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Attached are the necessary files relating to the assignment and the instructions 

Research Report Grade:  250 points (25%) 
Running head: BUSINESS RESEARCH PROPOSAL REPORT IN SOUTH AFRICA Business Research Proposal Report in South Africa






After an analysis of the fashion and design industry, it would be critical to state that the


fashion and designs industry in South Africa requires some new and improved designs to suit the


demands of the ever increasing demand for the commodities. The fact that majority of South


Africans are Christians presents a virgin market that needs to be fully exploited for maximum


gains of the business. For the already existing business, new designs will also increase the sales


and boost the revenue which is the core business of the research proposal.


Country Overview


Ideally, the religious composition is 68% Christians. 2% are Muslims, 1.5% are Hindus,


and 28.5% ascribe to indigenous beliefs. With that religious composition, it would be prudent to


note that the business can design many clothes affiliated to the Christians to maximize on


benefits (Konrad, 2013). The official language spoken in South Africa is English. However, other


11 languages are widely used in South Africa they are Afrikaans, Ndebele, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga,


Tswana, Venda Xhosa and Zulu in which the people are proud and use them frequently hence the


need to make the salespeople be accustomed to those languages. They also love foreign


languages (Gabrielsson et al., 2014). The values vary from one tribe to the other, but they smile


and greet each other in a happy way. It is the women that initiate the greetings. The people love


to attend social functions which are the main areas where the clothes are needed mostly the


informal attires for those functions.


Economically, the country is a major exporter of gold and platinum. Agriculture and


manufacturing sectors are also developed. There is a government headed by President Jacob


Zuma and has three branches legislature, executive, and the judiciary. The rule of law is upheld BUSINESS RESEARCH PROPOSAL REPORT IN SOUTH AFRICA 3 in South Africa. There are taxes paid by citizens to carry out developments while others are used


to pay public debts. There is a minimum capital required to start a business and takes more than


two months to secure a license. There are also tariffs imposed on imports by the government, and


the private sector suffers due to unclear tariffs for their goods. The financial sector is not yet


developed but undergoing reforms (Ponte et al., 2007).




The audience in the research proposal is the management of Smart Fit Designers Ltd so


as to come up with policies and plans to venture into the market that is available. Innovation is


essential to satisfy the needs of the customers and retain them. The investigation on South Africa


is critical for the implementation of the proposal.


Investigation Topics


The proposal is to investigate the nature of the markets in South Africa with emphasis on


the fashion and designs industry. The clothing markets that need to be exploited in South Africa


as well as the Cultural, Political, and economic orientation of the country. The existing markets


also need to be investigated to venture in the new markets as well as the capital required to start


and operate the business in that country.


Methods and Resources


The methods to be used for the investigation are interviews and surveys for the already


existing businesses in that country. There are also various resources that help in understanding


the nature of the country. They are: BUSINESS RESEARCH PROPOSAL REPORT IN SOUTH AFRICA 4 1. Gabrielsson, M., Gabrielsson, P., &Dimitratos, P. (2014).International entrepreneurial


culture and growth of international new ventures. Management International Review,


54(4), 445-471.


2. Konrad, E. D. (2013). Cultural entrepreneurship: the impact of social networking on


success. Creativity and Innovation Management, 22(3), 307-319.


3. Livermore, D. (2015). Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to


Success.AMACOMDiv American Mgmt Assn.


4. Genovese, Eugene D. The Political Economy of Slavery: Studies in the economy and


society of the slave of South. Wesleyan University Press, 2014.


5. Marais, Hein. South Africa: Limits to change: The political economy of transition.


Palgrave Macmillan, 2001.


6. Ponte, Stefano. "Greener than thou: The political economy of fish eco-labeling and its


local manifestations in South Africa." World Development36.1 (2008): 159-175.


7. Ponte, Stefano, Simon Roberts, and Lance Van Sittert. "?Black Economic Empowerment,'


business and the state in South Africa." Development and Change 38.5 (2007): 933-955.


8. Nordås, H. K. (2004). The global textile and clothing industry post the agreement on


textiles and clothing. The World, 7(1,000).


9. Gibbon, P. (2003). The African Growth and Opportunity Act and the global commodity


chain for clothing. World Development, 31(11), 1809-1827.


10. Bogatsu, M. (2002). ?Loxion Kulcha?: Fashioning Black Youth Culture in Post-Apartheid


South Africa. English studies in Africa, 45(2), 1-11.




The requirements to fulfill the needs of the market are: The minimum capital for the industry




Informal attire materials


License of operation






30th June-30th July


1st July-Aug 31st


1st Sept-30th Sept


October Work to be undertaken


Issuing of surveys


Conducting interviews


Analysis of the results


Recommendations Compiling No of people required








2 Call to Action


1. The employees who will be posted to South Africa should be taught one official


language apart from English. That is because South Africans love their native


languages hence the ease of interaction.


2. The employees should be trained and inspired by appreciating diversity. They should


be able to recognize that country and its values venture well on the market.


3. The regulations regarding the labor markets should also be investigated for


compliance. 5


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