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1. What are some of the ways to notify publics in the event of a crisis? W


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Assignment Instructions

1. What are some of the ways to notify publics in the event of a crisis? Which are the most reliable? Which are the least reliable?

2. Develop a matrix that shows how you will notify your key publics (similar to the one in Appendix A). This chart should include each of the key publics you addressed in Week 4.

Remember to submit in full APA format.

Running head: ASSIGNMENT WEEK FOUR 1 Define Publics.


According to Fearn-Banks, ?Publics are the specific audiences targeted by programs?


(Fearn-Banks, 2011). Society tends to use the term ?publics? loosely, but when referring to


crisis communication, publics are a more specific audience that organizations target.


Examples of publics an organization would refer to are employees, customers, and


stockholders. Some important public an organization should consider prior and during a crisis


are as follows:


Employees- Employee publics are important to an organization because they are the


face of the organization to customers, are the ones providing customer service, and more than


likely, customers will be asking employees questions if a crisis occurs. Employees are in a


better position to retain customers by showing appreciation and answering questions




Management- Management needs to be a public that is brought in to the Crisis Action


Plan and if a crisis occurs, needs to be informed of evolving decisions. Management is going


to know the atmosphere of the employees, customers, and just how to address concerns for


that geographical location.


Surrounding Organizations- Surrounding organizations should be a public that is


routinely liaised with prior to a crisis incident. During a crisis, surrounding organizations


should be somewhat in the know of your organizations stance and potential resolution to the


crisis. Many of their customers will be asking them questions and they can assist with


collateral damage and your organizations reputation.


Communities- Surrounding communities are going to be primary customers and


possibly members of the City Council. If there was a crisis involving a chlorine spill, the ASSIGNMENT WEEK FOUR 2 surrounding communities are going to want to know they are safe and the organization is


taking a proactive role in cleanup.


News media- News outlets are one of the more important public. The reach and


influence of the media cannot be reproduced given its scale. An organization needs to


constantly update news media on the evolving events to ensure other publics are updated.


Families of employees- Depending on the crisis families of employees should be


address. An instance of a coal mine collapsing, the family is going to have many questions


relating to the incident, and the last thing an organization needs is an a weeping family


member talking bad about the organization to the news media.


Vendors- Some organizations have vendors who sell their product. Vendors want to


know they are selling a quality product and the organization backs theirs products.


Additionally, other publics will want to know that the company takes ?quick, effective steps


to protect the health and welfare of its employees, vendors, and suppliers? Fearn-Banks,




Current Customers- Customers will be the first to ask questions directly to the


organization. Customers are going to want to ensure the company is taking an active stance


in the crisis and any delays or issues with products they might have or want to have.


Investors- This public is very important. Investors, depending on the organization, put


their own money at stake and have personal investment in the success of the organization.


Depending on who the investor is can help an organization. So if an investor pulls their stake


in the organization, it is possible that other publics will follow suit. ASSIGNMENT WEEK FOUR 3


References Fearn-Banks, Kathleen (2011), Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach, 4th


Edition, Mauwa, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


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[solution] » Assignment Instructions

1. What are some of the ways to notify publics in the event of a crisis?

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