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I have a IFSM 201 power point presentation with notes due, I have created the outli


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I have a IFSM 201 power point presentation with notes due, I have created the outline but I am lost with how to fill the slides and speaker notes? We do have to present in class. thanks N.G

RUNNING HEAD: Case Study Specification for the Director




Natascha Herzing-Gray


IFSM 201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology


September 18, 2016 Case Study


I have picked the Hewlett and Packard Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop. It has


an Intel Gen I7-4785T Quad-Core processor up to 3.2 GHz 16GB Ram, 1TB hard drive.


The system comes with 1x HDMI, 4 x USB 2.0, those ports are necessary for all needed


items. The HP Desktop has an already integrated AMD r7 A360 4 GB graphics


processor, a slim tray, super multi DVDRW, and an integrated speaker system. The


touchscreen can come in very handy in the teamwork section. The input devices are


chosen in regards to the need of this defined office environment. A second screen


seems necessary for a better multitasking workstation I have selected the HP Pavilion


25xw 27-in IPS LED backlit monitor to go along with it. For this system, I have picked a


Logitech M570 mouse and a Logitech USB Headset Stereo H650e, corded double ear


headset with microphone. As a video conferencing device, I have chosen a Yealink SIP


IP phone. For the video and picture taking part I have gone with a Nikon 7200 SLR


camera, linked to Wi-Fi, is digital and comes with a 64 GB card. The output device I


have picked is the HP LaserJet Pro 400 color wireless color photo printer with scanner,


copier, and fax. This machine can provide all needed requests in this particular small


business. The storage solution I have come up with is the Microsoft SQL Server 2016;


advertised due the high levels of security and their mobile device accessibility it is


perfect for this office. As a backup, I have chosen the Seagate Expansion 2 TB portable


external hard drive USB 2.0. For communication purposes aside from the IP phone, I


have picked skype and google mail, the All-in-One Desktop has integrated Bluetooth 4.0


installed. Another component is a surge protector, for this project I have selected a six


outlet 2 USB port wall adapter with safety indicator lights. For the adapters, I have


picked an HDMI cable and a five pack Cat 6 cables 5 feet network cable Ethernet patch


2 Case Study


cord snack. The productivity software available on the desktop is Windows 10


PowerPoint, word, and excel. Windows 10 is great for the home and some office use,


but for this kind of business the Windows Office 365 pro plus is a much better choice


and includes all needed programs. To protect and firewall the purchased computer I


have chosen MacAfee, it is a total protection software, scanning incoming emails, and


attachments. I have selected Comcast as an Internet service provider and a Linksys AC


5400 tri-band wireless router which includes a powerful 1.4 GHz processor which meets


the needs of this small business. RECOMMENDED


COMPUTERS Manufacturer


Hewlett and Packard




HP Pavilion GROUP INPUT Type


Touchscreen All-inOne Desktop HARDWARE DEVICES




HP Pavilion


Screen Size 27 inches


Screen Resolution




Mouse Logitech




2nd screen HP Pavilion


25xw 27-in IPS LED


Backlit Monitor, dual HDMI


ports ($219.19).


Logitech USB Headset


Stereo H650e, Corded


Double-Ear Headset with


Microphone ($60.99).


Yealink SIP VP-T49G A


Revolutionary Video


Collaboration IP Phone Model


Intel Core i7-4785T,


16 GB RAM, 1TB


HDD up to 3.2 GHz


Quad Core 8MB








The screen meets the


requirement for video and


phone editing and


streaming and life video.


Needed for daily work


A second screen needed


for daily office work and


editing and




Headset is needed for


Video conferences. IP Phone is needed for


Video Conferencing. FullHD 1080p30 video call, up


3 Case Study


($585.00). to 16 SIP accounts, threeway video conferencing


and five-way audio/video


mixed conferencing, dualband: 2.4 GHz & 5GHz.


Built in Bluetooth 4.0 and


build I Wi-Fi. Nikon7200 SLR Camera &


18-140 mm VR DX & 55300mm VR Case, Flash,


Battery, Tripod, Filters and


Kit ($1,639.99). Camera is needed for


taking photos and video,


Camera has WI-FI and


Digital with a 64 GB SDXC


200x Card, additional 55300mm VD DX AF-S lens.


Zoom 1x. Optical zoom 8x. OUTPUT HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color


MFP M475DW Wireless


Color Photo Printer with


Scanner, Copier and Fax


($1,083.36). This machine is needed for


photo quality color printing


and scanning. STORAGE Seagate Expansion 5TB


Desktop External Hard


Drive USB 3.0 (STEB


5000100 (129.99). Including in-database


advanced analytics with inmemory, highest levels of


security, mobile deviceaccessible, needed for


extra backup if Microsoft


SQL Server is not


available due to network


problems. Microsoft SQL Server


2016. COMMUNICATIONS Integrated Bluetooth 4.0




Google mail OTHER Surge Protector


Electronics Charging


station, 6 Outlet 2 USB


Port Wall Adapter with


Safety Indicator Lights




IXCC USB 3.0 25W 7-Port


Super Speed Hub with Backup for video




Email accounts for daily


office work.


This item is needed for the


safety of the new office


equipment in terms of dirty


power or overvoltage. 4 Case Study


Individual On/Off port


switches and power


adapter ($20.99). COMPONENTS


PROCESSOR Graphics Coprocessor




MEMORY (RAM) System Unit Components


Manufacturer /version/size


8M Cache, 4 Cores, 2.2


GHz, up to 3.2 GHz),


16GB DDR3L 1600MHz


Memory, 1TB 7200 rpm




HP 3-in-1 Media Card




AMD R7 A360 4GB






Fits the needs of the office


stuff and their daily work. Is needed for the photo


and video editing.


Is enough for the daily


office work with a backup


service. ADAPTERS Cable Matter 202023 USB




10/100/1000Mbs Gigabit


LAN adapter (Intel 82574L


chipset) ($68.90)


HDMI cable.


5 Pack Cat6 Cables 5 Feet


Network Cable RJ45


Ethernet Patch Cord Snag


less (9.99). Ethernet is used for the


office staff to transfer


information throughout the


day and with each other


HDMI cable is needed to


connect the second


monitor to the all in one


system. PORTS 1x HDMI


4x USB 2.0


1x Media Card Reader Ports are needed for


mouse, headphones, as a


backup if wireless is not


available and other


devices. STORAGE 1TB 7200RPM Serial ATA


hard drive Is enough for the daily


needs of the office since


they have a backup


storage. DVD BURNER Ultra Slim Tray super Multi




INTEGRATED SPEAKERS Integrated Speakers Is needed for the video


and photo work


Fulfills the needs if the


5 Case Study


other speaker and


headphone are not




Application Productivity Software






Power point, Word, Excel


Adobe Photoshop


Elements 14 ($78.88) Requirements Met


Needed for projects


Needed for daily office


work in the office.


Needed for photo and


video editing. System Software Table








10 home


Office 365 Pro Plus


($12.00/user/month) MacAfee 2017 Total Protection


(84.99) SERVICE Internet Connectivity and


Web Services Table




10/100/100- Base-T




Internet service provider


Comcast Business Deluxe


150 Mbps, download


speed 20 Mbps Upload




Linksys AC5400 Tri Band


Wireless Router (Max


Stream EA9500) ($399.95) Requirements Met


All in one comes with it


This is for the daily need in


an office, word, excel,


power point, outlook,


planner, notebook, skype


and access.


Used for Directors


schedule and, online


calendar and day planer.


Needed for security reason


scanning incoming emails


and attachments and


firewall. Requirements Met


Business ISP is made for


videoconferences and


webinars, run backup


serves, stream video and


audio services, retrieve


and share files from


remote server.




The Max-Stream AC5400


Router features three


dedicated Wi-Fi bands for


combined speeds of up to


6 Case Study Wireless Lan 802.11


a/b/g/n/ac featuring Dualband (2.4 GHz and 5GHz)


1x1 technology 5.3, four simultaneous data


streams per band, a


powerful 1.4 GHz


processor, eight Gigabit


Ethernet ports, USB 3.0


and 2.0 ports, and eight


adjustable antennas.


HP All in one offers Dual


band References


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8 Case Study






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Submit=ENE&IsNodeId=1&N=100158104 600013861 9 Case Study 10


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I have a IFSM 201 power point presentation with notes due, I have created the

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