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Project Proposal and Outline

The written assignment this week is the Propo

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Project Proposal and Outline

The written assignment this week is the Proposal and Outline for your Course Project.

The project is a research essay in APA format that focuses on one of the topics below regarding current trends and future predictions.

  • Changes must happen in both human eating habits and food cultivation if the human race is to survive.
  • The European Union will, or will not, last another decade.
  • If lobbying and campaign finance in the U.S. are not reformed, American democracy is doomed.
  • How changes to marriage and family will change American society.
  • How social media, Web sharing, and/or similar trends on the Internet will affect social and personal behaviors.
  • What changes must happen because of the interaction between the world's growing population and decreasing natural resources

Once you have chosen your topic, you will need to do a little research on it to find information useful for your final essay. Then, you will need to create a document that includes the following parts.

Preliminary Thesis: A sentence stating the point about the topic that your essay will argue.

Issue Summary: A one-paragraph review of the issue stating something about its history and describing the major controversies.

Preliminary Essay Outline: A formal outline indicating what arguments will be used and their likely order in the paper.

References List: A list of at least five potential sources for your subject in APA form.

An example of a proposal is in Doc Sharing.

Your submission should be about two to three pages, double-spaced.

You Just finished writing one of my paper. From that paper that I have attached, can your write the proposal outline for all that you wrote. Something simple, thanks!

Running Head: HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE Human race is to survive


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Dec 7, 2016 1 HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 2 Outline


1. Food Challenges Mainly Facing civilization


A. The kinds, as well as assortment of food available for expenditure in the whole planet, are




B. Global warming has been enhanced with this bare earth


2. Effect on the Continued Existence of Humanity


A. Food is accountable for development and growth of the person body as well as tissue


B. Immobility of land


3. Corrective measures


A. Decrease nutritional shortage by raising the range of foods that citizens can eat


B. Adaptation of correct eating customs


4. Conclusion


A. Human life is reliant on food as well as cultivation


B. A decrease in the unfavorable effects of deprived eating customs will save lives HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 3 Abstract


No person can survive devoid of eating food for the reason that food is accountable for


enlargement and progress of the person body as well as tissue. This involves that food is a


service that is demanded all more than the planet by all persons. Over ninety-five percent of


food devoted is cultivated, although the rest is processed mainly from nonfarm sources.


Consequently person and animal food are a straight creation of cultivation. Simultaneously,


without the requirement for food, no farming can take place. Consequently, human existence


is dependent on farming. The rate and way in which all civilization consumes food pressures


the rate and way in which food agriculture takes place, for example, a superior demand for


food describes for a superior rate of food farming. For this cause, it is deprived eating habits


with the world inhabitants that have seen the enhanced cases of food deficiency. Also,


deprived cultivation techniques have led to the low superiority, amount, and range of food


that can be created on the planet. Considering that person life is reliant on the eating habits as


well as food cultivated, the person race will repeatedly face survival threat if eating habits, as


well as farming methods, will not transform HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 4 Food Challenges Mainly Facing civilization


This study would examine how we as persons would stay alive in the years to come from side


to side the technique we eat as well as also how these foods are refined. The research issue


that would be addressed by the paper would be how extreme changes must happen regarding


farming as well as our eating habits, in direct to stop starvation and needless illnesses. The


subject had been researched as well as backed up with scholastic periodical articles along


with websites exclusively based on farming and the eating customs of Americans. This


document would talk regarding the trouble at hand, reasons, the impact of this trouble in the


future, as well as finally solutions as to stopping such results in the future. This document


would inform readers to recognize our agriculture position and eating customs now as well as


in the future.[HKS13]


Food is extremely useful to our bodies other than it can also direct to detrimental results in


years towards come. Most citizens in the world today chiefly America is eating harmful,


which is most important to superior rates in fatness and other fitness diseases. There is also a


great demand for savings in the direction of agriculture due to the decline in climate


transform and also enhance in inhabitants. [Nor15]


Higher savings into farming would lead to superior costs of foods later on in existence.


Drastic transforms must be done regarding person eating habits as well as food farming for


the person race to stay alive in the future years.


Agriculture requirements massive savings to avoid starvation in the future years. Stated by


Harvey, ?billions more savings is needed in farming and food allocation systems in the


subsequently few years approximately the planet, and that would direct to the eliminating


extensive hunger.? HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 5 A. The kinds, as well as assortment of food available for expenditure in the whole


planet, are limited


As declared earlier, food farming and eating customs verify the survival of the person race.


Ancient persons were exposed towards a wider range of foods compared to current humans


for the reason that they did not practice farming but practiced hunting along with collecting.


Consequently, they runaway the trouble of limited food kinds of the present generation. Third


planet countries are facing hunger and deaths occasioned with food shortages due towards a


reliable rise in the costs of food commodities universal as a result of a reliable increase in the


need for food caused with rising world inhabitants. [Mic13]


The world inhabitants are developing undernourishment as a result of deprived eating custom


of adapting the American approach to eating. Citizens have been ready slaves of their farms


because they are bounded with the farms in such a move that they cannot focus on any other


movement. This is a straight result of settling in one section of land to practice farming.


Eating habits, as well as cultivation, has also enhanced risks faced by persons. Some foods


are recognized to cause certain illnesses while the culture of farming is based on the standard


of doubt where citizens rely on usual rainfall, soil richness, and climatic situation.


In roughly ten percent of the world?s families, usual child growth has also been hindered with


either very restrictive and also, on unconfirmed eating habits. In the first case, kids are not


allowed towards consuming something apart from what is specified for them with their


parents, although in the latter case; kids can consume something of their selection at any




B. Global warming has been enhanced with this bare earth HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 6 Big parts of the world surface have been left exposed (without exposure of vegetation) due


towards farming. Global warming has been enhanced by this bare earth as a result of clearing


tree envelop in the land for farming purposes.[hfg11]


Effect on the Continued Existence of Humanity


A. Food is accountable for development and growth of the person body as well as tissue.


The kinds and range of food available for expenditure in the complete world are limited


consequently reducing life hope. This is because merely particular foods are cultivated;


consequently many foods hold the equal ingredients along with nutrients.


For example, pasta, as well as bread, is both goods of wheat. Deaths are mainly in the third


planet countries have enhanced over the years due towards hunger and food deficiency. This


circumstance has been fuelled with gluttonous eating customs in first as well as second planet


countries. [HKS13]


This has effected in high needs in the countries consequently compromising third planet


countries. The America has recorded the maximum number of illnesses connected with


obesity as well as malnutrition caused with deprived eating habits. Such sicknesses, which


contain diabetes as well as heart situation, have led towards deaths


B. Immobility of land


Today, families that practice farming has been confined towards particular rural areas due to


inactivity of land. In African third planet countries, these country regions have been


bereavement corners for numerous farmers since jiggers typically infest them, and also,


which finish up incapacitating the occupants of the farms. HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 7 Simultaneously, anti-communal behavior and lack of innovation and civilization are general


phenomena caused with individuals person confined in the country areas. In fitness, the


present world is far much lesser compared to the very old world. This is for the reason that on


the current planet, the food being obsessive is of high threat to the citizens because of its


dietary content. [HKS13]


For example, an option of heart attack is enhanced by foods which have overweight in them.


Cases of bereavement have enhanced due to tropical diseases similar to malaria, and also,


which are caused by global warming. Mainly, Global warming is a straight result of farming.


Corrective measures


A. Decrease nutritional shortage by raising the range of foods that citizens can eat.


A decrease in the negative results of deprived eating habits, as well as farming, can be


recorded if the person race acknowledges the genuine problem. Correct addressing of the


problems can be achieved from side to side individual self-inspiration and alteration.


However, various changes can be addressed together by all individuals worried. Some of the


remedial measures contain the subsequent:


Reduce nutritional lack by raising the variety of foods that citizens can consume. Extra foods


can be obtained from side to intensive side study by stakeholders on some other nutrition


obtainable in the neglected plant as well as creature species.


Starvation, as well as malnutrition, can be reduced by raising the level of hereditarily


modified foods being created. The quality, as well as amount of food created in the world, can


hence increase to satisfy the inhabitants, counting the third planet countries. [Nor15]


B. Adaptation of correct eating customs HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 8 Food deficiency can also be supervised through adaptation of correct eating habits. Promote


families, as well as individuals to eat only what they require and not any additional, would


guarantee that there are no leftovers of food as well as that their fitness is not compromised


with being exposed to a way of life risks like as diabetes.


At the equal time, inhabitants control can direct to decrease in food shortage as well as


consequent malnutrition. A Little number of citizens means few mouths to nourish, and


consequently, little food becomes sufficient for the inhabitants.


Global warming can be decreased by rotational farming where the property is not left bare.


As an alternative of leaving the bare land, and also, farmers can plant trees as well as other


vegetation to decrease results of global warming.


The health threats linked to some particular foods can be reduced through stimulating the


foods. This denotes rising nutrients of foodstuff with dipping hazardous ingredients similar to


sugar and rising vitamins to make sure increased existence expectancy.[Mic13]




A. Human life is reliant on food as well as cultivation.


Person life is reliant on food and farming. However, numerous human troubles are caused by


poor eating habits along with farming methods. Rising mortality rates, as well as chronic


sicknesses, are results of the equal


Therefore, the entire planet is facing parallel risks from parallel food problems, like fatness


caused from over eating as well as global warming caused with deprived cultivation




B. A decrease in the unfavorable effects of deprived eating customs will save lives HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 9 A decrease in the unfavorable effects of deprived eating habits as well as farming methods


can be decreased by adopting communal and legal-political transforms which can be applied


to classify farming practices along with foods accessible for expenditure. This will decrease


any threats that place person life in jeopardy.[JYF12] HUMAN RACE IS TO SURVIVE 10 References


hfgfoodfuturist. (2011). Why we will change our eating habits, one way or the other.


Retrieved from hfgfoodfuturist:


Lau, J. Y. (2012). An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity. Retrieved from wiley:


Montignac, M. (2013). The History of Man?s Eating Habits. Retrieved from montignac.:


Owen, N. (2015). Early human diet explains our eating habits. Retrieved from /phys:


Stiebeling, H. (2013). FOOD HABITS, OLD AND NEW. Retrieved from nal.usda.:


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