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Running Head: CYBER STALKING 1


Cyber Stalking




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There has not been a clear definition of cyber stalking, but a meaning has been gathered


to elaborate the issue. Cyber stalking has been used to mean a situation where electronic means


and the internet to stalk and harass a group of people. There are many forms which can be


adopted to state that a cyber talking has been implied. We can report that threat, solicitation for


sex, false accusations, defamation, slander, libel, identity theft, and vandalism as forms of cyber


stalking. When offline stalking is done it means, one is doing it physically. In the end, all these


will put people into frustrations. Therefore, cyberstalking can be related to with physical


stalking, and the level of danger is the same.


Cyber stalking and physical stalking


Stalking in the initial s4nse and meaning is the act of harassing or threatening that is


engaged in repeatedly. Cyber stalking and physical stalking are the same in a sense they are both


that a person is continually harassed through an action. Both of these measures are meant to CYBER STALKING 2 cause the fee to the individual who is being stalked. In both the acts, the person will grow to have


fear which at the end affects physical, mental, or emotional health, safety or property of any


individual (Ahlgrim & Terrance, 1996).


According to the statistics which were done for US Department of Justice, more than 8 %


women and 2 % of men have been stalked. The two means of stalking, are related closely which


is a result of harassment or a person. In essence of the definition made initially cyber stalking is


an extension of physicals taking because the same signs have tied the two. Among the indications


of the stalking which the stalking has, we can note the following (Ahlgrim & Terrance, 1996).


Persistent phone calls and text messages despite being told not to contact the victim in any form.


i. Timing one at or outside the victim?s place of work, residence or school. ii.


Threats which are overt.




Behaviors which seems manipulative.




Sending messages which are written: letters, e-mails, and graffiti among others.




The persistent gifting.




Defaming people: The stalker often gives lies to others about the victim.


In the end, we can mention objectively, that cyber stalking and physical stalking have a


common denominator which is a form of harassment of persons as (Herschberg & Lindgreen,


1995). The stalking when done in either form, the victim is affected and therefore, the two


methods have a close relationship in meaning and effects.




Cyber stalking which is the same as physical stalking is overtly done through different


technologies. The first means is the internet which is the means through which stalking is done.


Through the internet, a person will try to find information about someone and then harass them


through it. Stalkers will find wrong information about the victims on the internet and post them


websites. This information will be misinterpreted and affect the reputation of the person


concerned. This information will be taken up by bloggers and at the end zone will be affected CYBER STALKING 3 directly. They post allegations of people on the website and the victims are overly affected


directly, and thus one will not have peace of mind. The Internet is a worse means through which


cyber stalking is done, and the effect is significant.


Email is a means through which cyber stalking is done as an extension of physical


stalking. Through this, the email is used to pass information of people and also there is the same


exchange of information of the people. This information is transferred from one person to the


other, and through it, a lot of information exchanged whether it is right or wrong. The person


who is being discussed in the end will get information and will feel intimidated by the


information. The impact is huge, and they will be affected so much (Carlson,2006).This stalking


is so dangerous, and this harasses people.


Live chats are used to stalk a person, especially in public. Live chats are used in working


places where two people may decide to hunt on people through conversations which are aimed at


deriving information of the victims. The live chats are used to intimidate workers working in a


place, and at the end, the victims feel not to be part of the organization (Holyoak, 2004). They


feel they are not part of the larger organization and their performance is demeaned.


Creation of web pages is a means of stalking. In this case, the web pages are created, and


the information of the person who is being stalked is taken from there and also updated there.


The web pages will be done, and in the end, the zone will have the information on the internet.


Some information will be put online, and the confidentiality is lost.


A mail bomb is a means to stalk someone through the massive amount of e-mail to a


particular person or system. The target of this is to "punish? who have been violators of


netiquette and spamming. The mail bomb is meant to make sure the internet users are


inconvenienced, and everyone who uses the internet is affected (Holyoak, 2004). This


information is so harmful because it risks exposing the persons to irresponsible mail bombs and


may lead to legal actions done by the victim.


Psychological effects CYBER STALKING 4 When one is cyber stalked, the effects are very detrimental to the people who are subjects


to this. The impact is always negative to the victims, and also their psychology is primarily


affected. According to researches done by Timothy Diette, who is the assistant professor of


economics at Washington and Lee, Arthur Goldsmith, the Jackson T. Stephens Professor of


Economics at W&L, Darrick Hamilton of New School University, William Darity Jr. of Duke


University and Katherine McFarland, a recent W&L graduate, the mental problem is the first


landing place for the impact of cyberstalking as a form of psychological effects.


Nightmares come when the victim imagines the effect of such kind of talking would end


up. One imagines how the information will get to the world and how they would perceive the


victim. The minds go awry when they remember (Herschberg & Lindgreen, 1995). When


psychological effects are seen, there is at the end effects on the eating pattern. This is because the


stalking and harassment cause a lot of stress and this is posted on the brain. The high level of


stress on the person will eventually cause a change in the eating pattern and therefore a direct


impact on appetite. The imminent stress will be very detrimental in the minds of the victims and


therefore, it is very hard for them to feel asleep at all. There will be affected at the end, and they


are not able to make any overall progress in life. When cyber stalking is done which is an


extension of physical stalking? The information of the person is leaked to the public and the


person therefore no longer feels safe because of this. The personal safety is affected therefore


primarily, and this has a significant effect on their psychology (Herschberg & Lindgreen, 1995).




Cyber stalking is equally dangerous as physical stalking as shown in the signs and


explanation through definitions. Laws need to be amended to curb such menace because it is


very dangerous. We, therefore, require very stringent recommendations. In the aftermath of the


effects, the cyberstalking will get into the psychology of the victims, and this has a danger to the


relationship of the victims to the world. The techniques are so much varied, and at the end, it?s CYBER STALKING


hard to avoid, and the extent to which it poses. The effects are very huge, and therefore it shows


how much it can be very dangerous to a person, and this cans very challengingly. References


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U.S. Department of Justice. (August 1999). Cyberstalking: A New Challenge for Law


Enforcement and Industry ? A Report from the Attorney General to the Vice President.


Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice 6


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