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I need an example of the excel spreadsheets I need to create. I have completed the questions etc.

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I need an example of the excel spreadsheets I need to create. I have completed the questions etc., below is the instructions. It's 30 people being poled with only 8 questions.

"Submit 3 tables that were created in Excel from your data, inclusive of 1 frequency table and 2 cross-tabulation tables. This needs to be relevant information that will directly impact your research problem. Please write 150-250 words underneath each individual table that clearly describes what the table is showing and what the inferences are from this table and information in relation to the research problem (for a total of 450-750 words). Turn at least 1 of your tables into a graph (either a bar or pie chart) to show the data from the table. Place this material (three charts/tables and three written discussions of each) as Appendix 2 in your research report, and submit this part as a compilation with your Parts 1 and 2"
RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH How can Gatorade Continue to grow their brand?


Anthony Aragon


Liberty University 1 RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH 2 How can Gatorade continue to grow their brand?




Gatorade is an iconic brand with a consumer base that continues to grow faster than LRB


(Liquid Refreshment Beverages) category. In this study we will address the reason consumer


select Gatorade. Is the selection driven by price, packaging, the TV commercials, how it makes


you feel, product innovation or the athletes that promote this product heavily?


Research Problem


Gatorade was developed on the University of Florida campus by the asset coach to


support their athlete?s hydration. This product has evolved over time creating a slogan called the


?The Point of Sweet?, this means Gatorade has a desire to be at every event or just a daily


workout where consumers use their products. The brand has developed G-series, G-Series Fit, Gseries Pro and G Natural. These series follows a very specific process ?designed to work


individually and target athletic need states around three different occasions ? before, during and


after a workout or competition.


Literature Review


Here?s how the products work: ?Gatorade Prime products give athletes the energy they


need to be ready and start strong. Gatorade Perform (Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2) will help


athletes rehydrate, refuel and replace what is lost in sweat. Gatorade Recover products provide


an effective amount of protein with essential amino acids needed to help support muscle


recovery after training and competition? (Gatorade, 1965, all FAQS). Gatorade has dominated


the isotonic category representing about 70% of this category while Powerade has a 28.8% share


of the isotonic category (Shannon Bailey, 2015, para 2), this only includes the LRB category.


This brand has historically focused on males 25-34; this has shifted in the last decade due to


creating a more diverse brand across all workout segments which connects with every athlete. RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH 3 Gatorade has developed a more diverse consumer base from pro-athletes (male and female); the


person that is looking for a daily workout, the kids playing sports, to the mom workout in the


comfort of her home. In 2014, Gatorade ?slipped from 5th position in 2013 and was replaced by


Nestle Pure Life, a popular bottled water brand. In 2014, Gatorade?s volumes increased by 3.7%


year-over-year to 990 million gallons. Growth in Gatorade volumes has slowed down compared


to 2010 when volumes rose 6.2%? (Shannon Bailey, 2015, para 9).




Today more than ever brands like Gatorade must look at innovation as a growth engine to


fuel performance as ?Innovation as a percentage of total revenue reached 9% in 2014, and a


number of new products introduced in the past three years are on pace to achieve more than $100


million each in annual retail sales? (Watrous, 2015, para 3), therefore Gatorade must continue to


drive innovation with in the Gatorade product family. The other option is ?Emerging markets


also present a huge opportunity for Gatorade, given the rising urban population and higher


disposable income levels. The shift in consumer preference for healthier beverage variants will


likely drive demand for Gatorade products like Propel. Propel has a strong position in the


enhanced-water market? (Shannon Bailey, 2015, para 7), this supports white space opportunities


to drive brand awareness. The other opportunity is the pricing architecture as Gatorade is viewed


as a premium product verses Powerade. Today, you can find Powerade in Kroger stores for 2 for


$1 32oz on ad. This cheap reduced pricing is not an option for Gatorade as they feel this


cheeping?s the brand. Gatorade did decide to pulse pricing in and out receiving a 2 for $3 32oz


retail, this did support growth within the Gatorade brands. The other decision that supported the


growth of the brand was to allow the direct store delivery distribution that the beverage side of


PepsiCo family already had in place to expand the brands foot print in 2011. RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH


Gatorade the brand must leverage the expanded innovation momentum PepsiCo has in


place, continue to make strides in direct store delivery expanding to club and grocery stores


while embracing the new health focused consumer to deliver the ultimate experience for current


and future consumers.


In Romans 12:2 it states ?Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the


renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and


acceptable and perfect? (ESV), all brands must continue to re-invent themselves without


destroying what has made them great. 4 RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH


Marketing Research Report


Anthony Aragon


Liberty University 5 RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH 6 How can Gatorade Continue to grow their brand?


When we ask ourselves, how can an iconic brand like Gatorade continue to drive


awareness to their brand? This is a tough question because of the success this brand has had for


decades. In order to understand this situation more in-depth we will develop a questionnaire that


will collect quantitative primary data through leveraging three objectives, ?It must translate the


information needed into a set of specific questions the respondents can and will answer. It must


motivate respondents to complete the interview and it must minimize response errors? (Malhotra,


2015 pg.238), this process will support the success of the survey and determine where there are


opportunities in delivering growth to the Gatorade brand. We will leverage 30 strategic questions


that allows us to identify how a consumer identifies with Gatorade, likes & dislikes, how the


product makes them feel, product selection, accessibility, pricing, product size and taste. We will


strategically ask the quantitative questions in a structure manor that will allow us to identify


where the strength of the brand resides and expose some opportunities that will lead the team to


determine where the growth opportunities resides in this iconic brand. The overall goal is to


drive awareness, grow share in the marketplace, and most importantly deliver incremental profit


to PepsiCo?s overall P&L.


We will ask each applicant to complete a survey through Survey Monkey, they will


receive an acknowledgment email for approval prior to receiving the actual survey. The survey


will last for seven days and we are looking for approximately thirty college students? response to


measure the results. The goal is to retrieve the survey back from all thirty students. The survey


will be removed on day eight to ensure we have a specific timeframe for the students to abide by


with reminders sent out daily to ensure the surveys are completed on time. The goal is to connect


through survey monkey with college students from the ages of 18 to 22. The sample size needs to RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH 7 be fifty percent female and fifty percent male to determine the differences between the two. The


survey needs to encompass a wide range of nationality to determine if there is a trend with in a


specific ethnic group. The target is to retrieve 30 completed surveys. These sample size group


with the appropriate age group, gender, and nationality will give us an opportunity to understand


more about the Gatorade brand through the lens of a consumer and what actions we need to take


in order to keep the brands relevancy. RUNNING HEAD: GATORADE BRAND GROWTH 8 References


Bailey, S. (n.d.). Welcome to Market Realist. Retrieved July 10, 2016, from


Gatorade - Contact Us. (n.d.). Retrieved July 10, 2016, from


Watrous, M. (n.d.). PepsiCo touts revved up R.&D. Retrieved July 10, 2016, from




Welcome to the ESV Bible Online. (n.d.). Retrieved July 10, 2016, from


Malhotra, N. K. (2008). Essentials of marketing research: An applied orientation. Frenchs Forest,


N.S.W.: Pearson Education Australia.


Make Better Decisions with the World's #1 Survey Platform. (n.d.). Retrieved July 30, 2016,




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