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Provide mock up input interfaces (GUIs) and mock up outputs (outputs can be either GUIs or report

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Provide mock up input interfaces (GUIs) and mock up outputs (outputs can be either GUIs or reports). The data fields used should correspond with the data elements in your data dictionary. 

Running Head: BUSINESS Gamestop?s Marketing Strategy


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Date of Submission: BUSINESS 2 Gamestop?s Marketing Strategy Description of the Project


Amongst the most video gaming retailers, GameStop holds the top score in this category, the


world?s biggest multichannel videogame retailer. Gamestop is known to be the leading retailer of


both new and used games, entertainment software, hardware, and accessories. The retailer boasts


of more than EB Games, 4,100 GameStop, and Micromania branded stores within the United


States and 1,500-plus stores in the continent of Europe, Australia, and Canada[Gam14].


Gamestop aims to adopt the Online Renting strategy as a new model of adopting the change in


technology and battling out the tough competition on market. Summary of Gamestop?s Strategy


Besides, the company has stores and e-commerce websites stock with more than 5,000 related


video game items. Additionally, more than half of Gamestop?s sales comes from the new video


game hardware and software. The retailer also deals with the sale of downloadable add-on


content from its trusted publishers, it operates up to 500 smartphone retail locations (within the


AT&T, Simply Mac, Cricket Wireless, and Spring Mobile banners category), and publishes video


game magazine Game Informer. Gamestop stores serve as the destination location for gift givers and game players due to its wide


selection of products, game-oriented environment, knowledgeable sales associates, and a unique


pricing proposition. The retail firm offers all primary video game platforms, as well as providing


a broad range of video game products and offering a larger and current selection of the


merchandise as compared to other retailers. In addition, there is a high level of customer service


given through the hiring of game enthusiasts and giving them ongoing sales training, as well as


training in the latest technical and functional elements of the products and services, equipping


them and making them knowledgeable associates of the retailer in the video gaming[Ash15]. BUSINESS 3 Just like the consumers have become increasingly preoccupied with mobile and social gaming


(in which games are often free or cheap), the sale of physical video games and consoles are


under pressure. Rumors have it that Sony and Microsoft have the potential of harming the usedgame market by unleashing the new Xbox and the PlayStation consoles. The reports indicates


that such consoles may make use of a one-time code that will make trading -- GameStop's bread


and butter ? hard to go by. Being the leader in the industry.


As much as GameStop has been trying to work out through the gaming landscape, there are lots


of competitors who threaten and share the component of consumer market. Some of these


competitors include Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Amazon. Apart from these retailers, there


are no other known and populous retailers that focus only on videogames. Hence, it offers


Gamestop an exclusive expertise in attracting and retaining more customers than the


competition[Gam][GAM]. Adoption of the online Renting strategy


Apart from the obvious gaming services Gamestop has been accustomed to offer, the company,


because of the available market share and new opportunities in online game renting, has taken on


a new direction of dealing with online game renting. This is a new strategy for emboldening its


competitiveness in the market share[Ben]. Online gaming can be a very expensive hobby. If people buy games immediately after their


release, there is a likelihood of spending about $60 for every game. There are two options for


obtaining the latest videos cheaply and affordably, first, by waiting up to two weeks after the date


of release that is when they?ll be available to rent. Another option if by renting your video


games[Jea12]. BUSINESS 4 Gamestop wants to take advantage of the limited online video game rental stores. There are only


few of the retailers who offer this service through the members who pay a monthly fee


subscription for the game. To capture the broad market, Gamestop will be lending out online


rental stores through the use of credit cards for members convenience. Apart from this, the online


games available for rent will comprehensive and inclusive of the most popular titles to get a large


following of customers. If you?re a dedicated gamer, you likely have had the core consoles and the PC so you are able to


sample out all of the games available. Gamestop iijntends to be the best online video gaming


rental service that will offer video game streaming. Customers can rent Xbox One, Wii U, or


PlayStation 4 video game that will be shipped to your mail just within two days after you?ve


reserved it, but customers can also take advantage of Gamestop?s PC game streaming. This will


give them access to games they would have preffered to play on the PC, and you literary will not


need to wait for the mail to arrive. Gamestop offers a plan that lets customers rent two games at a


time, so it will be a good choice if there are two gamers within the family who don?t wish to


share a console or a pc ? or if they often get bored. Online video renting is a cost effective approach to game lovers. Besides, GameStop hopes to


give customers instant gratification through renting. Essentially, customers will not have to be


tearing off the plastic for a new game case, but they can instantly have it in hand immediately


they rent from Gamestop. Apart from the general renting of movies, GameStop is looking


forward to offering the modest selection of video games. Game titles will be browsed online, and


give you the choice of selecting the game you want to play. The new renting strategy will make use of credit cards as the form of payment. Credit cards are


the easy ways of making payment and a cost effective way. Nonetheless, the adoption of this new


model does not imply that Gamestop will quit its reliable mode of availing the downloaded


videos to customers who lack credit cards and can quickly obtain it. BUSINESS The main focus and goal of Gamestop in adopting the rental strategy is to satisfy their electronic


game enthusiasts who demand the latest merchandise that features the ?hottest? technology


instantly after the release, as well as the value-oriented clients who are in need of a wide


selection of the value-priced used video game items. This goal is actualized through the online


video renting. 5 BUSINESS 6 References


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