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Hello, I'm sending my Course Project update and the comment that my prof made for the final submi


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Hello, I'm sending my Course Project update and the comment that my prof made for the final submission  for you to complet it. 

For the Course Project update I got 70/70: Here is my professor comment: The following grade is per the grading Rubric as provided on the course syllabus.  For the final submission, please make sure to provide a combination and synthesis of "theory and practice" in your research and analysis.

So, for the final submission, I just need to provide a combination and synthesis of "theory and practice" in the research and analysis. in document work and ppt slides with speaker notes. 


Honda Motor Company: Strategy


The company's present strategy and how it has evolved


As a mainstream automaker and as the leading motorcycle manufacturer on the planet,


Honda Motor Company continues to thrive due to the strategies it has put into place. These


strategies have led to its expanded competitive advantage and rise above its competitors. The


evolvement of the strategies can be exemplified by looking at the marketing of the company.


Initially, the company utilized a unique marketing strategy to expand its business operations in


Japan. Then, the firm was facing challenges because of its distributorship network and weak


dealership (, 2016).


Over the years, the company has wooed bicycle shops to join Honda and sell motorized


bikes. The strategy has worked, and Honda Company has expanded its operations in the home


market. In entering overseas markets, Honda Company began exploring the overseas


opportunities to market its motorcycle businesses. The target market was in the United States


before exploring other markets outside its home perimeter. Despite the negativity and


unpopularity of the motorcycle among the US residents, the company still penetrated the market


through various awareness campaigns. Soon, the company?s revenues were boosted (Pascale,




The current strategies incorporate traditional advertising channels such as print, outdoor


media for sales promotion and advertising activities. The company also uses electronic methods


while embracing the current platforms of advertising for example through blogs and social


media. 1 HONDA MOTOR COMPANY: STRATEGY 2 The Company?s Competitors


The current competitors are notably the General Motors (GM), Fiat Chrysler (FCAU),


and Ford (F). These companies are considered to be their closest competitors.


The Moves They Would Make Over The Next Several Years To Win Out Over Their


Close Competitors And Improve Their Company's Performance And Market


Honda Motor Company is expected to make moves over the next several years. The


company is expected to focus on its strengths which include diversified market portfolio, strong


brand image and massive investments in research and development. The company is projected to


increase and maintain the brand image it has developed over the years. All these will target


increasing the market share. However, the company is expected to stipulate strategies that can


alleviate product recalls and the decreasing sales. The company has to come with a smart


strategy to claim a position in the European automotive market. The company has not received


the expected reception in the European market and therefore much needs to be done in the


coming years. These strategies will enable the company outperform key players in the industry


and boost its revenues (Singhania et al., 2014).


The company should also make a move towards increasing production of fuel efficient


vehicles. It is an opportunity as fuel prices are set to increase and thus customers will tend to buy


fuel ?efficient locomotives. The future has a lot for this company. The company should also


capitalize on environmentally friendly vehicles. There is a global outcry on the pollution caused


by fumes from cars thus this is an area the company can capitalize on. Another prospect for the


enterprise lies in the growth through acquisitions. The best way to penetrate into an emerging


market is through acquisition. The company stands to benefit concerning strategic partnerships HONDA MOTOR COMPANY: STRATEGY 3 and acquisitions of smaller rivals (Singhania et al., 2014). Brands will be added to the company?s


portfolio. The company will achieve greater economies of scale and also benefit from synergies


created between different firms.


The company?s strategies in its future operations will have to look at the imminent threats


such as intense competition, rising cost of raw materials, the rise of natural disasters and


economic crises in various economies. For instance, the Japanese Yen sometimes become so


strong forming a detrimental threat to the company?s profits. Incorporating all these issues in its


strategic objectives will enhance the company?s performance and increase its market standing


(Quaye, Osei, Sarbah, and Abrokwah, 2015). HONDA MOTOR COMPANY: STRATEGY 4 References


Pascale, R. (2014). Perspectives on Strategy: The Real Story Behind Honda's


Success. California Management Review, 26(3), 47-72.


Quaye, I., Osei, A., Sarbah, A., & Abrokwah, E. (2015). The Applicability of the Learning


School Model of Strategy Formulation (Strategy Formulation as an Emergent


Process). OJBM, 03(02), 135-154.


Singhania, M., Sharma, N., Yagnesh Rohit, J., & Mehra, N. (2014). Hero cycles: operating


breakevens.Em Mkts Case Studies, 4(2), 1-8.,. (2016). Honda Worldwide | Corporate Profile | Company Retrieved 10 September 2016, from


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Hello, I'm sending my Course Project update and the comment that my prof made for the final

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