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I have to revise my FINAL argumentative essay paper (see attachment below title 

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I have to revise my FINAL argumentative essay paper (see attachment below title "Gender Discrimination: Women vs. Men (draft)"), which should be an Argumentative Essay.

The following changes/revision/add-on are needed to the above draft attached below:

1) A revision of the assignment attached below "Gender Discrimination-Women vs. Men (Draft)"..... Revision should represent a substantial edit of work

2) The strongest possible objection to the thesis. After the final paragraph of the attached assignment "Gender Discrimination"--start a new paragraph that introduces the strongest possible objection to the thesis. 

3) A rebuttal. This is a refutation of the objection that you have just presented. Start this in a new paragraph following the objection paragraph(s).

4) Closing remarks. End your argumentative essay with a paragraph of closing remarks. Provide some reflections of what you have attempted to achieve by means of your essay. You could, for example, explain how your essay sheds light on the broader controversy that it addresses. Or you could point out how your essay addresses a frequently ignored point or the unpopular side in the controversy. See ?Closing Your Essay? in Section 9.2 of With Good Reason: A Guide to Critical Thinking (Hardy, Foster, & Zúñiga y Postigo (2015).

*The above 1-4 requirements must be based on Section 9.1 thru 9.4-With Good Reason: A Guide to Critical Thinking (Foster, Hardy, & Zúñiga y Postigo, 2015) 

Retrieved from: http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/pub/content/a41cb242-6d58-439e-a462-54f7afc580f3/PHI445.file.Chapter_9WithGoodReason.pdf



WORD: 1500 (MIN) to 1700 words

IN-CITATION  Example: (DAVID, 2014) APA-Formatted 

References: Use at least four more peer-reviewed articles from sources: Google Scholar or  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which should be an addition to those that I am going to carry over from the attached assignment "Gender Discrimination...... . 

Running Head: Gender Discrimination 1 Gender Discrimination: Women vs. Men: In modern day society, it has become a big issue with regards to women not being given


the same opportunities towards any leadership role within an organization. Although women


have proven that they are able to lead; unfortunately, there is always opposition from men since Gender Discrimination 2 some may feel women are not able to do better. ?Controversy has come upon whether women


should have any management role in any of the organization? (Genovese, 1993). It is clear that


the gender bias is brought upon the fact that some feel that women are not strong enough to be


able to deal with the pressure that comes with such role; therefore, they argue that women should


not be permitted to proceed in taking such responsibilities that comes with the job and from the


organization. In some circumstances, women have been a to comment; for which, they feel they


are also entitled the rights to a full role within a firm while being able to lead. Essentially,


women may feel that they are strong enough to maintain such role; therefore, they should be


assessed the same way men are evaluated within organizations. Moreover, the women strongly


feel that they are able to lead and take charge; hence, their overall reasoning as to why they


should be warranted a position of leadership. Over and over women have argued that they have


been faced with discrimination when it was pertaining to the firms? decision making process and


that it is about time that they are given an opportunity to be able to illustrate their true potential


and/or abilities. Subsequently, there may be a need to continue to determine if the women are in


fact, viable in leadership in order to offer any considerable economic support.


When it comes to leadership roles within an organization, women should be allowed to


lead because they have duty ethics that guides leaderships in those organizations than men. In


accordance to deontological ethics?duty ethics, women are seen as being able to do their roles


and for said reason, they should be permitted more roles within the organizations as a leader.


Furthermore, women have bonded within their roles and their duties while taking into account


whether or not the action is more important than the consequences. At brought out by C.D Broad,


in the book, Five Types of Ethical Theory, function theory binds people to the knowledge of what


is right and proper. Women tend to bond with associates of an organization through a fostered indepth relationship. Furthermore, when discussing women?s abilities that they are able to hold on Gender Discrimination 3 to the success of their role while enforcing duty ethics, they are then presumed to be the best


because they are eager in maintaining a good relationship with the organization. When it narrows


down to a firm making its determination while attaining results during a period, women seem to


appreciate more the relationships they may have built with the organization. For instance, when


women tend to make a determination, they will put all their efforts and focus on the quality of


relationships that one may have with management. Evidently, it is imperative to take into


consideration that ?women are more than likely able to understand the need to build a


relationship with a function in an organization to be considered successful? (Paludi & Coates,


2011). Ultimately, when a good relationship has been established amongst its associates/employees, there is a better chance that there would be continuous cooperation


amongst those associates/employees. For instance, if an associate of the organization is not


aligned nor united as a result of the disoriented relationship; then, chances of failure arises.


Having said that, in order to prevent a challenge with regards to organizational growth, it may be


best that workers are not brought in together through a fostered relationship. When it comes to


women in an organization, as they begin to build relationships throughout, they may not consider


the different cultures or diversities from where the associates come from since their duties ethics


guides them to see people who are working in an organization all in the same way. In turn, they


treat those associates in the same manner while also creating a bond with them; in other words, a


relationship. Consequently, when developing a bond and building a relationship, women may


tend to form a kind of family that may enable the rest of the associates of an organization


pleasant to work with. Evidently, ?they are able to achieve results with ease through such kind of


methods? (Paludi & Coates, 2011). As such, this should supports the reason as to why women


should be allowed to take on those leadership responsibilities within any organization. Gender Discrimination 4 As many have come to see within most organizations that women bring some sort of fashionable


statement that may be considered unique alongside valuable set of skills to an organization. Even


though, men have argued the fact that women are not able to lead an organization, women have


been known to be very fashionable with regards on how they are able to control their matters at


hand since they tend to be very skillful when applying their actions and so, ?the reason why they


need to have an increased portion of leadership in any of the organizations they come across?


[Lea11]. In analyzing the abilities of women, we consider that women can use character traits


and skills to qualify their abilities for the desired leadership position. Having said that, as women


are being considered fine for leadership roles, those said skills would ultimately play a crucial


role in their choice of men.


Women are very well known for their superb communication skills; unlike men, they tend


to be a bit more arrogant in any of the captions they may undertake. For example, when in an


environment where people can be egotistic, women usually present themselves to be highly


modest and calm. Essentially, women would be able to control the issue at hand with assertion by


simply establishing a well thought and process of communication since they are certain that


those skills of communications could resolve it all. Moreover, women are more likely to be more


forbearing with what happens in the organization since they are able to serve their counterparts


while allowing them time to address one issue at a time. Therefore, women may have a notion


that patience in any fast growing organization and/or society builds it, which may be considered


factual as ascertained by surveys done on organizations led by women. The third matter is that


women are ushered by strong business ethics. Women believe in virtue ethics and majorly the


subject of integrity and honesty. ?It is very rare to find women to have been entangled in a case


of corruption since they believe in business ethics? (Paludi & Coates, 2011). Gender Discrimination 5 Conclusively, as society attempts to have women take a certain measure of action over


leadership in organizations, the aforementioned points discussed above would seem ideal while


validating that a woman can lead within any organization(s). It is vital to keep in mind that a


women?s has the capacity to lead and so, they should be given the same opportunity as their


counterparts since this may eventually diminish the issue at hand?gender discrimination, which


should never be permitted nor condoned since women have illustrated over and over their


impeccable abilities and strength. Ultimately, women may be able to lead in any environment


while being entrusted with responsibilities as done in other cultures or societies in the world. References Gender Discrimination


C.D. Broad. (1930). ?Five Types of Ethical Theory? The International Library of Philosophy.


Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co Ltd. Retrieved from: https://books.google.com/books?






Genovese, M. (1993). Women as national leaders. Newbury Park, Calif.: Sage Publications.


Learn Liberty. (2011, August 30). Do women earn less than men?-Learn Liberty [Video file].


Retrieved from https://youtu.be/EwogDPh-Sow


Paludi, M. & Coates, B. (2011). Women as Transformational leaders. Santa Barbara, CA:


Praeger. 6


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