For Milestone Three of the final project, you should provide a 2?4 page statement that focuses on the marketing challenge, concept"> For Milestone Three of the final project, you should provide a 2?4 page ">

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For Milestone Three of the final project, you should provide a 2?4 page


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For Milestone Three of the final project, you should provide a 2?4 page statement that focuses on the marketing challenge, concept, and goals of your strategic internet marketing plan. This milestone is due in Module Five. In your statement, include the following critical elements:


? Marketing Challenge: Describe the marketing challenge for the product, brand, or service you selected and why it exists. Include both domestic and international challenges. Describe these challenges in terms of your client?s overall marketing strategy and current marketing initiatives. Provide examples from your audience audit and other research data to support your opinion.


? Marketing Concept: Describe two concepts for your client for your strategic Internet marketing campaign. One concept should be for a digital asset, such as a website, microsite, or mobile application. The second concept is for a social media campaign. Describe your ideas and how they fit into your overall strategy. Do your concepts have a purpose? What is their significance in the overall marketing strategy? How do they fit the audience profile, which you studied and identified in Milestone One? Describe what channels you will use to push these ideas through and why. Include how the concepts relate to each other and how they fit into the overall marketing strategy.


? Your Campaign Goals: Describe at least two goals for this campaign. Make sure that the goals are SMART?specific, measurable, achievable, results focused, and time-bound.


? Metrics: Recommend metrics for this project, which will ensure its success. Explain why you feel these metrics are appropriate. Provide reasons and examples based on your research.


? Samples: Include at least four samples of the social media content including screenshots, examples of tweets, picture captions, hashtags, or any related media or media strategy used.


Guidelines for Submission: Case study assignments must follow these formatting guidelines: 2?4 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations.  Please read and then re-read your papers before posting.  It is important at a graduate level that you are writing at a graduate level.

I've included my first two milestone submissions below. Milestone 1 describes the company and Milestone Two is the Audience Audit. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so much!



Client Description


iCracked is the world?s largest on-demand network for buying, fixing and troubleshooting


broken iOS and Android devices. Founded in 2010, iCracked employs over 2000 iTech?s that


meet clients at a public place of their choosing to fix their device on the spot in places such as a


coffee shop, the clients home, an office or a restaurant. Their headquarters consists of 71 fulltime employees at their headquarters in Redwood City, California. I chose iCracked because I fix


phone and tablet screens in my fair time and would love to research the best ways to market


myself. In the last 4 years, I have independently replaced over 400 phone and tablet screens and


have oftentimes thought about joining iCracked. In my opinion, iCracked is still a fairly small


company, and has the potential to grow substantially across the country, and maybe even




iCracked has several social media assets including:






Twitter: Instagram: CLIENT SELECTION Google Plus: Target Audience CLIENT SELECTION


In respect to marketing, iCracked is going to have a very broad target audience because


virtually everyone seems to have a smart phone these days and cracking a phone is also very


common. As of 2016, the average age that a child receives a cell phone is now 10.3 years old


(Donovan, 2016). With that said, at 10 years old, the child is most likely not paying for their


screen to be fixed. Another important statistic to keep in mind is that 18-to-24 year old smart


phone users are 16% more likely to shatter or crack their phone (Donovan, 2016). The target


audience for iCracked includes 16 to 50 year-old, middle class, males and females living in the


suburbs and urban communities who own a smartphone. Since iCracked is still in the word-ofmouth and early social media marketing stages, the target audience belongs to several social


media assets. These include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.


Marketing Challenge


iCracked uses several different ways to market their services, but like every other


company, they are not perfect. Their website is great, but their online presence around social


media could definitely improve. I have followed iCracked on Facebook for a while now and they


never seem to pop up on my newsfeed. Facebook Ads, promoting their business would help


them tremendously. People crack their phones every day, and most of them want their phones


fixed quick. This leaves a small window of opportunity to grab a customer and convince them


that iCracked is the best choice. Their Google+ page definitely needs some work and seems to


be their least used Social Media account. References CLIENT SELECTION


Donovan, J. (2016, May). The average age for a child getting their first cell phone is now 10.3


years. Retrieved from


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