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One approach nurses can use to deliver quality and safe care to client populations is to determin

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One approach nurses can use to deliver quality and safe care to client populations is to determine the extent to which a client identifies with a traditional heritage. Through independent online research locate a heritage assessment tool. Conduct your own heritage self-assessment. Answer the following questions about your experience.

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Running head: CULTURAL CARE 1 Heritage Assessment


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This paper is being submitted on (07/24/2016) for Dr. Michelle MacDonald?s NU310/NUR3655


Transcultural Nursing Course CULTURAL CARE 2 Heritage Assessment


Reflect upon your own heritage assessment and explain the degree to which your answers


indicate you identify with your traditional heritage.


If you believe or do not believe you identify with your traditional heritage, discuss why and how


you believe it may impact your nursing practice.


Explain how you can use a tool like a heritage assessment with clients and their families and how


this will help develop your cultural competence. CULTURAL CARE 3


Reference Criteria Points Greatest area of learning gained from watching the videos, including interesting and


surprising things. 5 One way the videos provided an ability to provide client quality and safety. 5 Minimum two challenges and/or barriers in being culturally competent in nursing practice. 10 Relationship between cultural competence and client quality and safety. 5 Two areas of awareness gained about being more open to cultural diversity in clients and


populations. 3 Answers the questions about the video(s) that you viewed using correct grammar, spelling


and APA format ?be sure to cite You tube video correctly 2 Total 30


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