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Hi my  class is ENT-435 Intraprenuership and Innovation module 6 I have to create a model and imp

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Hi my  class is ENT-435 Intraprenuership and Innovation module 6 I have to create a model and implement plan for idea which is truning waste into energy. I am confused and it is due this upcoming week.





COGNITIVE SKILLS Children aging between three to four years are unable to critically think and have problem


solving problems. There are activities that aim at improving children?s cognitive skills. It acts as


a preparation for school life. It is because it helps develop and exercise the thinking skills in the


children (Farkas, 2003). The aim of cognitive improvement activities is not to give information


to the child but instead is to grow their cognitive skills. They help the children be able to pick out


connections between things and also make conclusions. One of the activities to be used to


improve cognitive skills is a numbering activity (Farkas, 2003). This activity involves


introducing the child to the world of numbers. It introduces the skills of counting, adding,


subtracting and dividing. The teacher or parent can have several blocks then write alphabets or


numbers on them. Thereafter, the parent can stimulate the child to count and arrange them


according to the way they follow each other. For instance, stacks with numbers 1 to 10 on them


and then the child is told to arrange them from the least to the largest and vice versa.




Children below five years are unable to illustrate competent social-emotional skills. There are


activities which help children improve their social-emotional skills. One of the activities to help


children develop social-emotional skills is the activity of giving explicit instructions either in


school or at home (Domitrovich, 2007). It includes showing children different picture cards of


several emotional expressions and then teaches the child the names of new emotions. Ask


questions like, ?What does this face mean?? Then the teacher or parent confirms and corrects the


child where possible. The teacher or parent can as well asks the children to point at the faces CLC ASSIGNMENT WEEK 3 3 which represent how they are feeling that day. This activity in the end helps children adopt the


best emotions to portray in certain situations and to show emotional competency. It as well helps


children be able to take part in social activities smoothly.




Gross motor skills aim at developing skills which need muscles masses in the body. Children


below three years are always yet to acquire the definite gross motor skills. Therefore, there


always activities which help improve the gross motor skills of the children. General play is one


of the activities which can dramatically improve the gross motor skills of these children


(Wrotniak, 2006). General play may involve riding a tricycle or bicycle. Encouraging and


helping a child to ride a tricycle or a bicycle is a good way to improve gross motor skills because


it involves a large muscle mass in the body and balance is also called into action. This activity


helps the child develop motor coordination. When the child is riding the tricycle or bicycle, they


are coordinating hands, legs and balance.




Pre-schools find it hard in coordinating holding a pencil and writing at the same time. This is the


stage at which this skill can be taught and improved. There are many factors involved in this. It is


because the child needs to know how to hold the pencils in a good position for writing and as


well to hold it in that position for long spells without tiring. One of the activities to improve fine


motor skills in children is stacking beads on a string of inserting pipes into holes (Case-Smith,


2000). A child is given beads and a string and then encouraged to stack them in the string to


make a necklace. This activity needs hand and eye coordination. This is a fine motor skill which CLC ASSIGNMENT WEEK 3 4 is a goal of this activity. The fine muscles in the hand need to be in coordination with the eye for


the child to stack the beads. The muscles also need to be strong for such an activity. This activity


improves the fine motor skills of the child by helping to strengthen the hand muscles, practice


coordination and help the child develop hand to eye coordination (Case-Smith, 2000). CLC ASSIGNMENT WEEK 3 5 References


Case-Smith, J. (2000). Effects of occupational therapy services on fine motor and functional


performance in preschool children. American Journal of Occupational


Therapy, 54(4), 372-380.


Domitrovich, C. E., Cortes, R. C., & Greenberg, M. T. (2007). Improving young children?s social


and emotional competence: A randomized trial of the preschool ?PATHS?


curriculum. The Journal of Primary Prevention, 28(2), 67-91.


Farkas, G. (2003). Cognitive skills and noncognitive traits and behaviors in stratification


processes. Annual review of sociology, 541-562.


Wrotniak, B. H., et al., (2006). The relationship between motor proficiency and physical activity


in children. Pediatrics, 118(6), e1758-e1765.


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