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I need some help with this please.

To help you respond to the macro issues, su


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I need some help with this please.

To help you respond to the macro issues, such as content, organization, and other global issues needing revision, copy and paste the following questions at the end of the essay and respond to each in detail.

What is the writer's claim (thesis statement)? What three reasons does the writer give in support of her/his claim?

Evaluate the effectiveness of the writer's reasons. Does the writer provide sufficient evidence and reasoning to support the claim? Point out specific places where the evidence or reasoning should be strengthened.

How effective is the organization of the paper? Do the ideas flow smoothly with strong transitions between different topics? Are there paragraphs without strong topic sentences? Be specific in pointing out any areas of weakness.

Does the writer use credible (believable) sources? What characteristics of the sources lead you to conclude they are credible or not?

If you were to change one thing about the essay, what would it be? Please don't respond with "Nothing." Almost any piece of writing could be improved in some way. Think about places in the essay where you may have been confused or wanted more information if you are having a hard time thinking of anything.

To address the essay at the level of micro details that require editing, such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, use the comments and track changes functions in Word to respond directly on your classmate's paper. For more details about micro issues, see the Introduction to Peer Review. Even if you think you don't have valuable feedback to provide, any question or comment that will make your classmate look more closely at an essay can be helpful. As you get more experienced at the peer review process, you will quickly learn that you are a much better editor of someone else's work than your own.

Running head: CANE CORSO 1 The History of the Cane Corso


Kathryne Noel Olsen


ECPI University: Advanced Composition Online CANE CORSO 2


The History of the Cane Corso The Cane Corso id a very rare and peculiar breed of dog. They originated from the


ancient Roman Molossus, native to Italy. They are working dogs that were used as war dogs and


big game hunters. Now, ever since the 1980?s they have been used and seen as family


companions and guard dogs for families and farmers around the world.




From Roman Molossus and descendent of the ?Canis Pugnax? the world gives us the


Cane Corso, a large strong working dog often used in warfare. They have been used in warfare as


fighting dogs, and a lot more in hunting for wild game such as swine and boar. They also have


been known for being ?guard dogs? for families, farmers, and even watch guards. With their


great strength and agility, they have become a great use to the ancient romans. Cane Corsos go


by many names in the world, such as; Italian mastiffs, Italian corso dog, Italian corso, and cane


corso italiano. 2 1 CANE CORSO 3 As stated before due to the Corsos statute and agility they made great war dogs, hunters,


and family guard dogs. With tall muscular legs and a thick torso, weighing in between eighty to


one ?hundred pounds for a female and ninety-nine to one-hundred ten pounds for a male; they


could barrel into anything guarantee the assailant to go down. As shown in the photos below the


audience can observe the dimensions of the dog and see what they classify as perfect and also


fully understand there use back in the day and now. 3






[To add a table of contents (TOC), apply the appropriate heading style to just the heading text at


the start of a paragraph and it will show up in your TOC. To do this, select the text for your


heading. Then, on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, click the style you need.]




[Include a period at the end of a run-in heading. Note that you can include consecutive


paragraphs with their own headings, where appropriate.] CANE CORSO 4


Reasons to Own Cane Corsos aside from there very dominant


aggressive betrayal, they are sweet loving animals.


Even though in all research they have a ?high prey


drive? for smaller animals, as shown in the


photograph they can learn to love smaller animals


such as cats/kitten and smaller dogs. They are very


protective of their owners (as shown in top left


photo), and always stay alert. Which is a great trait


for a family with children. Even though they tend to


be major bed hogs, they are great cuddlers when you are feeling sick. Overall like stated in the


origination of Corsos, they are great family/guard dogs and are wonderful to have around. Must Know Information


A cane corso is not a dog you get for looks, such as do not get a cane corso if you want a


dog that makes you look more masculine or strong. Because once full grown can weigh


anywhere from eighty pounds to one-hundred and ten pounds and will need a lot of exercise and


a very experienced owner to train them cause as they a protective they will not like everyone


they meet at first glance. Cane Corsos also have three known possible medical issues dealing


with the bones, joints and eyes. For owners to be aware of and to look out for. They are; hip


dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, entropion, ectropion, and glandular hypertrophy. They have


very little shedding and can be just as happy living indoors as if living outdoors. They have to


have plenty exercise and can be a great running buddy. 5 5 CANE CORSO 5 Reasons to NOT own a Cane Corso CANE CORSO 6 There are many reasons not to own a Cane Corso and there


not for the human really, it?s for the dog. Cane Corso are very


strong willed dogs but they need a loving owner who will be in


their life till there last breath, not be put out for a dumb reason like


moving somewhere new or family not liking them. Dogs are smart


and can sense when someone is bad in a sort of way, so treat them


like family. If they don?t like a certain family member its for a


reason. Don?t get a corso if you just want to look manlier or more


muscular. They are big dogs and require attention and exercise. Do not own one if you can?t


afford to feed and provide proper health care and/or are too lazy to take the time to take them to


the vet and get the necessary testing and shots done. They eat large meals, for instant my corso


Buell eats about six cups of dog chow a day, plus his vitamin for his joints and his dental stuff.


Plus, I put special stuff in their water to keep their mouth clean and they get filtered water and


non-filler food with only all natural ingredients. It?s expensive but good care is what they


require. Do not get one if you think you can just


let them ?run free? with no supervision because


you?re too lazy to train them to not pull on a leash


or you just don?t want to deal with them. No dog


is safe running free in this world, not because of


the dog; but because of the dog and certain people


6 out in the world. Lastly, do not get a corso if yu dislike or don?t do daily exercises. They need it. It is important to their health to stay healthy and


fit and the daily exercise can also help with the hip dysplasia. 7 CANE CORSO 7 Example of Food Intake: Food






















0 Bag of Food Daily Food Intake M onthly Food Intake Food As you can see from above, Buell eats 6 cups a day. There are only 61 cups in a bag of food (32


lb. bag). Meaning I need roughly three bags of food to feed him (not including my other dog and


kitten) for a month. If the food is $20.98 a bag, that means in a month I will have had to spend


$62.94 + tax on Buell in food alone. 8 9 CANE CORSO 8


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I need some help with this please.

To help you respond to the macro issues,

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