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I need a English teacher help with homework rewrite, to check spelling grammar,c


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I need a English teacher help with homework rewrite, to check spelling grammar,created a smooth transitions between paragraphs and split up sentences which go on too long

Running head: HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORK 1 Journal Article Review on Hospital Social Work


Marcel Windley


Liberty University Journal Article Review on Hospital Social Work


The Journal article is titled? Social work disaster emergency response within a hospital


setting? outlines the contribution of social work to a series of post-disaster emergency responses


that occurred in the Canterbury region between the years 2007 and 2012. It discusses the tasks


and processes that are involved in emergency response intervention that was prompted by an


earlier incident that involved a large number of youths. This led to the development of


emergency response protocols which were discussed in light of the social work in response to the


Canterbury earthquakes. The challenges that were encountered in the rapidly changing physical


and professional context brought the need for the application of diverse forms of debriefing.


The research questions used in the research is the importance of social work in


emergency responses and the challenges faced by the social workers. In the research, the team


focused on various catastrophic events such as those that hit New Zealand. This included natural


disasters, major mining accidents and other fatalities that arose from extreme sporting activities. HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORK 2 The research thus realizes the need for social work services within a hospital setting to be


prepared to respond in an efficient way to a diverse range of crisis situations. The research


recognizes the importance of the social work especially the part of trauma response in the


Emergency Department(ED). The research notes that social workers need a training package


before they are allowed to work on call and this training include familiarization with the working


environment and the procedures used when working in the ED and an overview of the theories


that underpin trauma response.


The research also identifies and finds a comprehensive policy developed to provide a


clear organizational framework that specified the roles and tasks undertaken during an


emergency response. The research also sought to identify the major challenges faced by the


social workers during emergency responses. The research found that practitioners experienced


some challenges such as unavailability and unreliable of computer and telephone


communication. Secondly, lighting was intermittent, and the social work practitioners had to


navigate their way along dark corridors during the night. They resorted to using cell phone


flashlight to navigate some parts of the hospital. There were realistic worries of the staff not


being able to contact their family.


Concepts learned from this article are the need for making necessary adjustments and the


need and necessity for a debriefing of social workers after engaging in emergency responses. The


hospitals moved quickly to change the way many of their services were delivered. This was


necessitated by the rapid change that was caused by both meeting needs and accessing


opportunities that were created by additional worker stress. The cramped conditions were


outweighed by the benefits of strengthening the working relationship between the two services.


The second concept was the popular support of debriefing for workers who have taken part in


disaster event to reduce stress levels among social workers. Debriefing also proved to be an


appropriate form of release and also as a way to bring the social workers together using a light- HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORK 3 hearted approach with a heavy reliance on music and the arts to cope with trauma and disaster.


Social workers were invited to meet with senior doctors and nurse on duty and provided an


opportunity to experience a reciprocal appreciation of the contribution all professionals made to


the response.


The question that arises is what can be done to improve the conditions of the social


workers, motivate them and make them more dedicated to their work. If the social workers are


motivated and dedicated, the emergency response services will improve and thus change the


entire process for the benefit of the victims.




Maher, P., & Maidment, J., (2013). Social Work Disaster Emergency Response within a Hospital


Setting. Aotearoa New Zealand Social work 25(2) Retrieved from


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I need a English teacher help with homework rewrite, to check spelling grammar,

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