1.  Go to the WHD Web site.  (Click assignment title, above, or search for the Depart"> 1.  Go to the WHD Web site.">

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Course: Wage and Salary Administration

1.  Go to the WHD Web site.

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Course: Wage and Salary Administration

1.  Go to the WHD Web site.  (Click assignment title, above, or search for the Department of Labor - Wage and Hour Division.)

2.  Review the information available within the site and select a topic that interests you.  (Be sure to select compensation management topics related to HRM activities; avoid ?consumer? issues and blogs


DOL Web Search: Disability Discrimination


Key Points


1. It is unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person when it pertains


to hiring, firing, pay, layoffs, training, benefits, or any other aspect of




2. It is illegal to harass an employee or a potential employee based on a


disability he/she currently has, has had in the past, or is assumed to have




3. The ADA has strict limitations on what employers can ask job applicants


when it pertains to medical questions, taking a medical exam, or identifying a




4. After someone is hired and has began working, an employer can


generally ask medical questions or require a medical exam if documentation


is needed to support an employee's request for accommodations and/or if the


employer believes that a medical condition is prohibiting the employee from


successfully performing a job.


5. Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodation to a


disabled employee or job applicant, unless doing so causes undue hardship. U.S. Department of Labor (n.d.). Disability discrimination. Retrieved from




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