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Present a detailed data model for your project scenario. You can create your data model using

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Present a detailed data model for your project scenario. You can create your data model using Microsoft Visio 2010, which you will have access to through iLab and Microsoft Excel, which comes with Microsoft Office. Other tools may be used as long as the output is legible and conforms to standard format. (i.e., I will not be able to grade the data model if I cannot tell what it is supposed to be!). Your data model should include a minimum of an ERD and metadata chart (data dictionary).  

Deliverables for This Task
  1. Task 0 proposal (with any revisions or updates)
  2. A completed Data Model to include the following.
    • An ERD, showing all tables, related attributes, and the primary and foreign keys. This diagram must show both the relationship and cardinality of the relationship using accepted notation. The ERD should be formatted to allow printing on a single 8x10 page. It should be submitted as a Word file (copy and paste from Visio).
    • A Data Dictionary (or meta data chart) showing a minimum of the table name, columns, data types, length, and constraints. It should be submitted as an Excel file. Follow the format of the Data Dictionary supplied for Lab 3.

Place all documents for this deliverable in a separate zip file and submit it to the Week 3: Course Project Dropbox.

See the Syllabus section "Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date information.

*Please create the ERD in Microsoft Visio*

Running head: CIS-336 COURSE PROJECT WEEK 1


1 CIS-336 Course Project Week 1 CIS-336 COURSE PROJECT WK 1 What is the name of your business?


The name of our business would be Burgermania.


Who will be the users of the system (managers, employees, customers)?


The users of the system will be employees and managers. The only way a customer would be


able to use a system is if they are using a self-ordering POS.


What product(s) and or service(s) does it sell? Be specific.


At my burger shop, we would sell burgers, French fries, chicken nuggets, and any other type of


dish that you would expect at an average burger place. However, we would have a food


challenge that would consist of eating 3 different burgers, 3 order of large fries, and 3 orders of


large chicken nuggets which you must complete within 30 minutes. This challenge, named ?The


3 Challenge? would not only increase our popularity to people wanting to try and conquer the


challenge, but it would set us apart from other similar fast food restaurants.


Who are the customers? What is the customer base?


The customer base would be anyone that has the same love for burgers that we do. It could be


customers of different ages, from 2 ? 95+.


What sales and distribution channels are used?


One distribution channel would be where we buy each of the components of the burger, such as


the bun, burger meat, tomato, lettuce, etc. The next distribution channel would be a separate


location where our factory would be. At this location, the lettuce would be prepared to be put on 2 CIS-336 COURSE PROJECT WK 1 3 burgers, the tomatoes would be sliced, the burger patties would be formed, and other components


of the burger would be prepared. The third distribution channel would be the restaurant itself.


How are payments made?


Payments will be made through our POS system. The only POS systems that will be able to


accept cash payments will be the ones where an employee is standing behind the register. Other


than that, the self-ordering POS systems will accept credit cards and debit cards.


Are products delivered or shipped to customers in some way?


No products are directly delivered to customers in a sense of transportation. The only materials


being transported are the components of our burgers. We as an establishment only serve the


customers their food.


Are sales reps involved? Are they paid on commission?


I don?t see the need for sales reps to be involved. We can send out mail flyers to our local


neighborhoods to get word of mouth. If all else fails, we could hire sales reps and they would be


paid based upon how many customers they do bring in. I believe that our product would sell


itself once our customer tastes how good our burgers are. What type of reports are needed by the business?


One report that the business would need would be a report that tracks revenue periodically.


Another report we would need would be a report that records the amount of customers that the


restaurant serves. In addition, we would need a report that would determine the quality of our




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