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Please revise my work and let me know what needs to be fix!!!


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Please revise my work and let me know what needs to be fix!!!

Ethical relativists hold that our values are relative to our culture and there is essentially no objective right and wrong. Another form of ethical relativism is cultural ethical relativism in which society shapes the ethical values and provides the foundation for moral judgments. Cultural ethical relativism explains why ethical viewpoints differ from society to society and that neither is considered correct or incorrect.

Discussion Question

Prepare for this discussion by completing your readings and viewings. Then respond to the following:

  • Comedian Louis C.K. is skillful in capturing the cognitive dissonance we experience between our moral beliefs and our actual moral behavior. To what extent is Louis C.K. right that our lives are evil? How might the theory of ethical or cultural relativism help us in our approach to this question?
  • What are the three most important virtues by which you live? Identify any comedian or any form of comic medium that represents these virtues and describe the representation.  Please include a link to a clip (or article) that best illustrates your point.

Running head: EVIL WORLD 1 Evil World


Student Name


HUM 300


January 3, 2017 EVIL WORLD 2 Evil Word


We live in a world that is full of evil according to Louis C.K. He gives us an


example that people in the world are starving to death and most of us won't even care. He


says that he doesn't care because he would rather drive his $20,0000 Infinity instead of


selling the car to help people in need. Our society worries more about owning more


things rather than doing something moral like helping starving people. He explains to us


that we can make a difference morally, but instead, our community has shown us that


owning more and having a better life is view as standard in today?s society. There for he


explains to us that his life is really evil because he chooses not to help them. I agree with


him on these because I own a four hundred PlayStation four, I rather have it in my house


than sell it and gave to money to charity to help people with need. Ethical relativism can


be analyzed here when some people have beliefs that things are right or wrong, while


some may believe something totally different.


I believe that three main virtues in my life are gratitude, a desire to excel, and


courage. After my first deployment gratitude was evident because I was able to appreciate


all the things that I have. Courage is something that is inside you. I was afraid of heights


then and after I joined the Army in 2001, my courage rose from its darkness and it helped


me passed Airborne because I had to jump from an airplane in order to graduate from


school. We can observed Gratitude in the Conan show, Louis C. K. talks about a


generation of idiots. He mentions that people don't appreciate what they have and no one


is happy nowadays. He gave an example that somebody was complaining that there was


no Internet on the plane and because of that he wasn't satisfied with that. The passenger


did have gratitude for this that he has at that time. EVIL WORLD 3 References


[ENTAIRWORLD]. (2013, June 16). Louis C. K. Generation of Spoiled Idiots.


[VideoFile]. Retrieved from


Irwin, W. and Johnson, D. (2010). Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture: From


Socrates to South Park, Hume to House. West Sussex, United Kingdom: WileyBlackwell.


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Please revise my work and let me know what needs to be fix!!!


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