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Attached is my assignment that i submitted my professor message me with the following:  This pape

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Attached is my assignment that i submitted my professor message me with the following:  This paper lacks required in-text citations. In addition, several pieces of information are direct copies from websites.  I really need help.  Below is the assignment description:

The purpose of this assignment is for you to summarize modern family planning options that are available.

  1. Using the internet, search for images, articles, commercials, blogs, etc. related to contraception.  Be sure you include information a minimum of 5 kinds of contraception.  Include at least 2 citations to reference your research, documented using APA formatting.
    Running head: FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS Family Planning Options


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    There are several kinds of family planning methods i.e. contraception


    Male condom


    Male condoms are form of contraception for men. Apart from protection against


    pregnancy it also protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The advantage od male


    condoms is they are easy to use and have no side effects. It is also easy to get since it easily


    available over the counter shops. Condoms also prevent cancer of the cervix. Statistically abd


    research has shown that 10 out of every 100 partners were infected that is where condoms were


    not used correctly. Also worth noting is 2 out of 100 women became infected with HIV when


    condoms were used. Generally it reduces the risk of STIs (World Health Organization, 2000). Female condoms


    Female condoms is a form of contraception for women, it has flexible rings at each end


    one end is closed and the other is open. The female condom is inserted deep into the vagina just


    before vaginal intercourse. The ring at the closed end holds the pouch in the vagina and the ring


    at the open end stays outside the vaginal opening during intercourse. Statistically and research 2 FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS 3 shows that 21 out of 100 women will become pregnant each year if women always use the


    female condom regularly and correctly. The advantage is they are cheap and be accessible.


    Everyone also can use condom safely and is also safe be used during anal sex The intra uterine device (IUD)


    An IUD is a small device that fits inside your womb. There are two types of IUDs: Copper IUD - contains copper and Hormone-releasing


    IUDs - the progestogen hormone is slowly released into your womb. The main way an IUD


    works is by preventing fertilization of the egg. The copper or the hormone from the IUD stops


    the sperm moving through the womb towards the egg. Occasionally an egg is fertilized. The IUD


    then stops the egg settling (implanting) into the womb.


    The diaphragm FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS 4 It is a form of contraception for women.. A diaphragm fits inside the vagina and is used


    each time you have sex. It covers your cervix (entrance to the uterus) and stops sperm from


    getting through to join an egg. Diaphragms are circular domes made of silicone. They are kept in shape by a bendy


    frame which is covered in silicone. Your pelvic muscles hold the diaphragm in place.


    Diaphragms should always be used with spermicide. This is jelly that kills sperm. Before you


    have sex, put spermicide onto the diaphragm. Then put it into your vagina so it covers your


    cervix. It should be kept it in place while you have sex and for at least six hours afterwards. Then


    remove it, wash and dry it and put it away until next time you want to use it. Tubal ligation It is permanent contraception or sterilization for women. This page explains how this


    method works and how to get one. Permanent contraception is called sterilization. FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS 5 A tubal ligation is a procedure to cut or clip a woman's fallopian tubes. When a woman is


    sterilized, the operation is called a tubal ligation. It is a procedure to close both fallopian tubes


    which means that sperm can?t get to an egg to fertilize it.


    The tubes are closed using rings or clips or by cutting and tying. It is usually done by


    putting a tiny telescope called a laparoscope in through a small cut near the belly button and


    closing the tubes through another small cut near the pubic hair. If a laparoscope can?t be used


    then a longer cut is made near the pubic hair. Tubal ligations are done in hospital and the woman


    has a general anesthetics. Depending on the type of operation she may go home the same day or


    stay one to two days in hospital (Freedman, 1959). The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) It is a form of contraception that women can use after unprotected sex. The ECP is taken


    after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It stops or delays the release of an egg from your


    ovaries until the guy?s sperm aren?t active in your body any more. It prevents the sperm from


    fertilizing an egg by changing the way the sperm moves in your body. It doesn?t work once the


    egg has been fertilized. It doesn?t harm you or a developing embryo. FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS 6 The Emergency Contraceptive Pill is approved to be taken up to 72 hours after sex (three


    days). However for most women it is still effective up to four days after sex. FAMILY PLANNING OPTIONS 7


    Reference Freedman, R. (1959). Family planning, sterility and population growth. MacGraw-Hill.



    World Health Organization. (2000). Improving access to quality care in family planning: medical


    eligibility criteria for contraceptive use.


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