooting. Virtually every single comment and tweet publically


sent to any one of their social media pages has a friendly and informative reply. While the digital


conversation about any company or brand is going to be both positive and negative, iCracked


seems to have an extremely positive conversation surrounding them.




According to, the audience that visits iCracked is dominated by college


educated Caucasian males, who are 18-24 years old, with an income of $30K-$60K. With this


information, it is safe to say that the target audience is visiting the website and are interested in


the products and services that iCracked has to offer. While looking more into reviews on the iCracked Facebook Page


(, the average customers are both males and females between


25-35. Of the last 100 reviews given by customers that either bought a product or used services


provided by iCracked, 46 were left by male customers and 54 were left by female customers. In


regards to the iCracked Twitter Page (, of the first 200 friends listed,


112 of them are males and 88 of the first 200 friends are females, with the average age being ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


between 21 and 32. Based on all of this information and my research, I predict that the target


audience are the intended customers purchasing iCracked products and services.




Based on my analysis of consumer behavior and feedback, iCracked uses extremely


effective marketing initiatives, but there is always room to improve. To improve their Social


Media Presence, iCracked should incorporate other platforms. They do a great job of making


their presence known on both Facebook and Twitter, but by using other platforms more


meticulously, they could reach a much larger customer base. Instagram and Pinterest would


benefit the brand greatly. By posting videos and advertisements Pinterest especially, iCracked


could reach out to more of the older generation. Studies show that that older women use Pinterest


more than any other social media platform (Duggan, 2015).


As I dive more into the marketing world, I have learned that it is vital for a company to


listen to their customers. By using the digital conversations concerning their brand, iCracked can


prevent future problems and learn what their audience is looking for. While analyzing customer


reviews and conversations, I noticed that several customers had questions about the product


warranty?s. iCracked should use their product warranty as a marketing initiative and include it


within their advertisements. Also, while trying to bring traffic to the social media pages, small


giveaways are an extremely effective tactic. In my opinion, iCracked can gain several more


followers by asking current followers to share their page for a chance to win a free screen


replacement, for example.


Forum Participation


I decided to participate in the user community of ?Tom?s Guide?. Tom?s Guide is a forum


for consumers to discuss the latest and greatest electronics and technology that is out there today. ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


Forum topics include smartphone, smartwatches, drones, cameras, TV?s, headphones, sound


bars, and so much more. The subtopics are endless and include prices, troubleshooting, reviews,


best accessories, updates, applications, and numerous others. Along with the forum topics, Tom?s


guide also offers their own recommendations on different products, offers free downloads to the


latest products, and numerous technology based articles. Right now, Tom?s Guide is also offering


an interactive ?Holiday Shopping Guide? to help pick out the latest and greatest electronics for


their loved ones. The community on this forum is overall extremely friendly and ranges from


new users to experienced users of all products. The target audience includes male and female


English speaking individuals, who own electronics, and are between the ages of 18 and 45.


(Tom?s Guide, 2016)


The goal of the community forum is to help electronics users get the most out of their


products. Whether they are having a difficult time using their products, in the process of buying


an electronic device, comparing devices, looking for advice or have any questions about a


product, this is the perfect community to be a part of! Each discussion forum has their own rules


pinned at the top of each category. If anybody breaks those rules or a forum ends up turning into


an ?unfriendly? discussion, an administrator will step in and intervene or delete the thread. There


are several different administrators within the forum and from what I have seen they do their job


efficiently and proactively.


Tom?s Guide also does a really great job of marketing and advertising to keep visitors on


their website. Each page that I visit, a recommendation pops up at the bottom of my screen for an


article related to the topic that I am looking at. There are internal links leading to affiliate?s


(mostly Amazon), which help buy the product discussed much easier!


Participation in Tom?s Guide Community Forum ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


Day 1: I participated in a forum discussing the differences between the Apple Watch 1 and Apple


Watch 2 and asking opinions on which one I should buy. Forum users were extremely


informative and gave me great pros and cons throughout the discussion.


Day 2: I participated in the virtual reality forum and asked several questions as to where I should


start in the virtual reality world. The unanimous vote for the best VR headset was the HTC Vive


and I also received great advice on how I should choose the best one.


Day 3: I replied to several of the comments to my VR post.


Day 4: Looking into several ?Smart Home? options, I decided to participate in a discussion


involving this topic. Several people were arguing on the best ?Smart Home? devices, and a


moderator was involved, but overall I learned a lot of information and recommendations.


Day 5: I just bought a new Macbook Pro and have been debated on selling it and buying the


newer version, so I started a topic in that category. I asked for reviews on the new Macbook Pro


and asked for advice on whether or not it would be a good decision.


Day 6: I replied to most of the replies to my topic and every reply stated that I was right in


deciding to trade this computer in because it is worth it! This topic was extremely helpful for me.


Marketing Challenge


The main marketing challenges for iCracked services are international content marketing


and social media overload. iCracked targets a broad market audience which includes


international consumers. To be effective in reaching this audience, the company has to identify


buyer personas and align them with the marketing message for every target segment. This is a


big challenge in an international setting as the company has to identify ways to create content


specific to the needs of the international audience. Additionally, the company has to tackle the


challenges of organizing and optimizing the site for different countries. While social media is an ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


effective marketing tool, the marketing team may face challenges in responding to customers?


questions. This may lead to social media overload that the company may not be able to handle.


Marketing Concept


The website is a central component of the company?s internet marketing strategy. Website


marketing involves optimizing iCracked?s website to a different audience which encompasses


curation of specific content and SEO strategies to increase the company?s visibility on the


Internet. The company?s social media campaign uses various social media platforms including


Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to reach out the target audience. The social media marketing


strategy involves maintaining a two-way communication channel through which the company


can spread its marketing message and receive feedback from the customers (Schultz, 2011).


Website and social media campaign reach different target audience which forms the customer


base of the company. Social media enable the company to reach to the young audience in need of


iCracked?s services and products. On the other hand, the company?s website caters to different


customers which make it an effective tool to push marketing message. Additionally, social media


campaigns direct the people to the company?s website via posting blog posts or including a link


to the website.


Using several different campaigns within iCracked social media pages, will potentially


gain followers, customers and visibility throughout the e-commerce world. Our goal is to gain


1,000 followers within each of our social media sites and gain 3,000 new customers as a result of


our SEO strategies and social media campaigns combined. A lot of consumers have been running


several different campaigns throughout social media, but SEO is still an uncommon practice in


smaller companies. With proper SEO, we would like to dominate several different keywords


including ?cracked iPhone?, ?cracked screen? and ?phone repair?. ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN Campaign Goals


As part of the company?s plan, iCracked aims at attaining a 35% increase in customers by


the end of the year 2017. Through its marketing strategy, the company will focus on attracting


more customers via call to actions which are likely to increase the company?s customer base.


Additionally, the company targets 25% increase in sales every month. The company?s marketing


campaign focuses on reaching out to a broad range of target audience to increase the visibility of


the company and increase conversion rates. More visibility with an effective call to action


implies more sales for the company.




Inbound marketing ratio is one effective metric that can enable the company to see the


outcomes of its marketing investment. Calculating the company?s inbound marketing ROI can


help to evaluate the company?s performance. Through this metric, the company can identify


ineffective marketing channels that cost the company money (Powell, 2011). As such, the


company can focus on campaigns that have a high ROI and can accurately assess the ROI of


each marketing activity. Traffic-to-Lead Ratio is a vital metric that can enable the company to


identify the audience reached by the marketing campaigns based on the website traffic and where


it comes from (social media, referrals, social media, organic, or direct). If the traffic is


increasing, but the traffic-to-lead ratio is low, the marketing campaigns have not achieved the


established objectives. In the context of conversation rate optimization, the traffic-to-lead ratio


can help the company to determine if the marketing campaigns have met the desired objectives


(Wertime, 2011). The lead-to-customer ratio is an important metric that can enable the company ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


to know the number of leads that the sales team has closed. Evaluating the leads can enable the


company to determine whether the campaign is successful in increasing leads close rates.




The two marketing assets deployed by the company are website and social media


accounts. The company will use these components as parts of its marketing strategy which entail


social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will focus on optimizing


the company?s website to increase its visibility. SEO strategy will encompass various activities


such as content marketing, on-page optimization, keyword research, keyword optimization,


directory submission, and content marketing. These activities are vital to the success of the SEO


strategy hence have to be incorporated into the overall marketing strategy. The cost of SEO is


determined by the scope and schedule of the work. To determine the SEO cost, milestones and


goals established have to be considered. In this case, the specific goal of iCracked is to increase


web traffic and improve conversion rate. SEO will involve evaluating the current visibility of the


site, identifying issues affecting the site?s rank, developing a plan to resolve issues identified,


executing the plan, and reviewing web analytics. Each SEO activity including will be assigned a


cost depending on the schedule and resources required.


On the other hand, social media marketing will involve social media content curation,


development of social media posting schedule, designing and executing paid social media


campaigns, and deploying social media analytics. Each activity will be assigned a cost based on


the resources, scope, and schedule involved. Paid social media campaigns and social media


analytics are the core part of the social media marketing strategy hence will incur more costs.


According to Social Bloom (2016), elements of social media marketing include strategy and


planning, content curation, social media engagement, and measurement and analysis. Each of


these elements incurs costs which vary based on the schedule required. Additionally, the


resources required such as workers and social media marketing tools have to be considered in the


budget. Digital Current asserts that the cost of executing an SEO strategy can vary based on the ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


goals of the company (Honigman, 2016). Based on the resources required, the company can


spend a minimum of $1000 per month to execute the strategy.


Working Budget


Marketing Budget


Search Engine Optimization Costs Keyword Research/Optimization $400 On-Page Optimization


Content Curation/Marketing $1000


$3000 Link Building


Website Conversion Analysis $800


$500 Google Analytics Traffic Analysis $700 Progressive Monthly Website $500 Optimization


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Competitive/Brand $300 Reputation Analysis


Social media content curation $500 Paid Facebook/Twitter Advertising $5000 Social Media Demographic Targeting $2000 Social Media Audit




Budget Allocation $500


$14700 As illustrated in the table above, the two marketing strategies implemented by the


company will involve several activities crucial in achieving the objectives of the company. In


SEO, the budget is allocated based on the schedule and the scope of a task. Content curation and


marketing are given priority as it is the core activity of SEO strategy and requires vast resources.


Keyword research/optimization and on-page optimization are executed first, but their costs are ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN


relatively low since they do not require many resources. Other SEO activities are part of the


evaluation phase which is less demanding hence costs are relatively low. For social media


marketing, paid campaigns and demographic testing incur more costs as they require more






Social media marketing and SEO strategies will require an effective schedule that


considers the milestones to be achieved by each marketing task. Strategy phase will involve


developing a plan to implement the marketing strategies and will take about a week.


Development phase involves identifying and acquiring resources including tools and workers


required in executing the marketing plan. This phase will take about a week but may take less


time if the company has an in-house marketing team. Advertising timeline will involve several


tasks such as content marketing, link building, social media posts, and paid social media


campaigns. Typically, these tasks will run for a month but will be done continuously. Analytics


timeline will align with advertising timeline as the results of the marketing efforts have to be


monitored in real time. As such, analytics phase will be in sync with the advertising tasks. Postcampaign strategy will be executed at the end of the analytics timeline and will take two or three


days as it involves evaluating the milestones achieved by the marketing campaign.


Marketing Calendar




Marketing Strategy




Development Phase


Advertising Phase




Post-Campaign Strategy Jan ?1 Jan ?8 Jan ?15 Jan ?22 Jan ?29 Feb ?5 Feb ?12 ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN The proposed timeline prioritizes the vital phases which are core to achieving the longterm marketing goals. Advertising phase is allocated more time as it the company requires to


effectively engage with customers while the analytics phase is vital in measuring the


effectiveness of the company?s ongoing marketing activities. The campaign will be executed on


January which is an appropriate time for reaching more consumers who need repair services


particularly due to device mishaps that could have occurred during December festivities. The


phases will be executed sequentially, but the analytics, and advertising phases will run


simultaneously. ICRACKED FINAL MARKETING PLAN References


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Wertime, K., & Fenwick, I. (2011). DigiMarketing: The essential guide to new media and digital


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