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I just want to make sure my essay looks good, and that i properly put in the references. Thank yo

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I just want to make sure my essay looks good, and that i properly put in the references. Thank you.

Running head: Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma


Nyck Gaviria


BMGT 110 7986 Introduction to Business Management


Professor Pat 1 Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma 2


Abstract What is the right thing to do when a person is caught in an ethical dilemma at work?


What is the right or wrong thing to do while in a dilemma such as the one April is currently


facing. To begin, a dilemma should always be analyzed in order to act appropriately before


taking any kind of action. While reviewing April?s dilemma, it is important to view all the


different ways she can take action in order to obtain the best result for favorable ethical


solution. Next, reviewing how an employee, regardless of the position one holds at work, should


be responsible while making a responsible and ethical action. Lastly, the actions taken by the


organization, which has the biggest role in how ethical practices go about at work, and ensuring


its personnel act while encountering a problem should set the example of such. Although


ethical dilemmas at work impact workers, co-workers, and the organization itself, the important


thing is how everyone deals with this problem in order to act according to ethics.


April?s Ethical Dilemma


To begin with, April found herself in an ethical dilemma, she does not know if she


should give her bonus to her co-worker who did all her work for her, or if she should use the


money for her sick child. The category she finds herself in is a conflict of interest. According to


(business ethics 2015), a conflict of interests occurs when an individual has to choose between


and issue that benefits he/she, or interferes with a co-worker or companies interest. Aprils now


faces a conflict of interest where she is forced to choose whether she should give Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma 3 her co-worker the 10,000 dollar bonus for doing the work for her, or if she should use the


money for her child?s health costs. April should think about the work her co-worker put in, in


order to help her out while she was busy with her child?s health issue. She knows she did not


contribute at all to complete the work, so in that case, according to moral behavior(2), she


should do what is right in her heart, and the acceptable thing in society, and give the money to


her co-worker for the awesome job. By giving the money to her co-worker, not only will she feel


great about her action, but April should be pleased with the fact that due to the great work her


co-worker did for her, her company now has great credibility in her work.


Employees? Roles/Responsibilities in Ethical Situations Secondly, everyone in a company has the responsibility to act ethically at work whether


they want to acknowledge it or not. Five factors that can affect an employee to act unethically


can be accepting bribes instead of gifts, conflict of interest, conflict of loyalty, issues of honesty


and integrity and finally whistle blowing. Accepting bribes instead of gifts puts the employee in


a difficult position, for example, if the manager is giving the employee random compensations


for doing work, against company policy, it can be perceive as a bribe. In conflict of interest, and


individual might own stocks for the company he works for, later on, the employee finds out that


the company is going to take a big financial hit in the following months, and they make a


decision of selling their stock (Business Ethics 2015). Conflict of loyalty sets the rule that a


person should be loyal to the company, and leave personal interest outside of the box. If you


find out for example that a co-worker is getting fired, do not tell them, since that can cause an Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma 4 issue from being loyal to the company. With issue of honesty and integrity is basically simple,


always do they right thing even if no one is looking, because you know you are doing the right


thing, no one will ever have to question you at any time for doing anything fishy. A whistle


blower is a person that exposes wrongful doing or unethical things going on in the company, he


can be perceive by the company as a traitor, but his integrity will be clean. There are several


ways an employer can take while dealing with an ethical decision. For example, If a boss want


you to accept 1 thousand dollars extra a month for messing around with false bank statements


to make the company look better, the employer should identified the problem with that. After,


they should ask themselves if it?s the right thing to do finally identify if they continue with the


plan, if they can potentially end up in a bad position.


The Organization?s Role/Responsibility in Ensuring Ethical Practices Finally, there are several ways an organization can help employees while dealing with


mistakes in judgement. One way a company can deal with this according to (exercising ethical


leadership), by manages setting the example in the company, showing what the ?right? is,


helping subordinates making the right choices. The second way according to (exercising ethical


leadership), is by leaving an open door policy for their employees to have the opportunity to


talk to their managers in order for them to guide them through the right path. Last but not


least, the third way can be by setting a set of written guidelines and rules of how things should


run. When a subordinate breaks that rule, they should be spoken separately from other, in


order to avoid the same mistake twice. Ensuring that employees follow the guidelines in a Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma 5 company can be an easy process. According to codes of conduct, there are rules that are given


to all the employees in a company, and that must be followed for the success of the


organization. A second way a company can implement workers to work ethically is by tightening


the rules and ensuring that employees report any type of issues going on inside the company,


primarily wrongdoing. (Business Ethics).


To conclude, everyday employees face ethical decision in their workspace, where they


are force to make the wrong or right decision. April?s dilemma was a perfect example that can


happen to anyone, where she had an ethical choice of giving her bonus to her co-worker for


helping her with a job, or using the money to pay for her child?s medical bills. Not only is one


person responsible for making ethical decisions in the workplace, but everyone who works


there as well. Organizations are also responsible for setting the example for subordinates to


follow, no matter the circumstances. Organizations should help out their worker when facing


ethical issues to avoid misunderstandings amongst their staff, and should implement writing


guidelines for everyone in order to have an efficient ethical working environment. Assignment one: April?s Ethical Dilemma 6


References: 1. Introduction to Business. (2015a). Identifying Ethical Issues, Lumen Mastery, Portland: OR.


2. Introduction to Business. (2015b). Business Ethics, Lumen Mastery, Portland: OR.


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