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Take the criminal you invented in Unit VII Course Project Part I, and complete the following task


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Take the criminal you invented in Unit VII Course Project Part I, and complete the following tasks:

You are a law enforcement officer that has arrived on the scene, been assigned to track down, whatever the case may be, the computer criminal you created in Part I of this Project for this course.

Summarize your answers to the following questions:

1. What is your first step? Why?

2. What agency do you work for? Why are you the correct person/agency to catch this criminal? Explain your jurisdictional authority.

3. What law or laws are applicable to this criminal and these crimes? Why?

4. How are you going to work with other agencies?

5. Locate and identify the evidence.

6. What search and seizure procedure did you follow?

7. Provide a chain of custody, tracking the evidence.

8. How do you authenticate the evidence for trial?

9. Do you catch the criminal?

10. How is he or she prosecuted? What court hears evidence, and why? What rules of evidence are used?

11. Was this project an effective exercise? Why, or why not?

Your paper should be at least three pages in length

Running head: CYBERCRIME 1 Cybercrime Cybercrime


The name of the cyber-criminal is Robert James and he lives in Texas City. He is a thirtyyear old man who has been married for five years and has three children; two boys and a girl.


This criminal lives away from his parents, having marred his wife five years ago. Robert James CYBERCRIME 2 studied information technology at Oklahoma state university some seven years ago ad after


completing his studies, he has been working with several IT companies across the country


(Casey, 2002). He therefore has a wide experience on matters related to technology since he has


at one time worked as the communication director in the telecommunications department of the


government. However, sources indicate that he was fired from his governmental post following a


fraud case, in which he was accused as the main mastermind of the fraudulent activity (Hill &


Marion, 2016). Robert is therefore currently self-employed; having opened a website where he


runs what is believed to be online businesses.


Robert engages in a cybercrime that is known as identity theft. Since he has vast


knowledge about computer technology and operations of the computer system, he has been


gaining access to private information of the companies that he had worked for in the past. He


then uses the private information to monitor the companies' activities and even gain access to the


bank accounts of such companies (Hill & Marion, 2016). A couple of companies that he had for


in the past had launched complaints about the loss of huge amounts of money from their


accounts without their knowledge (Casey, 2002). Recently, he managed to steal the login and


password of online banking account of one the companies in the city and then accessed the


company's funds (Hill & Marion, 2016). He then proceeded to transfer a huge sum of money


from the company's account to his personal account. Through this, he has made a lot of money


and he is one of the riches people in town since he owns several buildings in town and has a fleet


of vehicles. As much as the companies have been keeping the private information of the


company in secret, Robert understands how their systems work since he has worked for them in


the past (Hill & Marion, 2016). He has therefore been monitoring their systems and he is able to


see when they change their passwords and what they change the passwords to. CYBERCRIME 3 The series of money loss observed by the company prompted it to hire a computer


technocrat to investigate what has been happening with the systems and how the money has


always been lost. This is the point that the fraudulent activities of Robert were discovered


because the computer guru noted that Robert had been withdrawing money from the company


account to his personal account for quite some time (Hill & Marion, 2016). After Robert's actions


had been discovered and exposed, several companies that he had worked for also came up with


the same complaint, and indeed it was discovered that it was him who had been doing this kind


of fraud over the past (Hill & Marion, 2016). The companies then reported this case and this is


the point when Robert was arrested and arraigned in court to answer to the charges. References


Hill, J. B., & Marion, N. E. (2016). Introduction to cybercrime: Computer crimes, laws, and


policing in the 21st century. CYBERCRIME 4 Casey, E. (2002). Handbook of computer crime investigation: Forensic tools and technology. San


Diego, Calif: Academic Press.


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Take the criminal you invented in Unit VII Course Project Part I, and complete the following

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