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Congratulations on the end of your journey in Advanced Composition. Hopefully, this will

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Congratulations on the end of your journey in Advanced Composition. Hopefully, this will not be the end of your writing experiences!

For our last graded assignment, please respond to the questions posed below. They are designed to have you look back over the past eight weeks and reflect upon how the assignments, discussions, and peer reviews have helped you gain insight about your growth as a writer and your knowledge about writing.

  • How did you go about selecting a topic for the research paper? After devoting eight weeks to this topic throughout the course, do you still find this topic interesting? If so, what further areas within this topic would you like to know more about?
  • Reflect upon the research skills you have developed throughout this class. What key takeaways have you learned regarding research strategies?
  • Did you incorporate changes into your final essay based on your peers? feedback? If so, please describe the types of changes you made and why you made them. If you did not incorporate changes, please explain why.
  • Did reviewing the work of your classmates help you to understand other points of view? Please explain why or how.
  • Did reviewing the work of your classmates provide you with additional writing strategies? Please explain how or why.

Assignment Requirements

  • Reply to each question above with at least one full paragraph, making your full postscript approximately 2 pages.
  • Because this assignment asks you to reflect on personal experiences, you do not need to incorporate research or an APA title page.
  • The postscript should be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word 2010 document (.docx), with 12-point font and double spacing.

Running head: Cyberbullying Cyberbullying


Akaria Babbs


Devry University Cyberbullying




Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that is done online especially through social


networking sites, emails or any other forms of online communication (Sourander 2010). In the


event of bullying a person online, one may choose to use offensive or mean language and direct


it to another person and this results in feelings getting hurt. It is a common act among youths and


teens due to the fact they communicate to each other online and very often. This is an activity


that is growing at an alarming rate and brings about mixed results. Some victims have been so


hurt by comments that have been made to them by their peers and result to hurting themselves


severely or even taking their own life. The biggest question however is, what can be done to


cyberbullying and can it be avoided?


Cyberbullying may start offline or online. It is possible to know one who is a bully in


person and continues to treat people unfairly online. People who are always jealous, mean or


insecure may be pushy or down talk online. This, many people feel, is completely senseless and


immature. This papers seeks to look at the target audience of cyberbullying.


Primary audience


Everyone can be a victim of cyberbullying. It is not possible to draw out a segment of the


society and say that it cannot be affected by cybercrime. Everyone from adults to teens is at the


risk of becoming a victim of cyberbullying. Despite this, the teens are more prone to the risk than


any other group. The core reason behind this is that teens are the greatest users of the social


networking platforms. The teens cannot be spend much of their time in anything different but


chatting and updating their status in the social media sites (Hinduja & Patchin, 2010).. The fact


that they are also in a state of trying to discover more things and connect with as many people as Cyberbullying


possible renders them the mostly affected lot. The behavior is also common in the teens because


once one is cyberbullied, he will tend to reciprocate in a similar or harsher version. This trend


continues and both parties abuse each other to alarming levels. Some may end up committing


suicide as result of this.


A person who is being bullied online may contact a person he or she trusts to deal with


the problem (Suler, 2004). Such could be a counsellor or any other trusted online source that


offers advice on online bullying. There are questions however regarding whether a person should


get in trouble if he bully?s others and it results into harm.


Cyber bullying cure


The solution to cyber bullying will combine several aspects that cover tracking of the


bully, imposing a punishment on them and ways to enable the bullied to recuperate, a solution


named cyber bullying cure. Currently, no national law that covers cyber bullying. Many reported


cases go unpunished or the culprits are given a light punishment. The country needs to create


rules that will help in identification of the cyber bullies. The law will also be used to define the


extent to which the bully harms in regard to privacy invasion and reputation degradation. It


should also show the punishment imposed to each kind of crime


The public is unaware of cyber bullying.[Hin08] Information technology is now gaining


much attention especially with the young age. Many are usually naïve and don?t even understand


about privacy invasion. They don?t differentiate the boundaries defined in terms of individual?s


reputation and the kind of information of another individual which can be exposed to the public.


The solution will be aiming at educating the public about cyber bullying. It will carried out in


rallies, promotions and seminars. The society will be organized into groups and public trainers Cyberbullying


will be visiting them on different days for training. The training will address the main causes of


cyber bullying and avoid them. [Her08] The government and civil society groups will be


involved in training process. In addition the government will establish centers for reporting cyber


bullying cases. The centers will have the responsibility of guiding the abused to report the cases


to police and necessary actions taken. The center will be involved in enabling the abused to


recuperate from the scenario. Counseling of the individuals will be initiated with proper


monitoring procedures.


Another solution to curb cyber bullying is establishment of effective systems for response


to cyber bullying.[per14] The section will be derived from police department whose function will


be collecting evidence of cyber bullying, preparing a court session for the bully and prosecuting


of the culprit. The prosecution process should take a very short time because justice delayed is


justice denied.


The solution will be successful because it addresses the gaps that have not been filled in


order to curb cyber bullying. Enacting laws that will be used to prosecute cyber bullies ensure


that no case is let go due to inadequate solution by the law. The solution also takes care of the


victims of cyber bullying by taking them through a counseling process. To enable faster healing


of the victims the prosecution process takes place in a short time. The solution also establishes a


specialized polices department the will be dealing with cyber bullying.


My solution blends several solutions that have been proposed to solve cyber bullying.


The combination of the solution allows sharing of data between different departments dealing


with cyber bulling. There will be a coordinated problem solving between the police department


and center for counseling the victim. The public awareness campaign and training will be used as


platform to engage the public in understanding the different laws and regulation on the use of Cyberbullying


cyber space. The public will be educated on its rights and ways in which they can be bullied. The


solution will enlighten them on the way to deal with cyber bullying.


Other solutions that exist usually work individually with uncoordinated information


sharing. The victims only receive counseling from the established centers. Reporting the case to


the police and the steps afterwards are never advised, so the victim is left in a quagmire. Laws


that exist results to jailing of the culprit for not more than six months. The reputation lost is never




Another untested solution is making the content sent via instant messaging software and


posting on social media be filtered. The solution if implemented would be the best as it can


control bullying at a rate of 90%. However the solution has a major challenge. People need


privacy. Filtering the control will mean there will be breach of privacy of individuals. The


solution too requires a heavy investment to be implemented. It requires installation of software


and hardware to control the content sent across cyber sites. It will also require employing


individuals who will be constantly monitoring the system and reporting of the cases.


Steps for implementation.


The proposed solution will undergo a number of stages in order to be implemented.


Identification- this step will get an in depth report of the number of people that are victims of


cyber bullying. It will also establish the regions in which they are widely occurring, the ages to


which the abuse occurs and government policies in place for solving the problem.


Analysis- this stage will analyze the data collected from stage one. The result of this stage will be


determining the distribution of cases of cyber bullying according to age, geographical regions


and policy coverage of solving the cases involved. Cyberbullying


Budgeting- the solution aims at establishing a police department dealing with cyber bullying,


establish training, counseling and reporting centers. A budget to cater for the operation of the


police department will be covers a transport cost, cost of searching for evidence


and if necessary cost for hiring specialized companies for carrying out investigation. The budget


covers the cost of establishment of counseling centers and employment of professional


counselors. It also covers the cost of training the public on cyber bullying.


Implementation.- it should be covered in phases. First is the establishment of the policies by the


government and creation of the special police department to deal with cyber bullying.. Then


training process would be carried out in parallel with construction of counseling centers. The last


phase would be hiring of counseling and training personnel and the commemoration of the




People involved Policy makers- they must be qualified in cyber laws. They are responsible in formulating the laws and punishment for cyber bullying.


Police department- they will be responsible for structuring the cyber bullying department. Should have good knowledge of cyber usages and abuse.


Trainers- they are responsible for training the public. They should be graduates in information technology and related fields.


Counselors- they will be involved in keeping record of reported crimes, counseling the


individual and monitoring their progress. Deliverables Cyberbullying


The complete project will build counseling centers in areas that are prone to cyber bullying.


The centers will have counseling staffs ready to handle reported cases. It will also produce a


new police department for dealing with cyber bullying. The department will have trained


polices in cyber laws. The government will create training teams that will move across the


country to educate the communities on cyber usage.


Projects profits


The projects benefits are: Reduce the number of cases in cyber bullying- this will be achieved through education and sensitization seminars in public places.


Make the public aware of internet usage.- through use of employed trainers in the community regions.


Counsel the victims of cyber bullying and help them recuperate.- will be achieved through use of counseling centers and will be done by specialized counselors.


Prosecute the culprits soon the cases are discovered.- through the newly created


police department to deal with the cases. Also through use of laws created by the


policy makers.


Cost benefits analysis. The following is a data analysis of the resources used in in the implementation of the solution.


The resources are higher in the first years but will eventually come to flat rate after all physical


structures have been constructed. The number of cases is expected to fall gradually with increase


in years. Cyberbullying Key Green-represents cost.


Blue-represent cases reported. Figure above is a time series graph comparing the resources used in implementing the solution


and the number of cases reported per year.


Conclusion Cyberbullying


The discussion above proves some ills of cyberbullying which is a dominant threat in


today?s cyber space. Due to the increased use in technology, cybercrime is too on the increase


and has reached alarming rates. The teens use the social networking sites more than any other


group of people. This is perhaps the core reason as to why they are the most affected lot by


cybercrime. Some victims of cybercrime have been reported to commit suicide or do filthy


bodily harm as a result of cybercrime. There ought to be ways devised to prevent cybercrime or


to deal with the culprits. Technology has the ability to record and recall situations which include


cyberbullying and many of such have become part of studies which concentrates on


cyberbullying as well as how it can be avoided. This is because the crime has reached alarming


heights and need to be tackled with the seriousness applied for other crimes. Cyberbullying Bibliography


Hertz, M. F., & David-Ferdon, C. (2008). A CDC issue brief for educators and caregivers. In


Electronic media and touth violence (p. 7). Atlanta.


Hinduja, S. J. (2008). An exploratory analysis of factors related to offending and victimization.


In bullying statistics (p. 156).


permalink. (2014). response- accountability. A solution to cyber bullying?


Hinduja, S. & Patchin, J. (2010). Cyber bullying fact sheet: identification, prevention, and




Sourander et. al. (2010). Psychosocial risk factors associated with cyber bullying among


adolescents. Arch Gen Psychiatry, 67(7).


Suler, J. (2004). The online disinhibition effect. Cyber psychology & Behavior, 7(3), 321-326.


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