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Hello Expertlenny,

My teacher's feedback: "Put it together with introduction and conc


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Hello Expertlenny,

My teacher's feedback: "Put it together with introduction and conclusion and you're done! GREAT JOB!????"
Running head: DEAFDISABLED 1 Deafdisabled


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University Name DEAFDISABLED 2 The deafdisabled people including the other people with disabilities face a lot of barriers


and challenges in the community. The deafdisabled are community members and should be free


to participate in any national or community projects. To achieve this, there is need to improve


interdependence between the deafdisabled people and the normal people. People live in different


communities as well as societies and interdependence are important for people living together.


This is because we need each other and no one can survive alone.


Interdependence can be achieved the deafdisabled people should be helped to actively


participate in community projects. This is because their attitudes will positively be positively


affected encouraging them to feel part of the community. They will also be able to access the


social, infrastructural services and other services which improve their value in the community


and independence. This makes them discover their talents and abilities and participate in


different events as the other people thus making them contributors to the community


development. Another way of achieving interdependence is through encouraging and behaving in


a manner that shows the adult deaf disabled can make their own decisions. This can encourage


them to even help the family or community members in solving a problem in a case of a conflict.


This is because this encourages them to acquire problem-solving skills which help them even in


future (Vance, 2014).


Including more stories of the deafdisabled has a lot of benefits. This is because people


will learn their importance in the community. This reduces cases of discrimination, isolation and


mistreatment of the deafdisabled by community members. The stories may also include how


other deafdisabled people have succeeded giving the young ones ideas on how they can have


self-determined lives. This is because it can help them have the ability to make their own


decisions, identify their own strengths and failures, and be able to set their life goals. This DEAFDISABLED 3 improves the independence ability of the deafdisabled in turn changing the perception of the


other people and start seeing them as vital people in the community (Leicester, 2007).


We can convince the deafdisabled people that we need each other by ensuring that they


are able to access social services and also infrastructural services like the other people. This will


make them feel they are part of the community. They will also be vital contributors to the


national projects and also participate in problem-solving activities in the community. Some of the


deafdisabled have the leadership skills, so having leadership slots in the government and


everywhere they are can also convince them they are part of us and we also need them (Obasi,




Able-bodied people also need the deafdisabled around them. This can be proved in


different ways. One of the ways to prove that we need the deafdisabled around us is through


appreciating their contributions in different projects. There are many successful deafdisabled


people who have contributed a lot in public or private projects a factor which proves that we


need them. Some people have deafdisabled parents either the father or the mother and they take


care of their children despite their disability. This can prove that we need the deafdisabled around


us as they can be good parents and instill good morals to their children as able bodied parents.


Deafdisabled are people within the community with different talents which they can use for their


success. Some can be artists making them successful even than the able-bodied people. They get


to help their people or the community at large making them respected in the community. This


shows that we can receive help even from the deafdisabled people and thus we need them around


us (Vance, 2014). DEAFDISABLED 4 References


Leicester, M. (2007). Special stories for disability awareness (1st ed.). Philadelphia: Jessica


Kingsley Publishers.


Obasi, C. (2014). Negotiating the insider/outsider continua: a Black female hearing perspective


on research with Deaf women and Black women. Qualitative research, 14(1), 61-78.


Vance, D. C. (2014). Toward Self Reliant Communities. Journal of Intercultural Communication,




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Hello Expertlenny,

My teacher's feedback: "Put it together with introduction and

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