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*********Responsible Sexual Health Promotion*********

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*********Responsible Sexual Health Promotion*********

The final section of the paper will be an evaluation plan which will allow a comprehensive review of the outcomes of your project. Please see attached paper for guidance. 2 pages, APA format

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Describe a single health promotion/disease prevention problem.


Describe the target population and setting.


Describe how the selected problem applies to advanced practice in the student's role option.


Provide an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical or conceptual framework.


Provide a review of literature related to interventions that address the problem.


Develop a research-based intervention to address the problem in the selected population/setting.


Description of intended outcomes.


Description of the evaluation plan to measure efficacy of the proposed intervention.


Use good writing skills, appropriate grammar, and application of APA formatting throughout paper, citations, and references.




Running head: HEALTH PROMOTION 1 Responsible Sexual Health Promotion Responsible Sexual Health Promotion HEALTH PROMOTION 2 The main goal of health promotion is to guide health behavior among people and


communities positively. One of the Healthy People 2020 Ten Leading Health Indicators for the


Nation and health priorities is promoting responsible sexual behavior. It also impacts the health


status of of all people including families as well as the nation. Health promotion is a preventative


measure for all persons to enhance his or her quality of life, especially those are most vulnerable


in the society. There are undesirable consequences when involved in sexual behavior, like


sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexual


dysfunction, and violence. Nonetheless, health promotion can quickly reduce unwanted


transmitted diseases, financial concerns, family arguments. It decreases the cost that families,


employers, individuals and insurance companies can spend on medical treatment as well


(Garofalo, 2014).


Young adults have been affected by sexually transmitted diseases and HIV contractions


which have increased dramatically. Sex and illness education programs decrease sexual activity


and increase condom or contraceptive use. Also, school?based clinics and school condom


availability programs do not increase sexual activity like some parents may think and especially


increases condom or contraceptive use. The plan is to focus on changing beliefs as well as


focusing on refining decisions about sexual behavior among young adults. Also, proper


communication among parents and their children as well as health care providers can advocate


healthy sexual behaviors between young adults. When young adults feel connected to one?s


family, and school one can be involved in activities decreased health risks. Besides, when parents


affirm the value of communicating with their children, this can develop positively as well as


promote healthy attitudes. It becomes hard for parents to discuss topics about abstinence and HEALTH PROMOTION 3 contraception. Therefore, more education to parents and counseling programs should be available


to improve communication between parents and children (Faulkner, 2015).


Promoting health and guidance to parents and their children with communication


techniques as well as a base to begin to talk about sex that most parents are afraid to talk to their


children, this good communication can promote healthy sexual behavior. It is up to the school,


medical professionals, families and all community to encourage our adolescents to get involved


in community activities; therefore, allowing young adults to interact with others and allow those


to learn how to make decisions that will not affect them in some sort of way. Consequently, the


lack of communication can as well affect the behavior and attitudes among young adults. For


instance, young adults lack of communication in one?s home is more likely to have a lower selfesteem, drug use, school problems and sexual risk behaviors (Garofalo, 2014). Studies reveal


that there is very broad support for comprehensive sex and HIV education programs, most youth


groups receive some amount of sex or HIV education. Although, important topics are not


covered in many schools.


Community-based programs can be engaged in the plan of promoting healthy sexual


behavior among young adults. It is also important to examine the structure and culture of the


organization that already provide this education and enforce any barrier that prevents the


organization from promoting healthy sexual behavior to adults. Active young adult involvement


can be essential to developing a thorough plan as well as deliver sexual health education (Park,


2016). As Nurse Practitioners it is vital always to educate families as much as possible, one


sexual encounter can change a families? life; therefore, this is something that needs to be


discussed with parents. HEALTH PROMOTION 4 Adolescents should be involved in the planning process and involving other young adults


to unite; therefore, reducing the incidence of improper sexual behavior. For example, community


health fairs, youth mentorships, and HIV prevention programs. When young adults participate in


projects or tasks eventually one can obtain his or her opinion and change one?s perspective on


these important subjects. Therefore, involving young adults in decision making can be critical


and can prepare them to make appropriate decisions when involved in sexual encounters (Park,


2016). One right decision can change a person?s life forever if people are prepared and educated


it can decrease the risk of going through a difficult time.


Lastly, there are community services that can allow individuals to participate in activities


such as music and exercise programs that can help adults come together and promote healthy


activities. Some include behavior management centers, counseling, youth resource centers, and


health departments. Although it is difficult to live with diseases, there is community resources


that can help manage, prevent and intervene for all individuals (Park, 2016).


In 2012, Ine Vanwesenbeeck wrote an article called "Sex Research" which examined the


differences in the sexual health gay, lesbian, heterosexual individuals. The study was to


determine the possible causes of disparities among each sexual preference and also acknowledge


that some groups could face serious health issues more than others. Approximately 1500 citizens


were invited to complete a survey on one's sexual health. To make sure that a significant amount


of lesbian, bisexual, and gay persons participated, ads were incorporated in magazines and


websites to draw attention and dived each group. Participants were divided into designated


groups depending on what each has answered and based on his or her attraction


(Vanwesenbeeck, 2012). HEALTH PROMOTION 5 The results showed that bi-sexual males/females were in need of sexual health care;


nonetheless, the number of sexual partners increased significantly. This number of sexual


partners was concluded to be the leading indicator for sexual victimization. However, sexual


dysfunction was noticed in these groups. There was also an increase of emotional stress in these


groups do to the pressure that society puts on people with different sexual orientation. People


hide one's sexuality due to the thought of being rejected by families, society and one's


community (Loren, 2012). Unfortunately, the more sexual partners that the group had, there was


less responsible sexual behavior, causing an increase in pregnancies, sexual transmitted diseases


and health issues.


Doctor Olson is a Psychiatrist who brings a unique perspective concerning sexual


minorities? health problem. Dr. Olson himself is a gay male who was hiding his sexual


preference. The stress placed on him by society, and the stereotyping makes it difficult for


individuals with a different perspective accept reality. Dr. Olson quotes, ?Human sexuality is a


part of your total personality? it is a crucial part of one's overall health (Olson, 2013). Therefore,


it is vital that studies are conducted to look into hidden issues and discover methods to resolve


them. Allowing people to accept reality; therefore, allowing them to live a healthier sexual life.


Nonetheless, acceptance helps relieve stress and make people feel wanted and loved.


Responsible sexual behavior plays a major role in everyone?s life; these articles support


the fact that if there is a stereotype towards those who have different sexual preferences which


make it harder for those to act openly and responsible when it comes to sexual behavior. There


are multiple theories that support sexual health promotion which is, the motivation theory that is


a complex model that includes components about perceptions, vulnerability, pleasure and social HEALTH PROMOTION 6 approval. Social cognition theory emphasizes motivation and action. These theories have evolved


and helped empower others and helping individuals improve one?s sexual health (Loren, 2012).


The literature reviews have shown a focus on sexual preferences and the stress that brings


to people with different sexual views. The barriers can be overcome by providing health


education about sexual healthcare to the community. Studies show that learning about human


sexuality and taking a sexual health class increases comfort and with addressing sexual health.


Sex education is offered in many schools, but it should also happen at home. Education can ve


covered in a health class, but when it comes to making a tough choice about sex, it can be tough


to be influenced by a class that he or she might have taken. When parents are involved in an


adolescent life, it helps adolescents think twice before acting irresponsibly in a situation. Some


factors that may steer a teenager to early sexual behavior could be peer pressure, curiosity, and


loneliness, to name a few. Once parents remind his or her child that you expect him or her to take


sex and associated responsibilities seriously (Loren, 2012). HEALTH PROMOTION 7 References


Faulkner, A. H. (2015). Sexual behavior, Massachusetts high school students. American Journal


of Public Health, 88(2), 262-266.


Garofalo, R. C.(2014). The association between health risk behaviors and sexual orientation


among a school-based adolescent. Pediatrics, 101(5), 895-902.


Park, M. J. (2016). The health status of young adults in the United States. Journal of Adolescent


Health, 39(3), 305-317.


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*********Responsible Sexual Health Promotion*********

The final

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