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Prepare for your discussion by studying the William Young and Sean McAleer articles and listening

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Prepare for your discussion by studying the William Young and Sean McAleer articles and listening to one episode, compilation, or clip of The Office. Then respond to the following:

  • To what extent is author Sean McAleer right when he proclaims, ?The Office has much to teach us about Aristotle?s ethics, for its major male characters illustrate the structure of a character virtue as a mean between extremes? (162)? Reference your chosen episode of The Office (the British version) and offer examples.

Prepare for your discussion by studying the William Young and Sean McAleer articles and listening to one episode, compilation, or clip of The Office. Then respond to the following:

  • To what extent might you concur with William Young that vulgar comedies such as
South Park, or even The Simpsons, encourage such a deep reflection on ethics and ultimately encourage virtuous behavior? Is this the type of reflection that Arendt and Socrates intended? Please explain. To what extent is author Sean McAleer right when he proclaims, ?The Office has much to teach us about Aristotle?s ethics, for its major male characters illustrate the structure of a character virtue as a mean between extremes? (162)? Reference your chosen episode of The Office (the British version) and offer examples. 

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January 3, 2017 2


COMEDIES Young and South Park In a society that is always changing and trends that affect our community, South Park reflects


most of the day to day life events. I agree with Young when he highlights how South Park


reflects the value and Socratic value and the virtues of Aristotle?s. The show makes us look at the


world with a different point of view and it makes us analyze life from a point of few of a child in


today?s society.


According to Young, ?In the Apology, Socrates likens himself to a gadfly, an


annoying pest that goes around ?stinging? people with his challenging questions and


critical reflections so as to keep them intellectually awake and on their toes. South


Park, too, serves as a gadfly, trying to wake American culture from its


thoughtlessness and ignorance. The show generates discussion and debate and leads


many people to discussions of ethical issues that would otherwise be passed over in


silence. For a show that supposedly corrupts, it has far more of a focus on religion,


ethics, and democracy than its critics would like to admit (p. 11).


In this instance, Young express his idea of how people that don?t have correct information and


are ignorant of the facts, sometimes they will engage in a discussion that will lead to arguments.


In this show, Cartman often express his opinions and goes around persuading people to agree


with his point of view.


McAleer and The Office


In the show The Office, McAleer shows us the structure an Aristotelian virtue of character by


embodying the virtue of wit (mean between extremes) buffoonery (excess) and boorishness


(deficiency). It shows us clear example of how the people interact in different ways. In Series 2,


Episode 4 a day in the office. Davis demonstrates as buffoonery when is talking to his staff he 3


COMEDIES tells a colleague to get out while joking with Gareth. He is trying to be serious while trying to be


funny some things are too extreme. Another example is when Gareth is introduced to her in the


office. He tell David that she should sit next to him because he is one responsible for her training


in a sarcastic way.




Irwin, W. and Johnson, D. (2010). Introducing Philosophy Through Pop Culture: From Socrates


to South Park, Hume to House. West Sussex, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell.


The Office (UK) S01E02 (2001). [Video File]. Retrieved from


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