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statistics....I need help with this problem.  The assignment requires a short paper and excel spr

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statistics....I need help with this problem.  The assignment requires a short paper and excel spread sheet.  I have attached last week?s assignment and spread sheet for reference.

Running head: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 Descriptive Statistics for NCC WK 4


Jared Norrell




18 July 2016


Professor Villalobos 1 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 2 Descriptive Statistics for NCC WK 4


Determine the appropriate descriptive statistics.


Note: If the data was normally distributed, use the mean and standard deviation. If the data was


skewed significantly, use the word median and interquartile range.


Numeric Variable: Sales (Units)




Central Tendency: 8173 (Rounded to Integer)


Dispersion: 121.4534564 ~ 122 (Rounded to Integer)


Number: 36


Min/Max: 7975/8400


Confidence Interval: (if distribution is normal) Numeric Variable: Marketing Spend ($) Central Tendency: 86888.88889


Dispersion: 7671.013261


Number: 36


Min/Max: 72000/98000 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 3 Descriptive Statistics Interpretation


Numeric Variable Sales in Units


The first variable used for the descriptive statistics is sales in units. It covers all models of


cars, or sales unit. This variable is a dependent variable as the total sales are driven by the cost


spent on marketing. From the scattered plot in Appendix B, it is evident that sales and marketing


have a linear plot where sales of units sold is dependent on the amount of money spent on


marketing in each month. From the descriptive statistics it is identified that the average number


of units sold over 36 months is 8173 per month with a variation of plus/minus 122 units.


Numeric Variable Marketing Spend


This variable takes into consideration the total amount of money spent on the monthly


marketing campaign. The data for 36 months is considered for the interpretation as the sales of


the company have been declining for the last 3 years. With the help of interpretation of


marketing spending and the sales, it will be easier to check the hypothesis that higher spending


on marketing will help in increasing the overall sales. Appendix A: Raw data used in the analysis


Months Sales (units) Marketing Spend ($) DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 4 Month 1 8400 98000 Month 2 8369 96000 Month 3 8350 95000 Month 4 8317 91000 Month 5 8300 98000 Month 6 8280 95000 Month 7 8290 94000 Month 8 8300 95000 Month 9 8265 95000 Month 10 8270 96000 Month 11 8260 93000 Month 12 8250 93000 Month 13 8243 91000 Month 14 8310 94000 Month 15 8210 88000 Month 16 8190 89000 Month 17 8170 88000 Month 18 8150 87000 Month 19 8145 87000 Month 20 8160 88000 Month 21 8190 88000 Month 22 8139 85000 Month 23 8135 86000 Month 24 8100 84000 Month 25 8089 84000 Month 26 8081 84000 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 Appendix B 5 Month 27 8070 80000 Month 28 8063 80000 Month 29 8050 79000 Month 30 8041 79000 Month 31 8037 78000 Month 32 8010 75000 Month 33 8000 74000 Month 34 7993 74000 Month 35 7991 75000 Month 36 7975 72000 Charts and Tables DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 6 DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 7 Appendix C From the Descriptive Statistics calculations are shown in the table above. The values calculated


for both the sales and Marketing spending. DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS FOR NCC WK 4 8


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