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based on this 3 pages paper, could you help me to do an 7 slides by using powerpoint, attached fi

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based on this 3 pages paper, could you help me to do an 7 slides by using powerpoint, attached file is the article and slides requirement.

Running head: BREXIT: THE RISE OF NATIONALISM 1 On the morning of June 24, 2016, Britons awoke to some startling news ? they had voted


for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. This vote, along with others around the


world, signalled the rise of a new nationalism ? the belief that one?s own country is superior to


others ? with global implications.


This paper will discuss two of the main reasons for the Brexit result. First, the perceived


need among citizens to retreat to more protectionist trade policies, and how trade protectionism


is affecting existing or soon-to-be implemented trade deals between nations. Second, the rise of


anti-immigration/anti-terrorism policies, and view how terrorism and immigration are perceived


to be linked. It is in the latter part of this paper that the rise of individuals and parties with antiimmigration and strong anti-terrorism policies will be discussed.


Regarding trade protectionism (the idea of halting all free-trade and lower tariff trade


agreements between countries), citizens have come to believe that free trade (trade in which


tariffs and duties are reduced or eliminated) between countries is causing corporations to send


jobs ? that they believe could be done in their own country ? to other nations. President-elect


Donald Trump has indicated his intention to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


on his first day in office. The TPP is a trade deal between North American nation and Asian


countries such as Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Details of this deal have not been


public which is likely one of the reasons Trump was elected ? no one wants to vote for a trade


deal they cannot see. Additionally, according to Trump, the North American Free Trade


agreement (NAFTA) may possibly be scrapped and replaced by an agreement that better benefits


the United States. The Brexit (that is, the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European


Union) will result in lasting trade consequences for both the United Kingdom and the European BREXIT: THE RISE OF NATIONALISM 2 Union. As of September 2016, ?the value of exports (EU and Non-EU) increased to £25.5


billion.? (HM Revenue & Customs, 2016, n.p.). These exports from Britain to the EU (European


Union) will likely drop and will most certainly be subject to tariff and duties now that the UK


has chosen to leave the European Union. Whatever duties and tariffs replace the free trade


between the two entities, it will most certainly make an economic impact on both.


Russia, too, is adopting a trade protectionist policy. Since the United States and Europe


imposed trade sanctions on Russia at the beginning of the Ukrainian Crisis in 2014, Russians


have found themselves with labels on products promoting Russian-made goods; a bear roars


before the flags of the United States and the EU.


But the rise of nationalism around the globe is also driven by a fierce anti-immigration


and anti-terrorism policy. The logic of the anti-immigration voters goes something like this:


Muslims are terrorists, Muslims are coming to our country; therefore, terrorists are coming to our


country. This anti-immigration / anti-terrorism belief has risen in multiple countries.


Brexit reflected the rise of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), which


campaigns heavily on the concept that immigration is killing British culture and inviting


terrorists into the country. Even the LSE commission on the future of Britain in Europe concedes


that Brexit will reduce net immigration to the UK (Begg, I & Featherstone, K., 2016).


UKIP?s popularity rose from 3.1% of votes in the 2010 election to 12.6% (the country?s


third most powerful party in terms of vote) in the 2015 general election.


In the United States, the story is much the same. Now President-elect Donald Trump


campaigned on promises of closing borders to Muslim immigrants and refugees and ? at one


point during the campaign ? even suggested that he might evict all Muslims from the country if BREXIT: THE RISE OF NATIONALISM 3 elected. These policies swept him to power in one of the most unexpected election victories in




In France, Marine LePen of the National Front, a right-wing French nationalist party that


was formerly considered a fringe party (a party that only appeals to a minority of voters), is


leading the polls heading into the 2017 French general presidential election. It has been said by


some news outlets that the 2017 election is LePen?s election to lose, and that ? barring some


catastrophic scandal ? she could win the French presidency on the first ballot (RT, 2016).


And even in Germany, nationalism is on the rise. Chancellor Angela Merkel, the chief


architect of the open-borders policy toward refugees fleeing to Europe, has seen her Christian


Democratic Union (CDU) party face falling public opinion against the rise of right-wing


nationalist parties such as Alternative for Germany (AfD). According to INSA polls in Germany,


as of November 22, 2016, the CDU held 31.5% of public support while AfD held 15%. This is


staggering considering that on August 26, 2013, the CDU was supported by 39% of voters while


the then-fringe party AfD held the confidence of only 1% of Germans surveyed (Cantow, 2016).


The rise of nationalism, anti-terror, anti-immigration, and trade protectionist policies is


truly on the rise globally. From the Unites States to Britain, France to Germany, voters are


choosing to reject immigration, free-trade, and anti-terror policies and embrace nationalism.


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