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Included here is the assignment, with my assignment from last week, the question fro

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Included here is the assignment, with my assignment from last week, the question from a few days ago, and a little material.  Something about the content seems lacking.   

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Running head: ETHICS AND CASE STUDY Ethics and Case Study


Cristy Petersen


University of Phoenix


August 8, 2016


Psych 245


Dr. Matt Webster 1 Running head: ETHICS AND CASE STUDY 2 Ethics and Case Study


Question 1


The primary goal of the psychological research is to trace the ways in which people have


used science to try to control other people?s minds. The research found out that the pursuit of


control of the mind has brought about some horrific experiments thereby leaving behind many


casualties. Scientists have changed the behavior of law-abiding citizens and children (Russon,


M. A., 2015).


Question 2


The ethical principles that apply to the current study of optogenetics are based on


behavioral genetics and how the mind is a powerful tool that can be manipulated by researchers


to mislead the society. Policy implications of behavioral genetic basis are widespread in


important realms of criminal justice, childbearing, education, and childrearing (Gilbert, F.,




Case study 2


Research question: why are patients below 35 years of age less responsive to calls regarding


follow-up appointments and medication reminders? Running head: ETHICS AND CASE STUDY 3 The goal of the study will be to determine why patients under the age of 35 often do not


care about honoring medical appointments and phone call reminders that relate to medical


appointments (Barron,W. M., 2016). The study will also seek to determine why the patients


below this age prefer using social media and text messages and rather not answer back missed


calls. The study will then establish the reason for the patients below the age of 35 not caring so


much about their health and medical follow ups.


The research will involve taking a representative sample of patients below the age of 35


years; a random sample of fifty patients from various hospitals. The selected patients can then be


given questionnaires to answer the research questions before returning the forms at their


pleasure. The study will ensure that the respondents give their opinions or fill out the forms


independently without their views being influenced by anyone (Moscrop, A., 2011). The


questions will involve seeking to know their attitudes towards medication, and the reasons they


care so little about honoring their medical appointments.


The research will be affected by ethical considerations in the sense that it would appear


improper to ask certain questions to the respondents as far as societal code of conduct is


concerned. This may limit the ability to get the exact personal opinions and views of the


respondents[Gaj13]. Cultural diversity will be applied in the research findings by appreciating


that the manner in which people were brought up as well as the environment they live in will


determine their response to medical appointments and health awareness[Han15]. Running head: ETHICS AND CASE STUDY References


Moscrop, A. (2011). Mental health of young adult patients who do not attend appointments in


primary care: a retrospective cohort study. Oxford Journals , 24-29.


Gilbert, F. (2014, 06 13). Controlling Brain Cells With Light: Ethical Considerations for


Optogenetic Clinical Trials. AJOB Neuroscience , 3-11.


Gajjar, D. N. (2013). Ethical Consideration in Research. Retrieved 8 8, 2016, from


Russon, M. A. (2015, 10 15). International Business Times. Retrieved 08 08, 2016, from


Valentine, H. A. (2015). National Institutes of Health addresses the science of diversity. PNAS ,




Barron, W. M. (2016). Retrieved August 08, 2016, from: 4


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