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In the final phase of the Database Design Proposal assignment, you are required to design a

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In the final phase of the Database Design Proposal assignment, you are required to design a working prototype of the proposal. You will be required to utilize SQLite Database. The SQLite database is a small, lightweight database application, suited for learning SQL and database concepts, or to just explore some database-related ideas without requiring a full-blown database management system (DBMS). Refer to "Supplement: SQL Examples for SQLite Database," for the link to the SQLite Database download and examples.
Running head: Database Design Proposal 1 DATABASE DESIGN PROPOSAL


Keisha Griffiths


Lashandra Span






Abstract The database deign proposal being introduced is going to ensure that all data it


recieves will be stored, maintained, and available for recovery when in need for future use.


Over the years many database have been designed and used for different businesses


depending on the need of the organization. All of the databases that have proven to be


successful have been planned, modified, and implemented over time. Preplanning and going


back to the framework has helped correcting the probles that individulas entities face due to


the lack of lanning in the original database model. The database model presented will hope to


rework any previous problem each end user would face.




On a daily basis individuals interact with different types of databases to handle their


daily duties. Interacting with applications and databases to either make a phone call, check


their Facebook, pay a bill, or even going to the ATM for cash. In the process of these


databases designs the designer stopped to map out how the design would look and how it


would fit the needs of the organization. Even the best database designer still makes a


?blueprint? of the database being designed to avoid issues like data redundancy, consistency


of the data, and the protection of that data in the system. Once again, this type of database


problems arise from poorly prepared designs. That database itself is a structured body of


information and the software used to manage and manipulate the databases information is


called a Database Management System (DBMS). In order to avoid the problem, it is proposed


to work closely with the staff and IT to come up with a blueprint to rework the database in


order to solve the issues the end users are facing. This will help the veteran staff with


smoother workflow and help the newer staff who are not familiar with the database. DATABASE DESIGN PROPOSAL 3


Solution The system design will minimize the data redundancy. In order for this to happen,


there will be an analysis of the tables from the blue print to see how it can be manipulated for


the adding, updating, and deleting functions. This manipulation will ensure that when these


functions are used that there will not be any issues with deleting or changing other important


information. The creation of single data entities will be easier when trying to identify the


initial problem. Normalizing the database and giving it standards to work with when using


those functions will help with removing duplicate data and minimize future redundancy.




The resources that will be used for the database design of course would be the


designer themselves and the end user to discuss the usage of the database. The blueprint or


logical design will be used for reference in the creation of the database.




The database design is manipulating and reconfiguring data in order to fix the problem that


the end users are facing. The organization is looking to put aside $2,000 in order to design the


new database. Any project that exceeds the 2,000 budget will be rejected. If there could are


any funds that can be reallocated towards the project then it could be up for consideration.




Anyone who come in contact with using function of the database is considered a user.


Any operator of the system or performing the functions of the system is the user. DATABASE DESIGN PROPOSAL 4


Conclusion In order for a solid database design to be created there needs to be preparation and


collaboration form the users of the database. The redesigning of the database will help


accomplish the redundancy issues and have a normalized system DATABASE DESIGN PROPOSAL 5 References


Association, I. R. (n.d.). Challenges of Information Technology Management in the 21st


Century: 2000 Information Resources Management Association International


Conference, Anchorage, Alaska.


Saringat, M. Z. (n.d.). A Proposal for Constructing Relational Database from Class Diagram . FEEDBACK: Good outline. Please provide relevant support that


gives this proposal credibility. Multiple references should be used as a


source of credibility. 1) Title Page - Present


2) Abstract: A summary of the whole proposal in about 75 words.


- Present


3) Introduction: The introduction should explain the situation, the


cause of the problems, the statement of the project problem, and


definition of terms. - Present


4) Solution: This should include the objectives of what needs to


be created to solve the problem and achieve the proposed


outcomes. Identify the limits of the project and outline steps


required to meet the above stated objectives. - Present


5) Resources: What resources will be required for this project? Present


6) Budget: What is the estimated budget? ? Not Present DATABASE DESIGN PROPOSAL 6 7) Users (Personnel/Credentials): Who are your users? What are


their competencies? - Present, competencies not mentioned.


8) Conclusion: This part should clearly point out the value of the


project with emphasis on feasibility, necessity, usefulness, and


the benefit of the expected results. ? Present but without


support utilized throughout the paper.


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