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I need help doing my research paper for Fayetteville, NC. I saw instructions were posted for SOC1

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I need help doing my research paper for Fayetteville, NC. I saw instructions were posted for SOC101: Sociology with Ashford Univeristy. Please see attached that I've already started. 

Running Head: FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA Fayetteville North Carolina


Stacey Carpenter


SOC101: Introduction to Sociology (BPY1642A)


Prof. Mia Hardy


November 14, 2016 1 FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 2 Demographic Report of Fayetteville North Carolina


The demographic report of Fayetteville, North Carolina is a place called Festival Park that is at


the corner of Ray Avenue and Rowan Street in downtown Fayetteville is known as the ?Crown


jewel of downtown? that has 14 acres. It opened to the public in April 2007, which was created


as a class venue consistent with the quality of life that is the community?s hallmark. There are


several different locations across the NC area, but I am concentrating on this place because it is


literally down the street from me.


The festival park is where the city of Fayetteville conduct most of their entertainment or


special events, and vendor booths and one of these booths for the most parts include the power


and water with a creative patterned pavement promenade that would enable the quick planning


and for the set-up for the festivals. The main stage that is in the festival park can accommodate


performances and the events on it 40? x 66? surface. That is the entertainment has a lot of room


for them to play and entertain anyone that chooses to attend the special event. There is grass


lawn seating for the groups as well as an area with the same district for the larger crowds for the


community celebrations that has the possible room for thousands of people. There are support


sectors that do include backstage dressing rooms for the entertainers, leading dock for the


possible equipment, and a concession area along with a public restroom.


The information is from the this has a wealth of information that was


very useful. The population estimates for Fayetteville, NC for 2014 is 203,948 in Fayetteville


and North Carolina 9,943,964. As of April 1, 2010, estimates of Fayetteville are 200,582 and


North Carolina 9,535,691. The ratio of people under five years from 2010 is 8.5% in


Fayetteville, and 6.6% in North Carolina, under age 18 on the same 2010 25.8% and 23.9%


people 65 and over 9.7%and 12.9%, and females 51.6% and 51.3%, white alone 45.7% and FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 3 68.5%, and black or African 41.9% 21.5%, Asian alone in 2010 Fayetteville 2.6% and 2.2% in


NC, two or more races 4.9% 2.2%, Hispanic or Latin 10.0%m 8.4%, white alone 41.3% - 65.3%


there are several different percentages (


The housing of Fayetteville more specifically Cumberland County the type in 1990 and 2000


the mobile homes detached is between 1,500,000 1990 and 2,000,000 2000and the attached is


over 2,000,000. Stock very carefully parallels of the state would be separated is 60,000 1990 and


75,000 in 2000 and connected is very low just above 0 something like 500 in both 1990 and 2000


( is the population count.


Some of the characteristics of today?s household could be of single persons like boyfriend or


girlfriend as opposed to the husband-wife that I was raised with. Some of the couples are the socalled baby daddy that I have come to hear a lot about. Some of the so-called family structure is


from non-married couples. Most of the population that is in Fayetteville does try to get their


education or try to improve their studies, but some can?t afford the big step because it cost too


much. In a military town like this one, most of the population that can further their education


would be the military. Some of the lucky ones could be the ones that could earn a scholarship or


two that would be just getting out of school. Ones who try to obtain their education later in life


may have to get loans that must be paid back, hopefully the people could be picked up by the


ones that have a better job and would hire them so they can earn a better living. I started in the


military traveling to many places. My education came later in life close to retirement, everything


was paid for to further my education while in the military. I do see and encounter all kinds of


people different races and economic backgrounds.


In Fayetteville, there are a lot of people that live segregated by class more than the other


demographics previously stated. What I see is from the homeless people that are living in the FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 4 streets to the working families on farmlands to make a living off their crops. In the downtown


area, every abandoned building that you would see, there is a homeless person hanging in the


front of the building. Then when you start to drive on the outskirts of downtown, you would


notice the housing area is changing to that of low income houses or the proper name that real


estate would call it ?foreclosures or section 8s.? These homes are mainly then occupied by the


low-income families or middle class. Then there are the housing areas that are in the back of


developments, that are somewhat gated communities. This population are of a higher class in the


economy then the ones located in on the outskirts or the ones that live in downtown.


The social services in Fayetteville, NC has changed in the past few years because ones that


have worked 35 to 40 hours a week then the person had an accident and was put out of work for


a couple of weeks and was denied temporary disability because of one day. The last time they


had an accident temporary disability was issued but not this time because of the change in policy.


These days the ones that have new families like the statistics say parents do start in some have


children as soon as 15 years old the estimate would be 131,026 the people that are unmarried is


49,575. The numbers of unmarried women between 15 to 50 years is estimated at 55 15 19 years


old is 55 20 to 34 years old is 100 (which is more popular) and 35 to 50 are 23 percent.


As for the economy, the largest employers are Fort Bragg-Cumberland County schools,


Goodyear Tire Company, Cape fear valley health system, Cumberland County government,


Purolator, and Fayetteville Technical community college ( There are


about 300,000 people that was at Pope Field and Fort Bragg, and 203,000 that resides in


Cumberland County and its largest municipality. Fayetteville is the sixth largest city and the fifth


largest metropolitan in North Carolina. About 50,000 military personnel are stationed at Fort


Bragg and Pope Field. FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 5 There are several different things that they plan for the city of Fayetteville each month so


many that it is hard to keep up with. They do also have slide shows that they share with the


newcomers to Fayetteville, NC. They have several different sponsors of the entertainment in


Fayetteville there is the Fairfield Inn, Courtyard Marriott, comfort inn & suites, town place suites


Marriott, the new Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott, airborne and extraordinary operations


Museum the legends continues, of (Fayetteville Observer) the Fayetteville news and observer


even prides themselves on getting involved with helping with the entertainment of Fayetteville


and with several different things such as news of course and weather such as providing the


appropriate warnings for any part of the Carolinas from the national weather service. They are


also on the internet because I get an email and from any of the weather warnings and the special


reports of any of the signs that affect other parts of the world that can cause harm to Fayetteville


as well.


At the Fayetteville, technical community college, they have a breathtaking garden. Fayetteville


also has the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, that is also very beautiful landscapes that overlooks


the cross-creek river and the Cape Fear river and these grounds does include some restored


farmhouses, perennial gardens, a natural amphitheater and several more different kinds of


physical things that are only seen at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden or its website it is charming


that is located at ( this was published on (May 6, 2014).


At the place that we call Festival Park is where most of Fayetteville join to have the special


programs or just to let off some steam. The person that comes to the park is from all walks of life


from white to black to Hispanic to all kinds, because of the military town, we have all different


kinds of nationalities. The economic condition would be somewhat the same for the public unless


some of the public caught a break and got a good job or is in the military. At this point with the FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 6 economy the way it is through an excellent piece of work may be hard to find. For the question


of is the locale segregated I would think that it is not because we have all kinds of nationalities


from playing on the stage to helping other people to guide others around.


The social and economic characteristics would be the same because the same person that has


the opportunity for education is the same for the housing much of the time race is not an issue for


anything. The choice of public or private would, however, depend on how much the family does


have so that they can invest it in the education of their children.


The analysis of the neighborhoods I don?t think it would be considered segregated because I


do have different races and ethnicity in my little community. My area acts as a team for instance,


on the fourth of July, one of the neighbors went to the south of the border for the fireworks, and


they set them off on the street, so we had our little neighborhood Fourth of July right outside of


our doors. No law enforcement was called, and no harm is done to anyone. Everyone in the


neighborhood had a lot of fun.


In conclusion, Fayetteville and Fort Bragg is mostly a military town, but the civilians that do


have the chance to live here can try to make a living. They do have the benefit of several forms


of entertainment that they do provide mostly in Fayetteville, Fort Bragg does have their share of


the entertainment I do have access to them but only through the internet. As for the economic


side of Fayetteville, the population does try to build up more by working with anything that they


can, say for instance fast foods or construction; several different buildings are being built up


around Fayetteville. Like possibly any place Fayetteville is an ever growing and ever changing


place to experience anything. FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA


Subject North Carolina


Estimate 7 Margin of Error Percent Percent


Margin of


Error Fayetteville city












Total households


Family households




With own children


under 18 years






With own children


under 18 years


Male householder,


no wife present,




With own children


under 18 years




householder, no


husband present,




With own children


under 18 years






Householder living




65 years and over 8 3,715,565


2,472,888 +/-9,398


+/-10,138 3,715,565


66.60% (X)


+/-0.2 76,766


49,873 +/


+/ 1,083,970 +/-8,439 29.20% +/-0.2 24,170 +/ 1,802,864 +/-11,358 48.50% +/-0.2 31,974 +/ 706,106 +/-8,531 19.00% +/-0.2 13,284 +/ 163,103 +/-2,436 4.40% +/-0.1 3,224 +/ 84,199 +/-2,049 2.30% +/-0.1 1,675 +/ 506,921 +/-4,371 13.60% +/-0.1 14,675 +/ 293,665 +/-3,478 7.90% +/-0.1 9,211 +/ 1,242,677 +/-5,734 33.40% +/-0.2 26,893 +/ 1,033,896 +/-6,263 27.80% +/-0.2 22,638 +/ 353,720 +/-4,744 9.50% +/-0.1 5,699 +/ Households with


one or more


people under 18




Households with


one or more


people 65 years


and over 1,213,257 +/-8,698 32.70% +/-0.2 27,336 +/ 913,760 +/-4,174 24.60% +/-0.1 14,541 +/ Average


household size


Average family


size 2.53 +/-0.01 (X) (X) 2.48 +/ 3.09 +/-0.01 (X) (X) 3.09 +/ 9,395,519 ***** 9,395,519 (X) 190,350 +/ 3,715,565 +/-9,398 39.50% +/-0.1 76,766 +/ RELATIONSHIP


Population in










Other relatives










Males 15 years


and over


Never married


Now married,


except separated








Females 15 years


and over


Never married


Now married,


except separated










Number of


women 15 to 50


years old who had


a birth in the past


12 months




women (widowed,


divorced, and


never married)


Per 1,000


unmarried women


Per 1,000 women


15 to 50 years old


Per 1,000 women


15 to 19 years old


Per 1,000 women


20 to 34 years old


Per 1,000 women 9 1,802,804








194,501 +/-11,581








+/-3,271 19.20%








2.10% +/-0.1








+/-0.1 31,880








3,357 +/








+/ 3,730,668 +/-1,000 3,730,668 (X) 77,030 +/ 1,246,210


1,941,000 +/-7,927


+/-11,443 33.40%


52.00% +/-0.2


+/-0.3 28,817


36,116 +/


+/ 102,778




345,896 +/-2,495




+/-4,504 2.80%




9.30% +/-0.1




+/-0.1 2,661




7,891 +/




+/ 4,017,834 +/-1,005 4,017,834 (X) 81,253 +/ 1,105,338


1,905,652 +/-6,687


+/-9,925 27.50%


47.40% +/-0.2


+/-0.2 22,768


36,163 +/


+/ 139,653




475,343 +/-2,816




+/-5,571 3.50%




11.80% +/-0.1




+/-0.1 3,362




12,054 +/




+/ 131,026 +/-2,962 131,026 (X) 3,702 +/ 49,575 +/-1,824 37.80% +/-1.0 1,242 +/ 40 +/-1 (X) (X) 44 +/ 55 +/-1 (X) (X) 68 +/ 29 +/-2 (X) (X) 56 +/ 100 +/-3 (X) (X) 108 +/ 23 +/-1 (X) (X) 21 +/ FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 10 35 to 50 years old




Number of




living with own




under 18 years


Responsible for




Years responsible


for grandchildren


Less than 1 year


1 or 2 years


3 or 4 years


5 or more years 206,632 +/-3,400 206,632 (X) 4,494 +/ 100,422 +/-2,651 48.60% +/-1.0 2,289 +/ 19,810






39,744 +/-1,195






+/-1,736 9.60%






19.20% +/-0.6






+/-0.7 551






945 +/






+/ Number of




responsible for


own grandchildren


under 18 years


Who are female


Who are married 100,422 +/-2,651 100,422 (X) 2,289 +/ 64,346


70,299 +/-1,724


+/-2,226 64.10%


70.00% +/-0.7


+/-1.1 1,594


1,525 +/


+/ With a broadband




subscription (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X References


FACVB Main Office, (2015) Fr Bragg community freedom?s home. Retrieved from FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA 11 Durkin, K. F., & Carrothers, R. M. (2015) Sociology: Beyond common sense [Electronic version]. Retrieved




Fayetteville, (2015) Fayetteville Cumberland parks and recreation. Retrieved from


Growth factor analysis (ND)


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