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This is a draft submission based off of the discussion post the attached below

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This is a draft submission based off of the discussion post the attached below

Research Project Essay: Draft Submission

Does your essay:

  • Have an introduction that grabs the reader?s attention and contains an explicit thesis statement (claim + 3 supporting reason)?
  • Include research-based support for all reasons listed in the thesis statement in the same order as they appear in the thesis statement?
  • Include a section that discusses support for the opposing claim?
  • Include a section that rebuts the opposing claim?
  • Smoothly incorporate source material from at least 4 sources and 2 visual images?
  • Utilize a mix of direct quotes, summaries, and paraphrases?
  • Utilize smooth transitions between ideas?
  • Contain specific, concrete language?
  • Have a References entry (in APA format) that matches each in-text citation?
  • Show significant revisions to the draft version?

Running head: BIG BUSINESS AND CHILD OBESITY Big Business and Child Obesity


Student?s Name


Institution Businesses may be classified as either small, medium or big businesses. Big business is the one


that involves large-scale commercial activities and has the financial capability to support all its


needs. Children are faced with the risk of obesity more likely that the adults in the human life


cycle. It is evident that big business is a major cause of child obesity and commercials are


targeting children for them to increase their sales.


For one, big business are one of the leading causes of child obesity because they have the


financial capability to advertise their products ("Advertising and obesity: the research


evidence,"). It can be surprising to realize that advertising can be viewed in two perspectives:


1. Advertising food products are major to cause obesity to the children. By creating


awareness in televisions, social media, and even magazines, big businesses create awareness of


their products to the whole public. Children in the current society are the main participants to the


technology: both listening and watching televisions (Tingstad, 2009). They get information BIG BUSINESS AND CHILD OBESITY


relating various foods that big commercial industries are selling and request their parents to buy


for them. On the other hand, parents tend to show how caring they are to their children and


purchase the meals for their products. These are the ready meals or any other consumables that


have high cholesterols and sugars which lead to child obesity.


2. Adverts by the big businesses are also a primary cause of obesity. It is because they


make television programs fascinating by breaking the monotony. A kid does not get bored to


watch a television program that is splatted by adverts. Monotony is broken, and they can watch


for a long time duration. As a result, they do not get the time to interact with their age mates,


play or just run up and down their resident areas (Carlock & Ward, 2010). Such physical


activities are very crucial to reducing body weight and making one fit. The long time spent on


majorly the televisions make children addicted and will never get the reason to play around with


their mates ("Understanding and managing child and family obesity one-day training," 2007).


Big businesses have that capability to pay for adverts making it an effect to the child?s abnormal


body weight.


The other way that huge companies cause child obesity is by employing parents and


denying them time to take care of the children due to busy schedules. It has a significant effect


especially for the owners of such businesses. They are very busy and do not control what their


kids eat or drink.


In conclusion, commercials target children in a broad way. They are aware that children


are the primary consumers of their products. Children are also very influencing for the products


that their parents buy as they can guide on what a mother or father should buy for consumption. 2 BIG BUSINESS AND CHILD OBESITY 3


References Advertising and obesity: the research evidence. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Carlock, R. S., & Ward, J. L. (2010). Why Family Businesses Struggle. When Family


Businesses are Best, 3-27. doi:10.1057/9780230294516_1


Tingstad, V. (2009). Discourses on Child Obesity and TV Advertising in the Context of the


Norwegian Welfare State. Children, Food and Identity in Everyday Life, 172-191.




Understanding and managing child and family obesity – one-day training. (2007). Nutrition &


Food Science, 37(6). doi:10.1108/nfs.2007.01737fab.018


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This is a draft submission based off of the discussion post the attached below


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