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Can someone asset in beefing up this paper. I have it more than half complete. Please original an


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Can someone asset in beefing up this paper. I have it more than half complete. Please original and 3 peer references  4pgs. APA

TURNITIN will be used please original work.

Running head: Conformity 1 Conformity


Lidel Cordero


MGT 300 Principles of Management


Colorado State University ? Global Campus


James Cook


December 24, 2016 Running head: Conformity 2 Conformity


Conformity in the working environment includes rules, methods and familiar processes.


Former President John Kennedy stated ?Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of


growth?. This powerful statement is a widely express opinion of many individuals, but not for


many of today?s leaders. Cornell University concluded that there is a trade-off between


collectivism vs. individualism in a business environment allowing promotion of creativity and


innovation. Conformity can also provide advantages in the working environment by providing a


baseline for expectations and standards.


Social Acceptance


In a working environment most people conform, it may even be considered and insult


not to conform. Conformity is an imperative process that allows society for keep functioning


properly (ref). People conform because there is a basic human need to be accepted. When


operating in a working environment it is normal for a procedure to be in place as to tasks


involved to be successful. Following the status quo is the best way to understand how work


should be completed. When someone breaks away from what is considered the norm it can


make for an uncomfortable situation for the individual and other around them. People are wary


of stepping out of the box in fear of looking silly or failing in front of others. Employees or group


members often conform because of normative pressure, or informational pressure, in other


words to be right or to be correct.


Group Conformity Running head: Conformity 3


Becoming a part of a group can be a stressful situation and some would rather complete


the requirements alone than to have a team to bring together to complete. Team members


usually conform to lessen the normative pressure of embarrassment. The idea of expressing a


new idea or process for completing a task can cause the person not to fit into the group. In a


group leaders may want to lessen conformity to spark new innovative ideas. The group norm is


the guidelines and rules determined for members to follow in order to accomplish the mission.


Conformity within groups adds to cohesiveness which will increase the participation of group


members. Leader want this type of conformity to avoid mishaps, internalize the norm for


duplication and consistency, and to have a standard for picking members and assigned tasks.


Groups that fail to conform in this manner may expel a member, change the norm to fit the


members of the group, or the group together may get members to conform. It is imperative to


balance deviance and conformity in groups to control the members but allow the deviance


needed for members to feel comfortable expressing ideas and opinions.


Transformational Leadership


Transformational leadership involves interactions with leaders and followers. A


transformational leader uses encouragement and intangible rewards to move employees to


complete assigned tasks with motivation and pride. These leaders create a working




Leadership Implementation Running head: Conformity 4 References


Robbins, S. P., De Cenzo, D. A., & Coulter, M. (2015). Fundamentals of


management (9th ed.). Upper


Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Running head: Conformity 5


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Can someone asset in beefing up this paper. I have it more than half complete. Please original

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