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1. After receiving approval of the project proposal, each student must begin preparing a minimum

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1. After receiving approval of the project proposal, each student must begin preparing a minimum 1500-word in length

term paper.

2. The student must submit the draft to the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 5. (This

Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin.)

3. As the student prepares the term paper, he/she should assume the role of the customer with the task of choosing

three cloud providers. The student will be comparing and contrasting the three cloud providers and make a

recommendation of which of three providers would best meet the needs now and in the future.

4. The Term Paper must include:

a. An introduction:

i. A thorough, well-organized, and fully developed detailed analysis of three cloud computing providers,

their organization?s missions, and the types of cloud computing services each would offer to the

client?s organization.

ii. A thorough, well-organized, and clearly developed description of the measures each cloud computing

provider would likely implement to enhance protections for their consumers.

iii. A description of services that clearly and thoroughly explains how each cloud computing provider

would increase flexibility to offer more to consumers in the future.

b. A detailed compare and contrast of the three cloud providers the student chose. The cloud computing

providers must be compared and contrasted in a thorough, well-organized manner that includes significant

support based on a thorough review of the literature, not limited to news articles, and includes reviews of

position or policy statements or reports from agencies or organizations and other scholarly resources.

c. A conclusion in which the content was well organized in a logical and a clear developed manner that

included which of the three cloud computing providers would best meet the client?s needs with a significant

amount of support for their recommendation.

d. Graduate-level writing must be reflected throughout the paper, including accurate spelling, punctuation,

grammar, and sentence structure and APA format.

e. No less than 1500-words in length, formatted in accordance with APA standards, and include a title page,

table of contents, introduction, section headers, subheadings, a conclusion, and reference page. (The 1,500word count requirement does not include the title page, table of contents, or reference page.

?f. See below for Part 2 of the Project Rubric for further details regarding expectations and grading of this

assignment. the instructor will review each student?s Term Paper draft and provide feedback regarding the draft no later than

Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 6.

Running Head: CYBERSECURITY FIELD Cyber security field


Kevin Bowie


Com 514


Professor Omar


Nov 13, 2016 1 CYBERSECURITY FIELD 2 Cybersecurity management is filling a more demanding role in a quickly changing business.


These are various of the fastest-increasing positions in the planet. The bazaar for careers in


cyber protection is projected to get bigger to $170 billion with 2020?enhance of more than


200 percent. Data defense is a top main concern for government organizations, private


businesses, as well as non-profit associations alike.


Defending the protection of a company?s systems as well as servers put cyber security


professionals in the main position: they should be proficient in thinking similar to a hacker,


recognizing the signs that signify a possible breach in the arrangement. Their inclination for


pinpointing a method?s weaknesses comes from an exclusive blend of technical along with


critical thinking proficiencies that permits them to expand solutions to problems inside their




Service providers should address three significant cloud computing services problems ?


security, dependability, and portability ? if company buyers are going towards adopting the


latest model, as well as the TM Forum, is planning to take a key position in the process.


(Ibikunle, 2011?)


IBM Cloud Services


Software as a Service (SaaS). For Secure Tech Company this is provided to the buyer to use


as the contributor?s applications mainly running on a cloud framework. The applications are


available from various user devices through a thin user interface like as a web browser


Amazon Web Services


Platform as a Service (PaaS). For Secure Tec Company this is provided to the buyer to


organize onto their cloud framework for individual applications devoid of installing any stage


and also, tools on their local devices. PaaS demotes providing step layer resources, counting CYBERSECURITY FIELD 3 operating system support as well as software growth frameworks that can be applied to


construct higher-level facilities.


Microsoft Azure


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). For Secure Tec Company this is provided to the buyer for


provision processing, and also, data storage, networks, as well as other basic computing


possessions where the consumer is proficient in deploying and running the random software,


which can contain operating systems as well as applications. (Hashizume, 2014) CYBERSECURITY FIELD 4 References


Hashizume, K. (2014). An analysis of security issues for cloud computing. Retrieved from




Ibikunle, F. ( 2011?). Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges. Retrieved from






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