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Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description

Castle's Famil


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Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description

Castle's Family Restaurant has eight restaurants in the northern California area with approximately 300-340 employees. Most of the employees are part time, with approximately 40% of them full time. The operations manager, Jay Morgan, also acts as the HR manager and travels to each location each week to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions for the employees as needed. He also takes care of payroll using an Excel spreadsheet and has a computer application to print payroll checks. Mr. Morgan approaches you, an HR consultant, for a proposal. Due to the increase in gasoline costs, he would like to greatly reduce his travel time for visiting each location each week and wonders if there is anything you can suggest to him to help him complete his HR tasks in a cost-effective manner. He hopes there is some way he can do part of his HR tasks from his office instead of traveling to each location.



Stage II (due Week 5)

Provide a detailed description of the HRIS application(s) chosen for the business. What type of HRIS might create a more efficient process for the HR function chosen? This is not a copy/paste of information from a vendor website, but an analysis and business plan to share with your customer. As the owner of your own HR consulting firm, write a 2-4-page paper that includes the following paper headings, which are denoted in all caps.

1.    INTRODUCTION: provides sufficient background on the topic and previews major points.

2.    HRIS TYPE: Now that you've conducted some research in the previous assignment, you should have a good foundation to take the next step in your business plan. You should have a good review of the scenario and have conducted some research on HRIS systems, and now your next step is to choose a type of HRIS. Share the type of system you plan to implement to help your customer. This must be substantiated in this paper to your customer from a theoretical perspective.

3.    HRIS VENDOR CHOICE: Now that you have an HRIS type chosen, you need to conduct research to find an HRIS vendor. You want to do a compare and contrast in this section of at least two vendors. Then, choose a vendor. Explain why you chose this vendor over another/others. Include the Web address and proper citations for the vendor applications compared. You must have theory to support your decision.

4.    CONCLUSION: The conclusion is logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.

Running Head: CASTLE?S FAMILY RESUTRANT HRM340: Human Resource Information Systems


Course Project


November 6, 2016 Introduction 1 CASTLE?S FAMILY RESUTRANT 2 Castle?s Family Restaurant operates eight different locations all within Northern


California. Mr. Morgan, who is currently the HR and Operations manager of the restaurant is


in charge of the travels, to conduct and complete the HR tasks that are required within the


company. Considering that each location is spread out within Northern California, Mr


Morgan spends countless hours away and money on travel. Due to this issue, Mr. Morgan has


asked for a proposal to explore ways to save time on travel that way he can complete his HR


tasks in a cost effective way. If Mr. Morgan was able to find a successful way to operate his


HR tasks from within the office, he would now have the free time to focus on the operations


side of the business.


In an attempt to help Mr. Morgan, a proposal will me made regarding how a Human


Resource Information System could potentially help him meet his goals. The business plan


that will be provided to Morgan will outline the efficiency of the system, and will also


provide him with fewer errors than the manual process way he has previously been using.


When the HRIS is put into effect, it will show how much the Castle?s Family Restaurant has


been able to save. Once the proper information is loaded within the system, it will also


provide a reduced error rate which will help reduce time spent in correcting the errors on the


excel sheet.


Business Assessment


Castles Family restaurant has built their businesses in Northern California. They


currently hold eight different locations that employee between 300 to 340 workers. At Castles


they employee 60% of part-time employees, which causes more work for Mr. Morgan in


regards to scheduling and payroll.


Mr. Morgan is completing payroll manually on an excel spreadsheet and employee


pay checks are printed by using a software that is located on his computer. Morgan spends a CASTLE?S FAMILY RESUTRANT 3 majority of his time traveling to each of the eight locations to conduct his HR duties. Castles


Restaurant currently employees 60% part time employees, which means Mr. Morgan spends


an additional amount of time in scheduling the proper staff and conducting payroll.


Castles Family restaurant is in need of HRIS to allow Mr. Morgan to complete his HR


and operations functions. By investing in the new system, Morgan would now perform all of


his HR tasks remotely, which would eliminate unnecessary travel and cost. The HRIS will


come fully loaded with compliance tools to help ensure that all employment laws concerning


compensation, benefits, and proper reporting are being followed. Eventually after Mr.


Morgan gets use to properly using HRIS he will find that the system will provide him all the


tasks that are required of him to complete his HR functions in one place.


The HRIS will provide the restaurant with functions to keep track of payroll control,


compensation, overtime, bonuses as well as time off. The system will also be able to update


the company on employment laws. The laws are loaded into the system and are ready to track


hours, and attendance and will provide warnings if an employee is reaching a limit for


attendance. Identified Problems


The problems that require being addressed within the company :








D. An Excel spreadsheets being applied to keep track of payroll


Next, a laptop application towards print all payroll checks that are used.


Traveling among the eight locations in order to execute the HR functions


Mr. Morgan holding two tiles down such as the operations supervisor and the HR


supervisor I will focus on applying a ?Database Management System? to create up for the lack of


computerization systems that Mr. Morgan is presently using. CASTLE?S FAMILY RESUTRANT 4 HRIS Needs Assessment


Mr. Morgan applies Excel spreadsheets as well as a laptop application towards


printing payroll checks. He expends on the standard eight hours to develop a payroll for the


three hundred and forty Castle?s Restaurant workers. Without a timetable software, each


supervisor at the eight different locations has to print periodical schedules and create changes


as compulsory during the week; rising errors. A computerized time keeping arrangement will


help track worker hours and will permit Mr. Morgan to import worker hours into the main


payroll software which will analyze the time worked. The advantage of an HRIS is producing


accurate information for operating, controlling, and planning purposes that a manual payroll


based system cannot produce. The speed and accuracy that will be provided by an HRIS will


help the restaurant in two different areas such as recording and recruiting.




After analysing the Castle?s Family Restaurant, it is clear that Mr. Morgan will be


unable to perform both titles of an HR and operations manager. Mr. Morgan has no time to


perform his operation duties if he is constantly traveling to the restaurants other locations to


perform his HR tasks. It is clear that by using a manual process is costing the restaurant time


and money due to the unnecessary travel. It is without an uncertainty that Castle?s Family


Restaurant is in the requirement of computerizing HR tasks. It is my proposal that payroll is


the initial HR function to be computerized. By computerizing payroll time is saved, errors are


decreased; payments are made, hours are tracked, and employment laws are being met. CASTLE?S FAMILY RESUTRANT 5 References


J., M. (2014). Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future


Directions. Retrieved from google:




information+that+is+necessary+to+make+HR+decisions, CASTLE?S FAMILY RESUTRANT 6 +defining+the+characteristics+of+that+data+(e.g.,+number+data+vs.




restaurant. (2013). National Restaurant Association. Retrieved from restaurant:


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Case Scenario: Fictitious Business Description


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