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Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for a Mini-Strategy

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Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for a Mini-Strategy using the Mini-Strategy Outline. Include the following in your outline:

  • Evaluate the organization's vision statement. The organization is Express Scripts
  • Discuss the organization's current goals and objectives.
  • Assess the organization's current status.
    • Leadership
    • Board members
    • Structure
    • Number of employees
  • Conduct a basic SWOT analysis including the implications of the environment on a global organization.
  • Report recent financial results including annual revenues, annual after tax earnings, and year end stock prices. Obtain results for the last 5 years.
  • Perform competitor benchmarking. 
  • Develop strategic recommendations that are designed to realize growth.
  • Create a profile of the current CEO including the following:
    • Background and accomplishments
    • Education and educational experiences
    • Length of time in the current position
    • Major career accomplishments
    • Leadership and management styles
    • Vision for the company
    • Innovative accomplishments

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines

Running head: CAREER CONNECTION: VALUES AND STRATEGY PAPER Career Connection: Values and Strategy Paper STR/581


June 23, 2016


William (Bill) Pickron 1 CAREER CONNECTION: VALUES AND STRATEGY PAPER 2 Career Connection: Values and Strategy Paper Many businesses use the strategic management process for their organization to help it to


achieve better performance. Strategic management continuous process evaluates the business and


its competitor that assists with goals then will find ways to reassess each strategy. The


organization that we will be discussing in this paper is Express Scripts who is affiliated with


other pharmacies. The process of strategic management will be identified while explaining


ethics, responsibilities, and the vision of the organization.


There are several different elements involve in the strategic management process such as


setting goals, understanding the needs of the business, reviewing the information from the


analysis to implement, and evaluate the findings. Business owner establishes their short-term


and long-term goals before identifying the process of how to accomplish those goals. The goals


must be realistic and detailed that must agree with the vision of the company. The next stage is to


gather information about the potential competitors, and opportunities that will help the


organization grow. Then identify any obstacles that may affect the outcome of the company


accomplishing their goals.


Express Scripts is a pharmaceutical company who strongly believes in integrity, morals,


and having good work ethics that is part of providing great service to their clients. The company


vision and mission statement states that Express Scripts are dedicated to making the use of


prescription drugs safer and affordable for sponsors as well as their patients. Express Scripts


provide pharmacy benefit management services that vary from processing pharmacy claims,


home delivery, benefits, drug utilization review, and other drug prescription services. One of


their primary goals is to provide the best possible patient experience and continue to strive to


find new ways to connect with physicians and pharmacists in an efficient, effective way. CAREER CONNECTION: VALUES AND STRATEGY PAPER 3 In my current role within the organization, I served as the first point of contact for the


patients, clients, and the physicians. It is vital to maintaining accurate and complete


documentation of all contacts. This continuously improves the process and reduces the potential


for legal concerns or payouts. Training is provided on a regular basis with any changes relating


the standard of operations process, adherence calls, HIPAA, soft skills, and compliance


programs. The training helps employees to identify and escalated problems so that corrective


action can be pursued and expedited. In addition to the employees make independent judgments


in order to respond to complex or critical member issues. One of the compliance programs assists


sponsors to decrease the overall drug costs by persuading utilization of the preferred drugs


through intervention strategies (Express Scripts, 2015).


A mission statement shows what the company provides and who benefits from it


(Johnston, 2016). Employees may not provide his or her best effort to an organization that does


have a vision or mission statement. The employees may not feel passionate about their patients


and physicians to help provide quality services. Some stakeholders decide whether or not if they


want to conduct business with a company based on a vision statement. A vision statement is a


reflection of how the company sees themselves in the future. A strategy that is not aligned with a


mission can waste company resources, and their clients will not know what the company stands


for (Johnston, 2016).


One of Express Scripts motivation strategy is always placing patients and their physicians


first. This company develops formularies using a four-step process that includes three different


committees that are: Therapeutic Assessment Committee, National Pharmacy & Therapeutics


Committee, and Value Assessment Committee (Express Scripts, 2015). The Therapeutic


Assessment Committee (TAC) consists of doctors and pharmacists who work for Express Scripts CAREER CONNECTION: VALUES AND STRATEGY PAPER 4 who review medications that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


then provides recommendations. The National P & T Committee consists of doctors and


pharmacists who does not work for the company who share clinical information then evaluate the


relevance of the drug to determine if its needed (Express Scripts, 2015).


The Value Assessment Committee (VAC) evaluates the costs, drug trends of similar


medications, and market share then provides recommendations for the final approval. Working


for an organization that does not have any values or vision will be difficult for their employees to


know the company expectations. A company with a vision wants to hire employees with good


moral values demonstrates and aligns with the goals for the company to be successful in the


industry. Strategic planning and implementation help Express Scripts keep prescription


medications affordable for their patients and help them stay healthy while assisting with the total




Clayton, J. (2014) The Five Stages of the Strategic Management Process, Retrieved from:


Johnston, K. (2016). Can an Organization Have a Successful Strategic Plan Without Effective


Mission & Vision Statements? Retrieve from:


White Paper: Formulary Development at Express Scripts, 2015. Retrieved from:




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