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1 Effect of Alcohol Consumption on Teenagers


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my college 1 Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 2 Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers


Statistics indicate that the age of alcohol introduction decreases from year to year.


Alcohol is not only consumed by twelve or thirteen year olds, but even children under the age of


ten. Has alcoholism among the youth become the scourge of the 21st century? Why do teenagers


abuse alcohol and how does the consumption of alcoholic beverages affect their bodies and life?


Alcoholism remains to be one of the biggest forms of addictions in the United States of


America. The Americans mostly drink as a result of the prevailing culture. Alcohol accompanies


the most social events and family celebrations such as Christmas, weddings, and sport events.


For some, alcohol is a pleasure, for others a dangerous habit. Alcohol is made available in the


early days of our lives, like the celebration of our birthdays, which usually takes place among the


toasts and the clatter of cups. In our lives, alcohol is availed on various events and social


gatherings. For many people ingestion of alcohol beverages becomes a pleasure, and for others


it?s a necessity, something of which they can't opt out. Drinking alcohol is not a threat by itself.


The danger occurs when people start drinking at a young age, too much and too often.


Drinking of alcohol by teens, even in quantities that could not be harmful to adults can


seriously disrupt their lives and development processes. ?Substance abuse and sexual risky


behaviors during adolescence are especially problematic because of their negative proximal and


distal health-related consequences? (Draucker, PhD, RN, FAAN, & Mazurczyk, BA, 2013).


Usually, alcohol increases the level of confidence during sexual initiation, which often leads to


unwanted pregnancies or sexual dysfunction. It is a main source of learning difficulties which


further affects career and life adversely. In fact, alcohol is one of the main issues that leads to


various consequences such as accidents, violence, poor performance in school, sexual abuse, and Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 3 also damages adolescent?s brain development (Masten 2009). Repetitive alcohol abuse prevents


emotional development; young people make decisions based on immediate pressure, without


inclusion of maturity in managing stress and solving problems. The earlier a teenager starts to


drink alcohol regularly, the more it reduces the desire to achieve life goals and implement the


values of life. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol also kind of aids the abuse of other stimulants. It


also increases not only the risk of alcohol dependence, but also for nicotine and other drugs.


Studies have shown that children who have started to have contact with alcohol before 15 years


of age are four times more prone to getting addicted than those who started drinking after the age


of 20.


Drinking teenagers fall into alcoholism more easily than older people. Alcohol abuse


slows down the developing process in that, even if the child does not suffer addiction, he will not


develop normally. According to the article ?Underage Alcohol Use?, Brown said, ?In this agegroup, major role transitions affect almost every aspect of life. Moreover, brain development


continues-and with it the development of cognitive functions, working memory, emotional and


behavioral self-regulation, and decision making.?


How alcohol affects the emotional development?


During adolescence alcohol interferes with the development of emotional maturity,


because teenagers tend to associate the pleasant emotional states with alcohol, rather than real


life events or human interaction. ?Growing evidence from the developmental neuroscience field


suggests that early onset use may adversely affect ongoing brain development and the critical


maturational processes that are occurring during this time? (Lubman&Yucel,


2008).Unfortunately, this is a way to lose the touch with reality. Instead of discovering the truth Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 4 about themselves and about life in natural and authentic personal experiences, they learn to


manipulate their own feelings. To inspire altered feelings under the influence of alcohol or other


stimulants, they damage the natural abilities to demonstrate emotions. According To J.


Mellibrudy: "Artificial stimulation or reassurance makes difficult to deal with the real causes of


our personal difficulties. Chemical relief of unpleasant feelings creates addictions and lowers


resistance to suffering. Men learn that with the help of alcohol they can turn suffering feeling


into a pleasant relief (Patton, et al. 2014). Therefore, physical ailments and mentality encourage


more drinking rather than stoppage of such behavior?


How alcohol affects the intellectual development?


Alcohol interferes with the intellectual development in adolescence and affects the


processes related to learning and remembering things. ?Alcohol use in relatively small quantities


may result in neurotoxin changes in neuronal structure within the middle frontal region,


providing a substrate for potential later difficulties with impulse control and executive


dysfunction? (Collins, PhD, Lim, MD, Luciana, PhD, &Muetzel, BA, 2013). An example of a


misconception that some teenagers hold is that they only use alcohol proves ones adulthood and


independence. If they encounter harms caused by the alcohol, their mind almost automatically


alternate the reality of danger while maintaining a semblance of freedom and logical thinking.


This hinders the rational thinking and acknowledgement of the damage caused by alcohol and


prevents effective refraining from drinking.


How alcohol affects the behavior?


Young people under the influence of alcohol are changing their behavior, become more


relaxed, sadness is transformed into happiness for a while, the shyness changes into boldness, Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 5 and so on. Since alcohol relieves unpleasant experiences appearing on the occurrence of the


misfortunes, the young drinkers are less motivated to learn the skills needed in life, to enhance


making responsible decisions or deal with difficulties. They drop out of life in reality, and


increasingly enter into the world of illusion.


What are the moral implications of consuming alcohol?


Apart from physical and intellectual effects, reliance on alcohol during adolescence also


causes negative moral effects, social impacts and impaired bonds with oneself and with other




The negative effect on moral is above all includes: guilt, anxiety, moral principles in


other spheres of life, the faintness of will, conscience, self-control and to internal discipline.


Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction can lead to the following effects:


? Difficulties in school to acquire the skills of professional, in the acquiring of social features, in cooperation and respecting the norms of coexistence in the family environment


and neighborhood, etc.;


? The development of negative social attitudes, such as cynicism, callousness, unreliability, irresponsibility, vulgar language, brutality and primitive life and loss of interest in


useful values.


Experimental studies underline the contribution of drunkenness to serious and fatal


injuries, including car accidents, bicycle accidents, aviation disasters, drawing, suicides and


murder cases. Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 6 Alcoholism, which young people are up to, destroys the human contact with each other.


This is expressed by: feeling sorry about oneself, anxiety, aggression, cheating, hurting each


other and rising up to suicidal states (Fletcher, 2012). Disturbed links with other people leads to


loneliness and isolation in the age that one needs friendship and support from others.


Consequently, this leads to pathological peer circles. In such an environment, established


relationships are sick and destructive to all.




Drinking alcohol in itself is not dangerous; the problem starts only when alcohol is


consumed in excess volumes and there is a loss of control over it. The major concern is alarming


rate of drunkenness among the young people, who are usually unaware of effects of the alcohol


as an addictive substance.


Young people drink alcohol in many different ways, some of which are a natural


manifestation of the ageing process. The entire period of adolescence is defined by the attitude of


"try this". Alcohol is one of those things which one is prompted to try. Since drinking is quite an


important feature among the adults, it's not surprising that young people aspiring to be adults try


and do so (Maurel, et al. 2012). For many young people drinking becomes sort of rite of passage


into adulthood. However, this is not only a characteristic of the adult world, but also a way to be


one of the members of the social group. Even into adulthood we are often prompted to drink,


with an assumption that abstinence is the anti-social behavior.


In the case of young people, quite a good number of them lack of tolerance for one


another and feel an increased need for being conformed to their peers, the refusal to drink Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 7 alcohol during parties, where, after all, everyone is drinking, can be much more difficult than for


an adult.


The problem of alcoholism among young people is one of the most significant social


problems. It is important to draw attention to the threat of alcohol abuse among the young


people, because they rarely realize the effects that alcohol has on their bodies and lives. Effect of alcohol consumption on teenagers 8


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