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If you haven't done so already, please review the Ca


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Capstone Final Project Part 2- Written Report

If you haven't done so already, please review the Capstone Final Project Overview. 

Assignment Details

For this part of the multi-part assignment, you will address a problem or an issue in public health and/or in health science through research, practice (work experience or internship), and/or volunteerism. You will need to demonstrate your ability to address this issue based on your education in the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program and outside research, work experience and/or volunteer activities.

This requirement may be fulfilled by completing one of the following, plus a written report (see details below):

  • internet or library based research,
  • research experience (clinical, basic or applied research),
  • internship,
  • and/or relevant community activities.
Written Report

Regardless of which approach you undertake to complete this requirement, a written report (15-25 pages) of this project must include:

  1. a comprehensive, well integrated review of the relevant scholarly literature,
  2. a problem or outcome statement that specifies the goal of the project,
  3. a description of the process by which the project was undertaken and,
  4. some element of research-based (quantitative or qualitative) evaluation, either as the specific goal of the project, or as an evaluation of the goal of the project.

The written format of the project is flexible, but must be formatted using APA style guidelines. Your project may take the form of a manuscript, a thesis, or the form of a report. Possible project format/approaches include:

  1. Research Report- The Capstone Project could involve the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to address a public health concern. The report would include the traditional components of a research paper: research question, review of the scholarly literature, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion.
  2. Public Health/Health Care Program Plan- The Capstone Project would involve the development of a plan to implement a public health or health care program. The plan would include a needs assessment, analysis of the data, plans to implement and manage the program, fiscal concerns, and/or logistical issues.
  3. Analysis of a Public Health or Health Care Problem- The Capstone Project would be an in depth analysis of an important public health or health care problem. The report would clearly state the problem, assess the magnitude of the problem, evaluate its causes and determinants, discuss prevention and intervention strategies, and evaluation. This approach may be relevant if you decide to complete an internship or use your current work experience to fulfill this requirement.

Regardless of the format/approach, the following components should be included in your project: 

  • Title page-  including title of project, student name, month and year, location where the project was completed, if applicable.
  • Acknowledgements page-  that expresses appreciation to any individuals, agencies, or organizations that supported the project
  • Abstract Page- This should not exceed a 250-word description of the project.
Suggested Format: 
  • Introduction
  • Purpose or Problem Statement
  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion and Conclusion
    • Lessons Learned: What did you learn from this experience (one page to summarize your project, an expanded abstract)
  • References - This includes an appropriately cited (list of citations that actually appear in the paper)
Formatting Requirements
  • 15-25 pages (not including references, tables and figures)
  • Title page, acknowledgment page, abstract page
  • APA style formatting

Running Head: CAPSTONE PROPOSAL 1 Capstone Proposal Celeste Arellano Azusa Pacific University College September 22, 2016 Running Head: CAPSTONE PROPOSAL I. 2 Topic: America?s Failing Mental Health System There are millions of Americans who suffer from serious mental illness. Unfortunately, these individuals are falling trough the cracks of a severely broken mental health system. The mentally ill often have nowhere to go and end up in emergency rooms, jails, and streets. Even those with health insurance have a difficult time finding a mental health doctor for their needs. It is time that the United States government starts paying more attention to mental health. II. Significance This topic relates directly to health care for several reasons. It is already widely known that the United States has major problems within its healthcare system. Not only does the United States spend more money on healthcare than any other developed country, it is not performing at the same level as other healthcare systems worldwide. Furthermore, mental illness is still plagued with stigma. This, along with a failing economy has caused mental health budgets to be slashed to almost nothing. With no money to provide the proper care, many US citizens are left untreated. Mental health is extremely important to the field of health sciences for many reasons. Firstly, mental health is just barely starting to get the awareness that it deserves. Secondly, mental illness is different than other illnesses, such that it is not easily understood. Mental illness affects people of all ages, at any stage of their lives. Children, teenagers, adults, and seniors all suffer from mental illness at one point of their lives. Lastly, mental illness can be caused due to certain traumas, genetic Running Head: CAPSTONE PROPOSAL 3 dispositions, or it may develop out of the blue. This provides a platform for the health sciences field to study further. III. Social Significance The lack of mental health services is not just impacting the healthcare field; it is also impacting our society. Many United States Residents who suffer from mental illness do not have access to quality mental health care. This unfortunately allows for their mental health to deteriorate even further. Grouped with the social stigma surrounding mental illness, many individuals do not find the support they need. They often find themselves in emergency rooms, jail cells, or the streets, when what they need is quality mental health care. When the mentally ill have no choice but to live in the streets, it causes a major social problem. It is time that our society has more awareness on mental illness so that the stigma can finally be eliminated. IV. Method of Inquiry In order to demonstrate just how serious the mental health system is failing, two methods of inquiry will be used. The first method will be practical. There are several mental health centers in the Los Angeles area that are accepting volunteers. Volunteering in one of these centers will allow for first-hand experience in the mental health system. Furthermore, it will allow for interaction with those suffering from mental illness. This will help the project, as it will provide a more personal point of view. The second method will be observational. Los Angeles is known to have a very large homeless population. The main goal is to observe how many individuals display certain behavior that my suggest mental illness. Running Head: CAPSTONE PROPOSAL 4 V. Method of Data The data will be gathered through practical and observational methods. Volunteering at a mental health facility will allow for first-hand experience with the problems in the mental healthcare sector. Some of the data will be compromised of financial information. This financial information will consist of government budgets, cost of service, and more. The data will also consist of information on how difficult it is to get quality mental health care in the United States. There is no need for an exact number of participants, as it is not an experiment. The main goal is to present hard numbers along with first hand experience on the issue at hand. VI. Basis in Theory The history of mental health care will be studied to try and determine if any significant improvements have been made. Mental illness has been around for many years. However, it has not always been taken seriously. Therefore, looking at the history will allow the reader to understand how caring for the mentally ill has evolved. This will also provide insight into how much improvement is yet to be made. By looking into the past we are able to shape our future to be better. VII. Project as ?Capstone? There are several courses taken at Azusa Pacific University College that will provide the tools and knowledge necessary for this project. The first course that will directly assist with this project is Healthcare Organizational Management. This course was about how to be an effective healthcare manager. This is relevant because many mental health care managers have to make difficult decisions. Running Head: CAPSTONE PROPOSAL 5 Secondly, Healthcare Delivery Systems and Healthcare Ethics are also courses that will aid in the completion of this project. Many material from previous courses will be used.


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[solution] » Capstone Final Project Part 2- Written Report

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