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Hi! you provided excellent help on a previous question and would like your help again :)


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Hi! you provided excellent help on a previous question and would like your help again :)

I'm writing a paper on project governance in the manufacturing industry - see attached abstract & current references. I'd like a few pages (3-4) evaluating the current PM literature on project governance practices in manufacturing. 

RUNNING HEAD: Governance in Manufacturing 1 Abstract


This paper will explore the role of project and program governance in the context of a


manufacturing operations environment of a large organization. For the purposes of this paper,


manufacturing operations will include all processes and functions that support the production


scope of a specified program. This includes manufacturing, quality, program management,


and engineer support. Given that manufacturing operations is often the churn and burn unit of


a large organization, the Project Management Office (PMO) holds manufacturing and


supporting functions more accountable for cost and schedule than successful project


management practices. It can very often be observed that the ?normalization of deviance?


phenomenon is a regular practice in manufacturing ops in order to meet delivery and/or cost


goals (Pinto, 2014). However this is at the risk, and sometimes loss, of best practices and


define procedures. The goal of this paper is to provide recommendations on how the PMO can


strengthen project governance practices within these environments to achieve greater work


flow and reduce risk across the multiple programs the unit supports. This will be achieved


through external research and the evaluation of current manufacturing operations at Boeing


Huntington Beach.


The research methodology for this paper includes evaluation of current governance


practices implemented in manufacturing operation at the Boeing, Defense, Space & Security


site in Huntington Beach, California. This particular site manufactures parts in support of


nearly 30 distinct programs at any given time and thus presents a unique case study. Due to


increased complexity of the PMO structure in this case, evaluation will focus on the three


main programs manufacturing operations supports and how the PMO governs the PM


processes affecting these programs. In addition to this live case study research, external Governance in Manufacturing Operations


research will be used to identify current understand of the role governance plays in


manufacturing operations. Current research tends to lead to project benefits governance,


where the industry standard is leaning towards risk avoidance, namely process-based risk


analysis, over the benefits of project governance. Ultimately this research will allow for


recommendations to be made for Boeing Huntington Beach as well as potential future


research topics. 2 Governance in Manufacturing Operations 3 Appendix A




Badewi, A. (2016). The impact of project management (PM) and benefits management (BM)


practices on project success: Towards developing a project benefits governance


framework. International Journal of Project Management, 34(4), pp. 761?778.


Hilt, E. (2014). Corporate governance and the development of manufacturing enterprises in


nineteenth-century Massachusetts. National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.


Maylor, H., Turnerb, N. & Murray-Webster, R. (2015). ?It worked for manufacturing?!?:


Operations strategy in project-based operations. International Journal of Project


Management, 33(1), pp. 103?115.


Pinto, J. K. (2014). Project management, governance, and the normalization of deviance.


International Journal of Project Management, 32, pp. 376?387.


Tsaturyan, T. & Müller, R. (2015). Integration and governance of multiple project


management offices (PMOs) at large organizations. International Journal of Project


Management, 33(5), pp. 1098?1110.


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