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a) Evaluate the operating industry of General Mil


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SWOT - MGT599 Strategic Management (JUL2016FT-2)

a) Evaluate the operating industry of General Mills using a minimum of two forces included within Porter's Five Forces model.

b) Using PEST, assess General Mills? remote environment using a minimum of two PEST forces.

c) Conclude your assessment about the overall environment. Is it more or less favorable for General Mills? Give your ranking from 1-10 (in which 1 = vast gloom and doom for this company; 10 = huge bonus this year!). Where do you think General Mills fits on this 1-10 scale?

part 2:

a) Assess what you believe to be the most important aspects of the internal environment at General Mills. Do not try to analyze every aspect of the internal organization -- rather, identify a minimum of two internal strengths and/or weaknesses. Do your best not to repeat the observations made by your peers, although you are encouraged to build on each other's observations (or to disagree).    

b) Complete your SWOT by integrating the external environmental analysis you completed in Week 1 with your Week 2 internal analysis. Use your SWOT to conclude whether the organization?s overall outlook is more ? or less ? favorable.

It is very important for a company to assess its strengths so that it can use them to neutralize (or better yet, to eliminate) environmental threats and take advantage of opportunities. The organization must recognize (and it must work to shore up) its weaknesses so that opportunities are not missed, and such that threats are much less likely to put the company at risk.   

Running Head: GENERAL MILLS 1 General Mills


By student name


Institution affiliation






Date GENERAL MILLS 2 General Mills




The General Mills is a major American Corporation in the Food Industry that is


specialized in various portfolios of the various brands of food products. The General Mills


products are used by millions of people all over the world and the company focuses on providing


the convenient, nutritious foods that when combined with exercise and activity leads to a


healthier life, protect the resources upon which the business depends on through the promotion


of the environmental and socially responsible practices (Sahota, 2010). Similarly, the company


has a goal of fostering a safe, ethical, and diverse and inclusive workplace where employees can


thrive and strengthen communities by increasing food security worldwide advancing sustainable


agriculture and environment. The company places people first, build a culture of creating, make


food with passion, earn people?s trust and treat the world with care thus, help to feed people


being the root of the General Mills company.


Company Mission


The General Mills company mission is no nourishing lives, communities and the future


that is strengthened by the mission statement; to make lives healthier, easier and richer. The


mission statement can be broken down into different aspects by the company; for instance,


General Mills makes life healthier by making people manage their weight through the product


contributing to a healthy diet, appropriate and opportune whole gain intake and giving the


important nutrients (Sahota, 2010). Additionally, the company makes lives easier with on-the-go


products with convenient packaging and meals and machining lives richer with products that


help to create special moments with family and friends. GENERAL MILLS 3 Company Vision


The company vision is to reinforce the company?s value every day through people,


brands, innovation and performance. General Mills Company breaks down its core vision to


championship brand that entails building leading brands that the customers trust around the


world making the lives easier, healthier and more fun. Championship people that entails the


diverse, talented and committed people towards constant learning, growing and contribute to the


communities as well as Championship innovation that entails developing and implementing


innovative ideas to build the company brands and drives the business and championship


performances that entails delivering outstanding performance for the investors, customers,


consumers and the company (Wojahn, 2003). Therefore, the company reinforces its values in the


daily operations through its people, brands, innovation and performances.


Company major stakeholders












vi. Investors








Non-governmental and governmental organizations and associations


Local communities


General Mills Goal?s advancement The General Mills is committed to treating the world, its resources and people with care


and strives to serve the world by making people love and focus its efforts in the main areas that


include health and wellness, sustainability, workplace, and community. Based on health and


wellness, the company has the sole goal of providing the nutritious foods that can be combined


with exercise and activity to maintain a healthier life to its stakeholders. Similarly, the company GENERAL MILLS 4 is focusing and directing its effects towards diversity in which it plays a role in protecting the


resources that the business depends on by promoting environmentally and socially responsible


practices across the entire value chain (Nestle, 2013). In addition, the company works to create a


conducive workplace; its fosters safe, ethical, diverse and inclusive workplace where the


employees can thrive as well as focusing on the community in which it strengthens the


communities by increasing food security worldwide through the advancement of sustainable


agriculture and environment. Thus, it engages with the stakeholders collaboratively and


transparently to accelerate its process on the social and environmental initiatives as well as


achieving the company growth, competitive advantages, and sustainable development References GENERAL MILLS Nestle, M. (2013). Food Politics: How the food industry influences nutrition and health (Vol. 3).


Univ of California Press.


Sahota, A. (2010). The Global Market for Organic Food & Drink1. The world of organic


agriculture: statistics and emerging trends 2008, 53.


Wojahn, E. (2003). The General Mills/Parker Brothers merger: Playing by different rules.


Washington, D.C: Beard Books. 5


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[solution] » SWOT - MGT599 Strategic Management (JUL2016FT-2)

a) Evaluate the operating industry of General

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