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 I would like someone to proof read my paper and check APA format.

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 I would like someone to proof read my paper and check APA format.

Running head: HIRING ETHICAL PERSONNEL Keys to Hiring Ethical Personnel




Management 314: Management Ethics B001 Summer 16


American Military University






This paper will talk about the importance of hiring ethical personnel. It will show the different


tools available to organizations who want to hire ethical people. Tools like the Ethics Screening


and the Legal Ground Rules to follow. The essay will show the importance of establishing a


Code of Ethics or a Code of Conduct for such organizations and the differences between the codes. Also the essay will show steps and guidelines to creating codes for organizations to follow


and the importance of establishing Mission Statement or a Vision Statement for organizations.


The content presented in this essay will come from the course book Business Ethics by Denis


Collins and the research and opinions of Desmond A. Peterson. 3 HIRING ETHICAL PERSONNEL


Keys to Hiring Ethical Personnel


Personnel that operate an organization effect the perception and the value of it. It is


important for organizations to hire personnel who will personify the vision of the organization.


The vision of an organization should come from its leadership and be convened to its customers


through its personnel. Ethical personnel can be the foundation of a successful organization. A


Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct are valued tools to keeping ethics a priority in organizations. This essay will show keys to hiring ethical personnel and the importance to having


such codes as a guideline to keep a high ethical standard in an organization.


Hiring ethical personnel can be the key to an organizations success. Ethical people have a


positive effect on the customers perception of the company and the overall work environment. A


great work atmosphere and good customer reviews equal good effective business. The


importance of hiring ethical personnel can reinforce a high integrity work culture (Collins, 2012,


p. 74). The best way to ensure ethics is a part of organization is to hire ethical people. Ethical


people tend to work well together because of matching values.


According to Collins (2012), The Six-Step Ethics Job Screen Process targets the best


practices systematic, chronologic framework that complements an organizations recruiting


process. The six septs in the process are ethics screen notice, legal ground rules, behavioral


information, personality traits and related characteristics, interview questions and post interview


questions. Notifying potential employees of an ethics screen helps organizations recruit ethical


people because if a person is unethical they are more likely to shy away from this type of


screening. It is important for organizations to understand that the employees they seek have


rights and that laws like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act are set in place to prevent


discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits businesses from discriminating among HIRING ETHICAL PERSONNEL 4 job applicants based on the person?s race, color, religion, gender, or national origin (Collins,


2012, p.78).


Personality traits are a key factor to the hiring of ethical people. Personality tests offer a


broad psychological understanding of a job candidate and can identify characteristic associated


with ethical or unethical behaviors (Collins, 2012, p.87). People with the personality trait


Conscientiousness have high regards in ethics. Highly conscientious people tend to do things


better than the rest of us and they also follow rules (Bear, 2014). Organizational Citizenship


Behavior refers to work-related helping behaviors that go beyond normal job requirements


(Collins, 2012, p. 89). People who score high in this personality trait tend to have good customer


service and ethical performance values. Social Dominance Orientation and bullying is


personality traits that can be detrimental to any work environment.


A Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct are tools that can help to recruit and keep ethical


personnel in an organization. A ?Code of Conduct? and a ?Code of Ethics? can be mistakenly


confused as the same thing. They are two unique documents. A Code of Ethics describes broad


ethical aspirations, while a Code of Ethics describes acceptable behaviors for specific situations


(Collins, 2012, p. 107). Both documents can help to keep ethical behaviors at the forefront of an




A Code of Ethics should express ideals that reflect the organizations moral compass. It


should be written as simple and concise as possible so that it is easy to follow and it should


inspire employees to do the right things. The code should be created by leadership with all


employees taken into consideration along with customers. The Code of Ethics should project a


positive message like ?honesty is a grate quality? instead of ?lying is strictly prohibited?. A


Code of Ethics serves as a constant reminder, particularly when leadership is not present, and HIRING ETHICAL PERSONNEL 5 should send a positive message to customers, suppliers, as well as employees (Collins, 2012, p.


115). Mission Statements and Vision Statements combine with an Ethical Code can align an


organizations goal with its ethical expectations.


A Code of Conduct expands on the moral principles embodied in a Code of Ethics


(Collins, 2012, p. 120). A Code of Conduct should be in accordance with the law. Leadership


should approve of the Code of Conduct at all levels and departments of the organization. The


military employs a Code of Conduct that uses six articles to lay out how service members should


conduct themselves if captured as a prisoner of war. Two problem areas organizations can find


relevant to use a Code of Conduct is the acceptance of gifts and the use of email (Collins, 2012,


p. 121). A Code of Conduct is a key tool to protect organizations and employees alike from


suffering repercussions during an unethical situation.


The key principles and tools explained in chapters three and four of Business Ethics can


help organizations in the recruiting and keeping of ethical personnel. This essay takes parts of the


chapters above to highlight how to hire ethical personnel. It is important that an organization


takes into consideration legal aspects and personality traits while considering potential new


employees. Also a strong Code of Ethics accompanied by a Code of Conduct will set a


foundation of good ethical behavior throughout the organization. A culmination of these


principles and tools along with the others listed in chapters three and four of business Ethics are


key to hiring ethical personnel. 6 HIRING ETHICAL PERSONNEL References


Baer, D. (2014, April 30). This Personality Trait Predicts Succes. Retrieved July 20, 2016, from


Collins, D. (2012). Business Ethics. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley


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