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Format, Length and Content of Paper:


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Format, Length and Content of Paper:


Title:  (First whole page of paper)


Abstract:  (Separate page)


Body of Paper: (10-12 pages total) Clearly mark each part of the body of your paper with the following four section headings.  Watch the page requirements carefully as you will be graded on them.


I. Introduction and Thesis Questions/Statement (1 page):

Introduce your topic and explain its relevance to you personally.  Summarize the significance of this topic for others (e.g., the reader, groups, society).  Describe the research questions that will guide your inquiry or the thesis statement that you will explore. 



II. Analysis Using Concepts/Theories (2-3 pages):

Clearly and significantly apply at least five concepts/theories from our text to your research topic.  While this sounds like what you did in Assignment One, this is no longer an exploration of how these might apply.  Rather, these applications should be strong and well-supported in the final draft.



III. Application of Research (6-7 pages):

Clearly and significantly apply findings from at least 8 meaningful, up-to-date resources, 5 of which are from reputable academic journals.  Your research in Assignment Two should help you with this, but remember that the final paper will include a full discussion of applications that help to answer your research questions or explore your thesis statement.  Do not simply piece together annotations.  Create a meaningful report that brings all of these ideas together.


IV. Summary and Conclusions (1 page):

Integrate your conceptual analysis and your research applications.  What do your findings and conclusions mean for our changing society?  Explain what you learned during this research process. 



References (Separate Page)





Notes and Tips:


The BODY of your paper will be 10-12 pages in length.  Other pages will be formatted correctly (title page, abstract page, references page).


Your paper will be double-spaced, 1" margins, Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font.

Running head: HOW TECHNOLOGY HAS AIDED SOCIAL CHANGE 1 Extended Outline for Research Paper on: How Technology has Aided Social Change




Institution Abstract


Various technological changes have been experienced in the society over time. All the same, in


the recent past the IT industry has undergone rapid changes from the time the first mobile phone


and personal computers were invented to the current status. The above changes have been vital in


aiding the communication amongst various individuals and institutions in the society. Similar to


the way they have been changes in terms of communication the above changes have also


remarkable impacts with regard to the society and its social changes. The changes have either


resulted to positive impacts while they are those that have got negative impacts. The impacts are


only known when this changes are subjected to social theories perspectives. Hence this research


will focus on how the changes in technology have been able to aid the social changes in the


community. HOW TECHNOLOGY HAS AIDED SOCIAL CHANGE 2 Extended Outline for Research Paper on: How Technology has Aided Social Change


I. Introduction


Technology has been one of the key factors that human beings have utilized when it


comes to utilizing his resources. Key among this is the information technology that has seen


rapid changes in the recent times. If one takes journey back in the recent history you may not be


able to imagine living in the 1920?s when there were no computers and the current technological


changes (Fischer, 1992). Currently, life is meaningless without having to have the internet, smart


phones, and laptops among other technological features that define the current world. The above


changes have hard remarkable impacts with regard to aiding social changes within the society.


On the part of social, it means how these developments have impacted on the way individuals are


able to interact with one another (McCue, 2015). The interaction here is among individual,


communities? institutions and any other remarkable societal areas that have been aided


technology (Smith, 2008). Based on that, the main theme or thesis statement of this paper is on


how Technology has aided in Social changes.


II. Analysis Using Concepts/Theories


The impact of the information and technology on the social changes will be analyzed by


looking at how helpful it has been at the same time at instances where it has not achieved the


desired goals or the negative impacts. To get better perspective on this the technology under


focus will be subjected to some social theories such as the conflict theory. On that, it will be how


it has been effective in ensuring that the society meets its social competitive needs. Then still it


can be subjected to the Functionalist perspective (Ragnedda, 2013). HOW TECHNOLOGY HAS AIDED SOCIAL CHANGE 3 With that, any society needs to function like a system and if there is any disturbance to


that system then it will bring in some social consequences. Hence, technology comes in as a new


factor to this social order. It will be prudent to see some of the social consequences that it has


brought in when now the issue of the positive and the negative impacts of the same will be


analyzed ( Glied, & Lleras-Muney 2008 Then there is the way the technology can be analyzed


from the feminist perspective. It will be vital to look at issues such as how have the two genders


taken this changes, are there disparities ad reasons for such disparities (Smith, 2008). For


instance, most males may be using the internet more compared to the females and aspect that


brings in elements of inequalities.


III. Applications of Research


The research will be vital in terms of acting as a measure of the technological changes


and their impact on the society. It will show the most desirable changes and those that may bring


negative impact to the community (Brilliant, 2013). . The research can be used as a predicator of


the impacts that upcoming technology will have on the social habits of the society. It will be an


eye opener to how effectively technology can aid positive changes. It will provide a review of the


past thereby can be used to offer a historical perspective of this subject (Mutekwe, 2012)


IV. Summary and Conclusions


In summary, Technology has aided the various social changes that take place in the


society currently and in the past. The changes ought to be analyzed using the social theories in a


proper way so as to know their exact impact to the way the society operates. From the analysis, it


will be possible to know those that are desirable and some that may not function well for the


purpose of good co-existence of the society. The above analyses will be basis of forming


inferences or conclusions as to how technological changes will be benchmarked in relation to


their effectiveness in ensuring that there is good social order.


References HOW TECHNOLOGY HAS AIDED SOCIAL CHANGE 4 Hansen, N., Postmes, T., van der Vinne, N., & van Thiel, W. (2012). Information and


Communication Technology and Cultural Change. Social Psychology, 43(4), 222-231.


Smith, A. (2008). Neoliberalism, welfare policy, and feminist theories of social justice: Feminist


Theory Special Issue: `Feminist Theory and Welfare'. Feminist Theory, 9(2), 131-144.


Fischer, C.S. (1992) America Calling: A social history of the telephone to 1940. Pp 1-28


Read: ?Tim Berners-Lee: Inventor, World Wide Web?, Rolling Stone, November 15,




Brilliant, L. (2013, Spring). Fifty Years of Social Change. Stanford Social Innovation Review,


11, 26-26,28.


Glied, S., &Lleras-Muney, A. (2008). Technological Innovation and Inequality in Health.


Demography,45(3), 741-761.


McCue, T. (2015, April). Technology and Social Change. Forbes. Retrieved




Ragnedda, M. (2013, June). The Digital Divide. The Internet and Social Inequality in


International Perspective, Routledge, Mutekwe, E. (2012, November). The impact of technology on social change: A sociological ...


Retrieved October 25, 2016, from




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