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Please see attached file. Need this to be below 15% passive and have a better flow. 



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Please see attached file. Need this to be below 15% passive and have a better flow. 

Running head: GUAM: LAND OF THE CHAMORROS Guam: Land of the Chamorros


SFC Ryan Manuel


Air Defense Artillery Senior Leader Course 1 GUAM: LAND OF THE CHAMORROS 2 Abstract




Keywords: dfadsfs Running head: GUAM: LAND OF THE CHAMORROS 3 Guam: Land of the Chamorros


Guam is a self-governing and unincorporated territory of the United States. It lies in the


middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is the largest and most populous of the Marianas chain of


islands (Guampedia, 2015).


The island of Guam has a land mass of 212 square miles and its shaped like a footprint.


The formation of the island was a result of two volcanoes that merged. It has two distinct


geological compositions where two-thirds of the island is raised limestone on the northern


plateau while the south is consisted of raised volcanic formations at Mount Santa Rosa and


Mount Mataguak. Mount Lamlam is known to be the highest point with an elevation of 1,334


feet (Geography of Guam, n.d.).


The natives of Guam, who are basically of Malayo-Indonesian origin, are known as


Chamorro. The Chamorros comprise 37 percent of the total population of Guam (Guam Visitors


Bureau, 2016). Nearly one-third of the population are Filipinos while a small percentage of the


population are of European lineage (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016).


Guam has a complex cultural history and Encyclopedia Britannica (2016) provides a brief


account of the people that settled in Guam. Indonesian-Filipino people settled in the island


during the 2nd millennium BCE. Spain claimed the island in 1565 and it remained under Spain


until 1898 during the Spanish-American war. The Spaniards surrendered Guam to the United


States, except during the Second World War when the Japanese occupied the island, the United


States president appointed a naval officer as governor of Guam until 1950.


The post war restoration of Guam made it a center for commercial and economic with the


United States expanding its military interest in the island. Guam has a diverse population made GUAM: LAND OF THE CHAMORROS 4 possible by the establishment of a local, civilian government where people from all over the


world found it easy to pursue careers and various economic activities in the island and even settle


with their families due to lesser military restrictions in entering the island (Guam Visitors


Bureau, 2016).




Economy: position in global market;




Although Guamanians are US citizens, they cannot vote in US Presidential Elections.


Guam is governed by the US under the 1950 Organic Act of Guam. The President of the United


States is the head of state and a governor, who was presidentially appointed up until 1964


(Guampedia, 2015) is elected by popular vote for a four-year term heads their local government.


Because Guam is not a State, it has no senators or representatives in Congress, although they


send delegates to the House of Representatives with no voting privileges. The delegates have


minimal role in Congress thus the citizens of Guam has no representation.


( Guam decolonization




As an incorporated territory, the United States has the sole responsibility for Guam?s


defense. The US military has two strategic bases located in Guam - Naval Base Guam and


Andersen Air Force Base. With the US strategic shift to the Pacific and East Asia, the military


bases are now more valuable because of its close proximity to North Korea and potential hot


spots in Asia such as the South China Sea. 5 GUAM: LAND OF THE CHAMORROS References


Encyclopedia Britanica (2016)


Guampedia (28 December 2015). Geography of Guam (n.d.)


Guam Visitors Bureau (2016)


Washington Post (2016)


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Please see attached file. Need this to be below 15% passive and have a better flow.

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