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I will like  get help with this Course Project: Milestone 2: Vulnerable Population Assessment
Running head: CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN Caring for Populations Milestone 2: Assessment and Diagnosis


Tammy Lake


Chamberlain College of Nursing


Community Health Nursing


NR443 May 22, 2016 1 CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN 2 Caring for Populations Milestone 2: Assessment and Diagnosis


The primary purpose of this paper is to assess the health needs of the city of North


Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as identifying a community health problem. This community is a


large, urban residential community in Maricopa County, adjacent to Phoenix, Arizona, which is


the sixth largest city in the United States. Scottsdale is named for the U.S. Army Chaplain


William Scott who had visited the Salt River Valley, and initially made a down payment in order


to start a farming operation. This operation was located near the heart of our present downtown.


Scottsdale has a very favorable climate with beautiful scenery and is enriched with many cultural


activities dating back to Scott?s time and still present today.


Community Overview


North Scottsdale, Arizona is a large urban community located in a valley surrounded by


various mountain ranges, canyons, gorges, and plateaus. This community is adjacent to Phoenix,


Arizona. Present in this community are a multitude of various businesses, healthcare facilities,


various parks with hiking/biking paths, schools, churches, outdoor activities, restaurants, and


shopping. The climate is mild which attracts many snowbirds during the winter months from


other parts of the United States and Canada, bringing a mixed population and wide age range


during this time from young families to the elderly. North Scottsdale is not culturally diverse,


with Caucasians making up the highest number of residents. There is a dedicated police and


ambulance presence. Transportation includes a public bus system with access to major roads and




Demographic Data CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN 3 What follows is the demographic data for Scottsdale, Arizona, derived from the U.S.


Census Bureau between 2010-2014, with 2010 having the most available information. The


population as of 07/01/2014 was 230,512 with the highest percentage in the 65 and older range,


followed by those over 18 years of age at 17.8%, and those less than 5 years comprising 4.2%.


Females comprised 51.7% as of 04/01/2010. The major ethnic population within Scottsdale is


Caucasian, making up 89.3% of the population. This is followed by Hispanics at 8.8%, Asians at


3.3%, Two or more races at 2.3%, African Americans at 1.7%, and American Indians and Alaska


Natives at 0.8%. The median household income in 2014 was $72,455. The median value of an


owner occupied home was $376,700, with an occupancy rate of 66.8%. Scottsdale has 124,001


housing units as of 04/01/2010. Though a wealthy area, the poverty rate in this community is


8.8%. Education wise, 53.2% hold Bachelor?s degrees, and the high school graduate rate of


those over the age of 25+ between 2010-14 was 96.2%. (


Epidemiological Data


Epidemiological Data was retrieved from the 2016 Arizona County Health Rankings


website. Scottsdale is located within Maricopa County, which ranked first in health outcome and


quality of life categories. Maricopa County further ranked third in length of life in Arizona.


Priority health problems of this area include alcohol impaired driving deaths at 27%, children


living in poverty at 26%, a high number of children living in single parent households at 36%,


adult obesity at 22%, and physical inactivity at 20%. Also of concern is the quality of air


pollution, rated at 9.9% compared to the National average of 9.5%. (County Health Rankings,




Windshield Survey CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN 4 This survey allowed me to view diverse areas of the large community which comprises


Scottsdale. The majority of individuals within Scottsdale are of various ages differing in the


summer and winter months. Higher populations of snowbirds are evident in the winter. Within


this urban community are many areas in which people from the very young to elderly are seen


actively involved in the parks, trails, and walking paths available year round for use. I did not


see any homeless individuals on the streets or begging for food and/or money. There are no


homeless shelters or food banks in view of the areas I observed in Scottsdale. There are a few


Goodwill stores scattered in different areas of Scottsdale, but no persons loitering outside of


them, and most had a sign stating they were distribution centers. The roads in Scottsdale are well


maintained with plenty of lighting and few potholes. Neighborhoods appear well lit, have


sidewalks and bike lanes for those who travel by this method of transportation. There are


multiple areas outside in nature and at local fitness centers for individuals to utilize. There are


many local hospitals within this community for public access, some of which offer


transportation, as well as urgent care centers. There appears to be a multitude of primary care


practices as well as dentists in this area. There are many restaurants and bars which offer happy


hours most days of the week and they appear to be well populated with a variety of ages, which


can be problematic given the high percentage of alcohol impaired related deaths at 27%.


When driving from Scottsdale towards Phoenix, there is a noticeable change of


ethnicities and individuals from all walks of life, with socioeconomic changes evident as one


leaves Scottsdale. South Phoenix, adjacent to Scottsdale is one of the more oppressed areas,


socially as well as economically. Garbage on the streets is in visible evidence with multiple


areas of graffiti present on buildings. While many who reside in North Scottsdale do not appear


to be under the influence of substances, the same cannot be said for this area. However, this does CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN 5 not hold true on the weekends when large student population from Arizona State University and


a younger 20?s crowd flock to Old Town in Scottsdale to visit the bars within the area, most of


whom are intoxicated during this time.


Problem Diagnosis


The community health nursing problem evident in the Scottsdale community is the high


percentage of alcohol related impaired driving deaths. This problem relates to the Substance


Abuse Objective of Healthy People 2020, SA-17, which decreases the rate of alcohol-impaired


driving fatalities ( This is a problem with a high percentage of 27%. Even


with the toughest drunk driving laws within the United States, to include mandatory jail time


with first offense, a real problem is in existence in this community. With Arizona State


University being in close proximity to Old Town and multiple bars within this area, comes


increased risk of drinking and driving which could lead to injury or death. ?The magnitude of


problems posed by excess college student drinking should stimulate both efforts to improve our


measurement of these problems and reduce them? (Hingson, R., Heeren, T., Zakocs, R.,


Kopstein, A., & Wechsler, H., 2002, p.142). With the easy accessibility of alcohol aimed


towards college students and younger populations, this trend may grow before it declines. There


is a growing concern present for the high number of deaths related to this issue as well as the


affect this has on one?s life. Even with a heavy police presence in this area on the weekends, the


high percentage of deaths indicate this is barely making a dent with this problem. In addition to


the loss of life, alcohol related crashes cost taxpayers in this country, both locally and federally


over $51 billion yearly. A study by the NIH showed a large increase on weekend fatalities related


to alcohol consumption as opposed to other days of the week, with those in the age range 16-20, CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN


mostly 21-45 primarily affected ( This is the primary age range seen in the


Old Town areas on weekend nights, though 45 is on the lower scale.




Scottsdale does lack resources for dealing with the high percentage of impaired alcohol


related deaths within the community, though it should not, given the median income of the area.


With alcohol being the most widely abused drug and its ease of accessibility, it is not surprising


that most indulge. What is surprising in this area are the harshest drunk driving laws within the


United States and the high percentage of deaths related to it which still persist despite this.


Having personally witnessed the binge drinking that goes on in this young age group within this


section of Scottsdale, it appears to be a problem on the rise. This community appears to be on


the wealthier side and has opportunity as well as an obligation to all of its citizens both young


and old to educate and protect them against this growing number of senseless deaths. 6 CARING FOR POPULATIONS MILESTONE 2: ASSESSMENT AN




County Health Rankings, Arizona health rankings. (2016).


Hingson, R. W., Heeren, T., Zakocs, R. C., Kopstein, A., & Wechsler, H. (2002, March).


Magnitude of Alcohol-Related Mortality and Morbidity among U.S. College Students


Ages 18-24. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 136-144. Retrieved from


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. (2002). Epidemiology and Consequences


of Drinking and Driving. Retrieved from


United States Census Bureau. (2010-2014). U.S. Census Bureau: 7


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[solution] » I will like  get help with this Course Project: Milestone 2: Vulnerable Population

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