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Here is the question I had. You did a great job on the other one. I am attaching the first one an


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Here is the question I had. You did a great job on the other one. I am attaching the first one and would like to know if you want to do the other 4.

Running head: BACKGROUND OF ERGONOMIC ISSUE IN AN ORGANIZATION Background of Ergonomic Issue in an Organization










Background of Ergonomic Issue in an Organization


An essential part of the ergonomic process is a periodic review of the facility, specific


workstation designs and work practices, and the overall production process, from an ergonomics


point of view. The above involves identifying existing issue, which can be obtained from


reviewing the company's OSHA 300 injury and illness logs, 301 reports, workers' compensation


records, and employee reports of issues. On the other hand, a more and determined forwardlooking approach, to be used in combination with reviewing injury and illness reports and


records, is to be proactive in identifying potential ergonomic problems that have gone


unidentified and any kind of resulted from facility changes, before they cause MSDs (Doherty, &


King, 1998). Observations of working conditions and work technique, ergonomic job


establishment, workplace surveys, and worker interviews are standard essential methods for


identifying ergonomics related injury risks. Some of the way of identifying and establishing


ergonomic issues includes: Observe Workplace Conditions


Risk Factors


Encourage Early Reporting of Injuries




Review Injury Records Review Injury Records Looking into the patient injury and illness information will aid in identify ergonomic


problems. These data can be got from reviewing the company's OSHA 300 Injury and Illness BACKGROUND OF ERGONOMIC ISSUE IN AN ORGANIZATION




Logs, 301 reports, workers' compensation records, first aid logs, accident and near-miss


investigation reports, insurance company reports and employee reports of problems. By looking


keenly at the workplace operations, you can determine risk factors and eliminate or control them


as early as possible.


Risk Factors


The risk of MSD injury depends on work positions and postures, how often the task is


performed, the level of required effort and how long the job lasts. Risk factors that may result in


the development of MSDs includes the follow: Exerting excessive force. The extreme force on workers? body can result in the


ergonomic issue. Employees may not complain or detect any issue when undertaking


some tasks, but with time the force will result in the above names issue. Performing the same or similar tasks repetitively. Emotional and physical ergonomic


issue comes from working on one thing repeatedly and thus affecting an employee in


a negative way. Working in awkward postures or being in the same position for long periods. Using


posts that pose stress on the employees' body. ` Localized pressure into the body's active parts. Pressing the body or part of the body


against hard or sharp edges, and using the hand as a tool Low temperatures. Also to any one of the above risk factors may also increase the


probability for MSDs to develop. For instance, many of the operations in


meatpacking firm, as well as the poultry processing, occur with a chilled product and


in a cold environment. Vibration. Both whole body and hand-arm can cause some health effects. Handarm vibration can damage small capillaries that supply nutrients and can make hand tools






These behaviors can mean that employees are experiencing ergonomic issues. Talk with them


and review their job to see if any risk factors for MSDs are present. Employees can identify and


provide relevant information about harmful nature of things revolving around their workplaces.


Their opinions and suggestions for change also are valuable.


Once problem jobs are identified, conducting an in-depth ergonomic job analysis can assist in


determining answers that will help in preventing MSDs. An ergonomic job hazard identification


and analysis is a technique that mainly focuses on job tasks as a way to identify the unfortunate


part of it all before they occur. It concentrates on the relationship between the worker, the task,


the tools, and the work environment.


Encouraging and Utilizing Early Reports of Injury Comprehensive injury reporting is critical to the success of an ergonomic process. The goal


of this effort is to assess accurately, diagnose, and treat MSDs. Early identification, reporting,


diagnosis, and the introduction of relevant intervention can limit injury severity, improve the


effectiveness of treatment, minimize the probability of disability, and reduce workers


compensation claims (Clegg, Axtell, Damodaran, Farbey, Hull, Lloyd-Jones, & Tomlinson,


1997). The above will help the employer to accurately identify work areas where injuries


frequently occur in the other hand areas of extreme severity. The information contributes to


redirect the activities of the ergonomic team as well as to guide healthcare providers in making


return-to-work and light-duty work decisions. OSHA's injury and illness recording and reporting


regulation require employers to identify report work-related fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. BACKGROUND OF ERGONOMIC ISSUE IN AN ORGANIZATION




Encouraging and utilizing reports MSD signs and symptoms:


The organization should reinforce worker training on the identification of MSD symptoms.


The team should take the time to Encourage timely of MSD symptoms.


A prompt medical evaluation and diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up car. Minimizing of


injury severity, the number of workers' compensation claims and associated costs and the


probability of permanent disability.


Provides education and knowledge on return-to-work and work placement restrictions


during the healing process.


Healthcare practitioners are critical ergonomic team members. They aid injured employees to


recover more quickly and come back to their positions with appropriate restrictions and less risk


of re-injury. It is necessary that these professionals have a clear understanding on the operations


and tasks within the given industry (Carayon, P., & Smith, 2000). Their skills will allow them to


assist the injuredemployees during the healing process and post job placement. References BACKGROUND OF ERGONOMIC ISSUE IN AN ORGANIZATION




Carayon, P., & Smith, M. J. (2000). Work organization and ergonomics. Applied Ergonomics,


31(6), 649-662. Clegg, C., Axtell, C., Damodaran, Farbey, B., Hull, Lloyd-Jones, R., & Tomlinson, C.


(1997). Information technology: a study of performance and the role of human and


organizational factors. Ergonomics, 40(9), 851-871.


Doherty, N. F., & King, M. (1998). The consideration of organizational issues during the


systems development process: an empirical analysis. Behavior & Information Technology,


17(1), 41-51.


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Here is the question I had. You did a great job on the other one. I am attaching the first one

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