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Thank you for the help on the paper. When I have consolidated the paper and deleted the que

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Thank you for the help on the paper. When I have consolidated the paper and deleted the questions, its less than three pages long. It has too be three to four pages long. See the attached. The cover page is not counted.

Running head: CRITICAL THINKING TO SOLVE A PROBLEM Critical Thinking to Solve a Problem


Srujana Thakore


Capella University 1 CRITICAL THINKING TO SOLVE A PROBLEM 2 Critical Thinking to Solve a Problem


As an IT professional, I have applied critical thinking strategies to solve problems in the


past. One particular problem involved buying a laptop. I have used a desktop at home for almost


ten years and wanted to try out something portable that I could carry to my workplace. Another


reason that prompted me to buy a laptop was that I wanted something which was faster with


advanced features such as cameras for video conferencing, bigger hard disk space and better




I approached the problem knowing that what I expected as a result was a right laptop to


meet my needs. I examined the problem and broke it down into major parts by applying steps


involved in critical thinking. That is, the steps I needed to take to achieve my goal (Baldwin,


2015). I also gave myself a time frame of two weeks to come up with a solution. Finding a


solution was urgent, and hence procrastination was simply out of the question.


First, I consulted with my work colleagues who owned laptops to get a first-hand insight


on their experiences in using various laptop models such as HP, Samsung, and Dell and Apple


tablets. This research enlightened me more. However, due to conflicting views, I delved into the


internet researching about various properties of different laptop models, what models were


currently in the market and the feedback that was being elicited by users of different laptops. I


researched using various laptop keywords to get information.


First, I practically tried out my work colleagues laptops to determine whether what they


said was accurate. I checked the hard disk size, the RAM size, weight and the speed of executing


tasks of the laptops. Furthermore, I used credible sites and vendors of laptops such as Microsoft, CRITICAL THINKING TO SOLVE A PROBLEM 3 HP, and Samsung reviewing the products they offered. I sent a few laptop vendors emails to get


clarification of issues I did not understand.


I tried to remember, simplify and understand the information I read on different websites


of laptop vendors. I engaged in meaningful self-dialogue avoiding negativity from my work


colleagues to choose the best possible option. I used prompts to access the information I had


gathered while making plausible interpretations in the process. The prompts further helped me to


create a personal connection with the information I had collected. Lastly, the prompts helped me


to challenge and critique the assumptions I had made specifically deciding which information


built my confidence from ones that did not. Considering each and every different view was


critical. Going through the decision-making process proved to be hectic and time-consuming.


From collecting firsthand information from my colleagues to researching on the internet, I spent


a lot of time and effort. However, I learned a lot of from a critical thinking perspective. I was


able to identify the major steps involved in critical thinking and the personal development and its


impact on my research (Halpern, 2014).


Throughout the process, I focused on the data collected, problems intended to resolve by


owning a laptop and the solutions I was hoping to achieve. It enabled me to minimize my


emotions, fears or worries. I also maintained a positive language when I was gathering


information from my work colleagues or the websites. I accepted when the information or


responses I got were not complete or straight to the point and continued researching from


different sources. Furthermore, I was grateful for the negative feedback I got as it helped me in


focusing on my current situation and make a right decision. Lastly, I participated in meaningful


ways of carrying out discussions and did not bring in irrelevant information in the process. It


helped me a lot to maintain a positive attitude throughout the problem-solving process. CRITICAL THINKING TO SOLVE A PROBLEM


Critical thinking enabled me to analyze situations, gather information from different


sources and make inferences based on facts which are tangible or intangible. Implementation


thinking, on the other hand, enabled me to organize my ideas while comparing them with the


various sources I used to gather information. It facilitated right decision making fulfilling my






Baldwin, R. (2015). Critical thinking and decision-making. Leading and Managing Health Services: An Australasian Perspective, 195.


Halpern, D. F. (2014). Critical thinking across the curriculum: A brief edition of thought &


knowledge. Routledge.


Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2013). Critical thinking: Tools for taking charge of your professional and


personal life. Pearson Education.


. 4


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