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Is there anything i should add or remove from this paper?











When it comes to global warming, the thing that comes to their mind is that the ice caps


are melting and the weather is changing. There is way more to global warming than what we are


taught. There are many things that causes global warming and with different opinions of it is


Mother Nature or that the humans are not taking care of the earth and maybe a little of both. This


paper I will get into more detail and explain the effects and what global warming is doing to our


environment and also the consequences that it has done to humans. Due to humans treating our


earth so poorly global warming is at its highest peak it has ever been.


Global Warming has great impacts on our planet, this problem is worldwide in many


ways. The greenhouse gases increase the temperatures of the atmosphere near the earth?s surface


due to the buildup causing global warming. According to N.C.D.C. ?The rise of temperatures


will substantially influence human actions as what food we grow where humans live and where


we can grow food so organisms can flourish?. Global warming has a lot of effects that causes


our temperature to rise, it also causes flooding, and stronger hurricanes that which affects our


availability of water supply. The hotter the temperatures are they harm the water source that us


individuals depend on from melting the snow and ice in many ways, the amount of seasonal melt


is increasing from snowpack and glaciers, as the precipitation increases the quantity of snow


increases as is to rain, this action changes the whole timing of the snowmelt. The sea life is


vanishing due to the extreme effect that global warming has on our ecosystem.


There are horrible consequences as the sea level escalates from the rising of temperatures


as even the coastal territories see the damage effect with even a mirror increase in sea level state.


Due to the sea level the Gulf of Mexico has experienced more than about 8 inches of local sea GLOBAL WARMING rise. The East Coast and Gulf of Mexico, have changes in the path and strength of ocean


currents. In the future the sea level should rise through 2050 to 2100 and beyond.


Global warming has many affects on the health of individuals as well as harm our planet,


the world we live in. It plays an important role in our well-being. On very hot days it is more


frequent for it to affect our well-being, due to the fact the earth is getting warm. When the earth


gets warm it creates heat waves. During this process it can cause illness even death. According to


CDC (n.d.), ?Lung damage and respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary


diseases and asthma is due to heat increase and ground-level ozone concentrations?. The


greenhouse gases has elevated quickly due to the cycle that constructs the horrible results.


While global warming has everyone?s attention and is bearing on most people of what


the exact cause is. Scientist have discovered that Mother Nature is the only cause for the


expansion of the earth?s temperature as they refuse to think that individuals poor actions has any


influence on it. According to Singer, F. (2008), ?Regardless of human activities the temperature


will continue to change just like it always has on different time scales for different reasons and


that human actions do not affect the global temperature in any way?. Many may say a human?s


actions couldn?t generate this type of affect or impact on our planet.


When deciding the cause and effect on global warming, one should gather the facts and


evidence together. During the investigation it has been confirmed that Mother Nature is not the


main source, in fact, human activity is. Riebeek, H. (2010) states, natural causes to global


warming currently are still an occurrence, but the affects are minor and they occur so slowly that


it doesn?t justify the rapid warming in recent decades?. Humans contribute a higher amount of


green gases compared to volcanoes. Volcanoes do not release as much as humans. When it comes


to global warming, volcanoes are not quite sufficient to be a main source for global warming. GLOBAL WARMING In conclusion, No matter what the cause is, a global warming still impacts our planet and


harms our complete health. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about where global


warming comes from. Some people say that it is due to is due to human?s and their everyday


activities. Working together is a great way to preserve and to help get erase the effects of Global


Warming. This is a great way for everyone to get together and help reduce it for the near future.


There are plenty of things people can do to help with the progress of global warming such as use


less energy, recycle, reuse products, planting more trees and joining forces against big factories


are all ways we can reverse and prevent further harm to our animal?s ad our ecosystem. There is


a great amount of humans in the world that could care less about environment. We cannot change


what has been done already, but we can help fix it and hope it doesn?t happen in the near future.


Humans will continue to destroy planet if we don?t take the environment we live in seriously. It


is very important that our society changes our bad habits before it?s too late and the harm can?t


be fixed or controlled. GLOBAL WARMING References CDC- Climate Change and Public Health ? Health Effects. (n.d.). Centers for Disease Control


and prevention, Retrieved from




NOAA Paleoclimatology Global Warming ? The Story. (n.d.). NCDC- National Climatic data


center, Retrieved from




Riebeek, H. (2010). Why is global warming a problem? Climate Q&A: NASA Earth


Observatory: Home. Retrieved from


Singer, S. F. (2008, GLOBAL WARMING: Man-made or natural? USA Today,136, 16-18.


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