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Each week you have completed a leadership assessment. Determine how these assessments have helped


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Each week you have completed a leadership assessment. Determine how these assessments have helped you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Out of all of the assessments, select one that has had the greatest impact on your leadership development and explain why you chose that assessment.

As a leader, it is important to manage your team. Determine which assessments you would introduce to the staff and explain how you would buffer any resistance in doing so. (Some people might feel they are being criticized for their lack of skills.)

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  • I will attach the assignments and I will chose one assignment that have a lot of impact to me (it's Module 4).

Running head: CULTURE, DIVERSITY AND LEADERSHIP. Culture, Diversity and Leadership.


Al-Wabel, Khlod


MGT560 ? Leadership Development


Colorado State University ? Global Campus


Dr. Eva Ananiewicz December 3, 2016 1 CULTURE, DIVERSITY AND LEADERSHIP.2


Culture, Diversity and Leadership.


As I looked around the office this morning, I realized that everyone was not like me. I


have been working with The Saudi Investment Bank for the Last two years. I realized that the


demographics of the workforce is not the same for the past 30 or 40 years. In the past, at least


50% of the workforce consisted of the non-Saudis who are males not females. In many


organizations, the non-Saudi men retired at the age of 65 years and spent their retirement years in


various vacations. However, the workplace has then changed. The workplace is a better


reflection of the population with all different individuals. These include the genders, race, age,


and religion. The success of the business is to embrace the diversity which results to the different


talents, ideas, perspectives and divergent views about work. It is therefore for any organization to


know what variety possess. As a manager, I should be able to capitalize the mixture of genders,


cultural backgrounds, and ages thereby acting towards creating business opportunities rapidly


and creatively.


Differences in culture and diversity by using cultural dimensions.


According to Hofstede, he defines ?culture as a set of the unwritten rules of behavior that


set out what a particular group expects its members to do and believe.? Hofstede measures


learning in five cultural dimensions (Banks, 2015). These include the power distance,


individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation? (Banks, 2015). All


these cultural aspects have an impact on the culture and diversity at the workplace. The power


distance measures the level of organization between the employee and the high rank of the


Directorate. The effect of this is that the higher the power of distance, the more inferior the


employee at the bottom feels that he or she contributes less to the company. In the individualism CULTURE, DIVERSITY AND LEADERSHIP.3


cultural dimension, the employee share her unique attributes and shows loyalty to the company


and in return expects the organization to support her. This implies that the body can concentrate


on one employee and ignore the rest. Any organization with the masculinity culture tends to


compete and operate assertively. If the leadership is more competitive, employees will be forced


to compete against each other. The uncertainty avoidance measures the employee?s comforts with


the unknown situations. Any organization aims for efficiency and safety. The culture, therefore,


should encourage decision-making and problem-solving. The long-term orientation deals with


the ?eastern culture? and measures the great values against the short term values. Any employee


with long-term benefits will respond to the hierarchy based culture with highly respected


structure. (Banks, 2015).


Culture differs in many ways due to the race, religion, education, social values among


others. I realized that the cultural differences were common at my workplace. I differed with the


employees in many ways such as in dresses, customs, religious practices, the social values and


the non-verbal behavior. For instance, some of the employees were Hindus or Christian, and I


was a Muslim. The workers who practiced Hinduism needed time during work each day for the


pray. I also realized that some of the cultures had high family priorities which created many


conflicts at work. The nonverbal behavior also differed. For instance, the gestures and facial


expressions show different ways of interpreting between cultures. However, some of these


nonverbal expressions were also similar. Also, I differed with the employees in ethnicity or


national origin, here in Saudi Arabia we have several ethnicities and always they ask each other


about their race. And I have differences with employees in education, For instance, I faced a lot


of employee who believes that a college degree prepared him for managing the processes of CULTURE, DIVERSITY AND LEADERSHIP.4


employees in the skilled trades may not be as effective as he thinks when comparing with my


years of practical knowledge and experience.


Ways of handling culture diversity differences at the workplace.


Diversity in the workplace is significant in dealing with the business success. Barriers


exist, and thus they should be treated appropriately. As a leader, it is first important to recognize


that people in the organization have differences. It is, therefore, important to encourage them to


show their individualities. For instance, asking someone of their culture etiquette practices, this


is because the knowledge they have is considered necessary. It is also important to act fairly and


uniformly to all the employees. As a leader, it is important to treat people fairly and respect the


differences which make them who there are. Another way to handle diversity /differences is


focusing on me. As a leader, I should lead the attitude and the behavior. To determine the


behavior, it can be conducted through the job interviews. Self-awareness should also help to


develop a fair workplace for the diverse employees


How the differences could have mitigated.


As the manager, it is important to enhance a safe surrounding which allows employees to


reach their goals and objectives. It is the work of the manager to determine the language and


cultural differences in the workplace can be looked upon. There are various problems which arise


in the organization is the language barrier. When the employees cannot communicate, there is the


poor performance of work in the organization. It is, therefore, important to deal with the


language barrier. It is essential to translate the relevant documents into the primary language


which all the employees can understand. One can also use an interpreter when giving instructions


or providing the feedback to the employees. As a manager, it is crucial to use simpler words that CULTURE, DIVERSITY AND LEADERSHIP.5


are easily understood. The manager needs to know the basics of the employee?s languages. In


handling the culture differences, it is important to understand the unique cultural differences or


the employees which assist in need of altering the management styles. It is also important to


learn about other cultures. This is done through the numerous books and articles based on the


cultural diversity. The internet is also valuable since it explains more on the cultural differences.


(Chhokar, 2013).


My Leadership style.


Any leader should follow a leadership style which supports the diverse team in sharing


knowledge and ideas. It is challenging in establishing the best leadership style which favors


everyone. I'm as a leader, I play a significant role in imposing a real culture, and thus the leader


must be proactive and take actions in a culturally diverse company. The ?Path-Goal Leadership?


theory is the best in managing a culturally diverse team (House, 1975). The focus of the


organization is goal oriented. Leaders who use the Path-Goal leadership style are flexible and


supportive. They can provide directions to the employees and reward them. This leadership style


has a positive relationship with the diverse work or group effectiveness. Employees in the


organization should value and respect the cultural differences and also learn from each other


thereby working towards achieving the organization objectives. CULTURE, DIVERSITY AND LEADERSHIP.6




Banks, J. A. (2015). Cultural diversity and education. Routledge.


Chhokar, J. S., Brodbeck, F. C., & House, R. J. (Eds.). (2013). Culture and leadership across the


world: The GLOBE book of in-depth studies of 25 societies. Routledge.


House, R. J., & Mitchell, T. R. (1975). Path-goal theory of leadership (No. TR-75-67).




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Each week you have completed a leadership assessment. Determine how these assessments have

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